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GeoBase Database Searching Guide

Printable version of this guide This is a link to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file

Searching | Finding Full Text | Exporting to Refworks

Finding the Database off Campus

  1. Install the Kent State VPN Client (so that your computer works like it is on campus).
  2. Then each time you want to use the database, sign in to the VPN before beginning your search and follow the instructions below.

Finding the Database on Campus


  1. From the Libraries’ home page:
  2. Select Research Databases under Research
  3. Choose G from the alphabet bar at the top of the page
  4. Scroll down alphabetically to GeoBase

Searching GeoBase


  1. You may choose to Browse the Index for “controlled term” which means that you can choose a key
  2. A controlled term is one that is assigned to specific articles because it describes the content of the article (and not just a key word that may appear in the title or abstract) 
  3. Type in “globalization” into the index search box
  4. Select the correct term in red by checking the box in front of the term you want to use
  5. If you want to add an additional key term to your search (for a topic of the globalization and union activity); Enter “union”
  6. “union” is not a controlled term, so search again, this time for “collective bargaining” (another word for unionizing
  7. Choose the radio button next to AND where it says “connect terms with." This will enable you to create a Boolean search string right from the index. 
  8. You can also combine terms and additional keywords right from the search screen
  9. After your search, use the limits on the right hand side to “select out” language, dates, additional controlled terms, authors or classification codes to narrow down your search.
  10. Click Include at the top of the column

AND is used to combine two parts of your topic, while OR is used for similar terms for

for the same topic.


If you need an online dictionary try the OhioLINK eBooks Center: and click on the subject Reference Works and search within.


Also check the Online Reference Shelf for additional online at:

Finding Full Text


  1. Click on the blue [FIND IT] link or the yellow [FULL TEXT] link and follow the links to full text OR
  2. Copy and paste the title of the JOURNAL into the eJournal Finder: (finds ALL FULL TEXT JOURNALS- nothing in print)

Exporting Citations to RefWorks


  1. Create your best search in GeoBase
  2. Read the abstracts to find the articles you would like to print, download, or photocopy
  3. Check the box to the left of the article entry
  4. Click “Download” at the top of the search list
  5. Select RefWorks direct import from the list
  6. Click “Download”
  7. A RefWorks window will open prompting you to log into your RefWorks account
  8. After you log in, you should see the message: Import completed - # references imported