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ILLiad Request Status

Where's my request?

You can check the status of your interlibrary loan requests by logging in to ILLiad and looking under "Review Your Requests".  "Outstanding Requests" will show you requests that are still in processing; "View/Renew Checked Out Items" will list book requests that have arrived; "Request History" will display article requests that have arrived; and "Electronically Received Articles" links you to PDFs of articles that were received electronically.

Once you have located your request, "Item Tracking Information" will show you the status of your request.  The current status is at the end of the status list.

Here are explanations of the most frequent statuses you will encounter.  This list illustrates the typical "life cycle" of an ILLiad request:

Status  Explanation 

Submitted by Customer

Request has been received and is queued for processing.

Awaiting Copyright Clearance

Staff is reviewing copyright fees associated with the request.

Awaiting Request Processing (or Regional Campus/Distance Learner Processing)

Request has cleared copyright and is queued for processing by Staff.

Request in Processing

Staff is searching for potential lending libraries to fulfill request.

Request Sent

Request has been sent to potential lending libraries.

Awaiting Post Receipt Processing

Lending library has verified that request will be filled.

In Print Queue

Request is being processed by Staff.

Awaiting Customer Contact

Request processing is nearing completion and notification will be sent regarding pick-up.

In Electronic Delivery Processing

Request has been received electronically and is being processed by Staff for web delivery.

Customer Notified by E-mail

An e-mail notice has been sent to you with specific information about picking up your request.

Delivered to Web

Electronic article request has been posted on the web for download. Log in to your ILLiad account and select "View Electronically Received Articles" to print or save your article.

Checked out to Customer

Request has been fully processed by Staff and is ready for pick-up at your Library's Circulation Desk. You will receive a circulation pick-up notice via e-mail at this point as well.

The following statuses are less common and usually only apply to difficult-to-find requests:

Status  Explanation 

Awaiting Extensive Searching

Staff has performed an initial search and was unable to find a potential lender. We will continue in-depth searching, which may include citation verficiation.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing

Your request was sent to potential lenders, but no one was able to fill the request. We will continue to try to fill your request from other sources.

Hold for Resubmission

Lending libraries have indicated that they cannot fill your request now, but may be able to at a future date. We will reprocess your request at that time.

Searching Outside OCLC

We have been unsuccessful finding a lender within our standard network of libraries and are searching individual library catalogs. Usually, these requests are for small press or foreign publications.

A person's name (i.e. Jessica)

A specific staff person is working on your request. This usually happens after a request has gone into extensive searching.