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Pacific States

Maps by Region

Alaska Geological and Geophysical Surveys provides maps of Alaska, including tectonic maps; oil, gas, and coal resource maps; maps of mines; maps of mineral and geothermal resources; and maps of volcanoes.

State Geospatial Clearinghouse provides GIS data downloads for natural resources, wildlife as well as boundary and land status. Provides links to other agency data pages and online mapping.

Site of the Northern Alaska Environmental Center. It provides an extensive pdf atlas of renewable resource maps and data for those interested in the production of electricity and fuels from wind, geothermal, solar, and other renewable powers.

California Geographical Survey provides an electronic map library that includes panoramic aerial images of the world, California, Hawaii, and other western states as well as cities throughout the United States. The site also includes digital elevation models of the western states.

Created by the state of California's Department of Conservation, the California Geotour site contains an interactive index of Web pages, containing geologic field guides with photographs, maps, texts and directions for local natural features across the state, all downloadable in .pdf format.

California Public Policy Institute: Map Room
The map room section of this well-resourced government-funded public resource has grown in recent months, providing an excellent resource for those interested in policy matters, geography and urban studies. In particular, a section of interactive maps focusing on housing, population, water and environment has been added, providing a variety of well-detailed and useful levels of study and examination in each map.

A variety of links are listed on this web site to map resources. Links include; The California Spatial Information Library, Lake Tahoe area maps, California Geographical Survey Electronic Map Library, wetland maps, USGS Maps for the San Francisco Bay area, maps of the San Diego area, and more.

Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources provides information about aquatic resouces and water management, as well as historic places and preservation. It also features forestry and wildlife publications and GIS data for the state of Hawaii. The site also provides information about recreational activities, endangered species, licenses and permits, state parks, and other useful information about the state of Hawaii.

Hawaii Statewide GIS Program provides extensive maps of the islands of Hawaii. Maps of coastlines, roads, political boundries, natural resources, and extensive maps of physical features, are provided. An onlne mapping application, called "I-Map Hawaii," is also provided that enables searching by specific features such as place names, parks, boating facilities, district boundries, and development plan boundries.

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries releases the results of its geologic studies through its Publications and Data Center. Some of the information is available on the website itself for free, while some information must be ordered from the department's Publications Catalog, which is available on the website. Among the free information published on the website are geologic field trip guides, coastal hazard publications, earthquake hazard maps, tsunami hazard maps, and press releases.

The Oregon Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, sponsored by the Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office, acts as the repository for all of the U.S. Census Bureau's data for Oregon. The information provided includes census data, as well as city limit, congressional district, climate , place name, urban growth, and other information.

The Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources provides information about geologic hazards and mapping, mining and energy resource regulation, the geology of Washington State, and geoscience education. It also provides information about the division's publications and access to the division's library. The site also provides links to news about Washington's geology, internet geoscience resources, and a bibliography of Washington geology.

The Washington Geographic Information Council links to state agencies that provide geodata, census and demographic data, as well as data from the department of natural resources, the department of health, the department of recreation, the department of ecology, and the department of transportation. A link to the Washington State Geospatial Clearinghouse is also provided.

Washington State Department of Natural Resources
The Washington State Department of Natural Resources provides free downloadable materials related to natural resources and related data in shape file format for use in your Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software.