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Rocky Mountain States

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Arizona Department of Environmental Quality eMaps provide an interactive map of Arizona that can be searched for specific features such as boundries, cities, towns, Native American lands, hydrography, transportation, water quality, and similar features.

The Arizona Regional Image Archive provides aerial images of Arizona, other western states, and Mexico. In addition, the site provides a tutorial for land cover change monitoring, links to other sensing education resources, and links to other web resources for geospatial technology.

Colorado Aerial Photographs provides access to over 1,700 aerial photographs, taken by U.S. Forest Service, of Boulder, Clear Creek, Eagle, Gilpin, Grand, Jefferson, Larimer, and Summit counties between the years 1938 and 1947. The photographs can be searched or browsed using a map search or a geographic keyword search. Searches will bring up information and metadata about each photograph and a 150 dpi image.

Colorado Division of Water Resources GIS Data and Map Products provides GIS maps, images, and data regarding auqifers, water basins, water district and division boundries, rivers, and other bodies of water in the state of Colorado. The site also provides links to other GIS data sets and provides ordering information for maps.

The Colorado Geological Survey provides a variety of maps about the geology and environment of Colorado. Included are basemaps and maps of general interest, geologic hazards, environmental geology, geothermal resources, and mineral resources. The site also provides a list of publications published by the Colorado Geological Survey and online access to the Survey's "Rock Talk" Newsletter.

This site contains comprehensive information about Colorado's spatial data and GIS activities. Users can search the metadata repository to locate data and services of federal, state, and local agencies. Also available is the geospatial data from the inventory of local agencies. The portal offers a map viewer which allows users to add or delete features such as counties, major cities, and water bodies for a customized view which can be saved or printed.

Colorado Virtual Library Resources: Geospatial Data
The Colorado Virtual Library Resources: Geospatial Data allows users to search six different databases by keyword, bounding box, bounding coordinate, or place name. The databases that can be searched are the Arizona Clearinghouse Node for Spatial Data, the Colorado FGDC Metadata Collection, the Geography Network, the K12 Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Node, the New Mexico Resource Geographic Information System, and the Wyoming Spatial Data Clearinghouse. (To access, click on "Geospatial Data" under "CVL Resources")

The Idaho Geological Survey provides a wide range of online GIS maps and data regarding the geology of Idaho. In addition, extensive information regarding geologic hazards, mining, and educational programs is available. A listing of the survey's publications is also provided.

Features digital ortho imagery, data, and basemaps for all counties in Idaho.

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology GIS Products provides GIS geologic maps of Montana. The site also provides links to GIS maps of Montana by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Montana Geographic Information Clearinghouse provides a comprehensive collection of geospatial data for Montana including aerial photographs, topographic maps, soils data, land ownership maps, and a Montana digital atlas. The site also provides links to other resources provided by the Montana Natural Resource Information System.

The Montana GIS Portal is a repository of geographic metadata. This resource "enables you to discover, view, and access metadata for spatial data and web mapping services about Montana. Each metadata record describes the nature and scope of a registered data item or service and provides information that enables you to locate, use, or view an item or service" (description from the site). Data is provided through the the Montana Geographic Information Clearinghouse.

The Nevada Geographic Information Virtual Clearinghouse provides links to organizations that provide geographic information, including geographic information system coverage. Some of the organizations included are the State Mapping Advisory Committee, the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, the Nevada State Geographic Information Society, and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Originally, Nevada in Maps contained historic geologic and mining district maps of Nevada, primarily produced by the U.S. Geological Survey between 1863-1968. It has been expanded to include over 4,000 maps—including contemporary maps of the state, side by side with other thematic maps. Maps can be browsed through the various collections and can be searched by keyword. These digital collections offer Nevada’s history cartographically for students and researchers at all levels, for legal use, and for the general public for infinite applications. Maps are available for free use.

New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources: Geologic Maps provides information about geologic maps and GIS products. The site also provides information about specific maps that the bureau publishes, along with ordering information. Links are provided to other relevant web sites, including the USGS National Geologic Map Database.

The New Mexico Resource Geographic Information System Clearinghouse provides extensive digital photographs and maps, with accompanying information, regarding many aspects of New Mexico including geology, boundries, soil composition, transportation information, water resources, climate information, elevations, land ownership and use, and socioeconomic data.

New Mexico: Miscellaneous USGS Open File Geologic Maps provides access to over 20 geologic and other maps of New Mexico. Most of the maps are accompanied by relevant data. Links for other resources, such as topographic maps, petroleum exploration maps, and GPS information, are also included.

Utah Maps provides many different types of maps of the state of Utah, including maps of administrative boundries, economic development areas, geologic areas, land use plans, thermal wells and springs, zoning, and wildlife distribution. The site also provides online topographical maps and geographic data. Maps may also be ordered from the site.

Utah's Statewide Geographic Information Database provides detailed imagery of the state of Utah, including digital orthophoto quads, urban area ortho-imagery, and images from the National Agricultural Imagery Program and Utah State University Remote Sensing / GIS Laboratory. The site also provides topographic maps of Utah, GIS data sets, elevation values, a blog, and related links.

The Wyoming Geographic Information Systems Unit serves as a portal for many state, federal, and other agencies that provide GIS and spatial data. GIS data is provided for Wyoming cities and counties, the Wyoming Spatial Data Clearinghouse, the Wyoming Bureau of Land Management, Yellowstone National Park, the Department of Revenue, and other Wyoming agencies. Data from federal agencies, such as the Census Bureau, the EROS Data Center, the FGDC Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, and the National Geologic Map Database, are also provided.

The Wyoming Geolibrary provides digital orthophoto quarter quadrangles, USGS topographic maps, US census line data, DRG's and DRG-E's, and accompanying data. The site also provides links to other GIS resources on the web.

The Wyoming State Geological Survey provides information about geology by subject, including geologic mapping. GIS data is can be downloaded from the GIS & Maps section. The site also provides information for ordering paper maps and links to related sites.
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