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West North Central States

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Iowa DNR Interactive Mapping allows interactive viewing of aerial maps of Iowa using different search criteria: streams, lakes, watersheds, highways and roads, public lands, and political boundries.

The Iowa Geographic Map Server provides free access to Iowa geographic map data through an on-line map viewer and through GIS web map server (WMS) connections. Available maps include aerial photographic maps, agricultural maps, infrared maps, relief maps, raster graphic maps, landcover maps, and vegetation maps.

The Iowa Geospatial Data Clearinghouse provides maps, aerial photographs, and other data regarding Iowa. The data is broken into many areas, including administrative and political bounds, cultural and demographic, environmental, geologic and geophysical, locations and geodetic nets, and transportation networks. Metadata is also included, as are links to other related sites.

The Kansas Geological Survey provides a wide variety of maps of Kansas including county maps, geologic maps, physiographic maps, mining maps, gravity and magnetic maps, and relief maps. The site also provides a geologic timetable for Kansas; articles about geology; and links to other related resources, both inside and outside of Kansas.

The Kansas Geological Survey: Maps site provides various maps and other information regarding Kansas: rock classification chart , geologic map, physiographic map, geologic timetable, gravity and magnetic maps, and relief map. The site also includes links to related sources.

The Kansas Geospatial Community Commons provides GIS maps, data, and other information about the state of Kansas: administrative boundries, cadastral information, infrastructure and structures, cultural and recreational, elavation, environmental resources, imagery and raster, geology, transportation, utilities and energy resources, and water resources. The site also has an extensive dictionary of GIS terms. Links to related resources are also provided.

The Minnesota Geological Survey conducts basic and applied earth science research about Minnesota, conveys that information to the public through publications and service activities, and promotes earth science education. The Survey's site provides geologic information and educational materials about Minnesota, as well as maps about Minnesota's geology.

The Minnesota Geological Survey Publications provides a comprehensive list of and ordering information for the surveys publications. Many of the publications, such as geologic and topographic maps, are also available online in PDF format.

Minnesota Historical Maps Online provides historic maps and atlases from the collections of the Minnesota Historical society and the Office fo the Secretary of State. The maps include Minnesota's original public land survey plats, created during the first government land survey of the state by the U.S. Surveyor General's Office during the years 1848 to 1907. Also included are the later General Land Office and Bureau of Land Management maps, up to the year 2001.

The Missouri Geological Survey Program provides geologic maps of Missouri. The site also provides geologic information about Missouri, including information about geologic hazards, geologic resources, mineral resources, oil and gas wells, water tracing, and landfills.

The MSDIS home page contains links to map servers including the MSDIS Mapper and MCDC Mapper. Maps for viewing are political, natural and demographic maps, Census 2000 quick reference maps, and a Census 2000 Geographic Base Map. Other census dates include 1990 and 1980. Map topic selection is available and layers can be added to the maps.

The Nebrasks Statewide Digital Data Bases provide maps and accompanying data about the state of Nebraska. Some of the maps and data include active mineral operations, bedrock geology, water tables, oil and gas exploration wells, hydrology, roads, river basins, soils, topography, towns, watersheds, and natural resource districts. Information about agates and fossils is also provided, as are descriptions and ordering information about the divisions publications. Links to other resources are provided.

The Nebraska Spatial / GIS Databases site provides maps about Nebraska including boundry, hydrological, land use, legislative area, wetlands, natural resource, soil survey, and water division maps. The site also provides census, landsat, soils, land survey, and other data. Links to scanned USGS topographic maps and other resources are also provided.

The North Dakota GIS Hub Data Extractor allows data to be downloaded from the North Dakota Geographic Information Systems site using five different methods: vector data can be downloaded using the Metadata Explorer, the Hub Explorer, the GIS Hub Features Services, or the Hub File Server; and raster data can be downloaded using the GIS Hub File Server. News about the North Dakota GIS Hub and links to other sites are also included.

The North Dakota State Agency Interactive and Static Maps site provides maps of North Dakota, including maps of groundwater pesticide sensitivity, commerce, road conditions and construction, game and fish areas, legislative districts, tax rates, oil and gas information, and sex offender residences. The site also provides metadata and related links. Use Hub Explorer for aerial photography.
North Dakota Hub Explorer

The South Dakota Geological Survey: Digital Publications and Maps site provides extensive geologic and related maps of South Dakota, along with related data and publications. Maps of general geology, water system service areas, aquifiers, coal fields, structures, general features, testholes and wells, permeable surface sediments, groundwater, magnetometer, and earthquakes are provided, as is a digital relief map of the state. Extensive reports and studies relating to South Dakota's geology are also provided. Paper copies of the maps and reports can be ordered from the site.