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Map Library Online Resources 

GIS Data

This site contains comprehensive information about Colorado's spatial data and GIS activities. Users can search the metadata repository to locate data and services of federal, state, and local agencies. Also available is the geospatial data from the inventory of local agencies. The portal offers a map viewer which allows users to add or delete features such as counties, major cities, and water bodies for a customized view which can be saved or printed.

This site has GIS resources and information appropriate for use in education.

Forest Service Geodata Clearing House
The US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Clearing House provides free downloadable maps (MODIS active fire mapping, Primary Base Series and Single Edition Series maps by state, etc.) , vector data, and other forest service information and GIS resources available as .TIF images.
FSGeodata Clearning House

This site provides GIS collections and projects as well as reference tools and data that can be used for GIS purposes.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources depository for spatial data can be searched by county or category. Categories include: administrative, biologic, cadastral, demographic, geographic/soils, hydrologic, land use/cover, recreational, topographic, transportation/ infrastructure. Not all data is available for each category and county. Data is downloadable in Arc/INFO Interchange format.

The Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse provides data files and documentation for USGS Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangle images and Digital Raster Graphic files, geology, land use, natural resources, political boundaries, roads, year 2000 Orthoimagery for the Des Plaines River Watershed, and Historical Aerial Photographs from 1938 to 1941.

This site provides access to Mississippi's GIS data and offers many related resources, such as metadata, data sets, mapping of data sets, and statewide aerial photography. The two most commonly used file formats for downloading are Arc/Info (ARC) and ArcView (AV), though other formats can be used through contact with the Technical Center.

At this site, the most current information is available on ongoing fires throughout the United States. Readers can find information on the affected geographic area, the fire's cause, the percentage of the fire's containment, and an estimated date of containment as well as the fuels involved. Also available is a wealth of regional data from MODIS, including JPEG imagery, PDFs, and archival fire extent maps. GIS information about the current status of fires is also accessible here.

The Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program showcases the collaborative effort of state and local agencies throughout Ohio. Spatial and geographic information is available here from a variety of sources. Provides digital orthophotos, county mosaics, LIDAR, and DEM files by county.

Part of the Department of Energy, this center houses information regarding biomass, geothermal, solar, and wind energy sources. It also has links to dynamic maps and gis data regarding renewable energy.
Data Resource Center

The Southern African Human-development Information Management System (SAHIMS)provides datasets and geographical information about the countries of southern Africa. It provides free-of-charge downloadable GIS datasets in ZIP-SHP format and also links to related and external sites.

This site is produced by the a coalition of non profit agencies including UNICEF, WHO, UNHCR and others. It includes information about mapping projects for Sudan as well as other reports and GIS data. Click on Products to download administrative boundaries for the country.