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East North Central States & Ohio

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Online zoning maps of Akron, Ohio. Maps are in pdf format for printing or download and are in color.

Online version of Cleveland City Planning Commission maps of zoning districs, wards, and business revitilization districts. Maps are in color and are downloadable in jpeg, tiff, and pdf formats.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources depository for spatial data can be searched by county or category. Categories include: administrative, biologic, cadastral, demographic, geographic/soils, hydrologic, land use/cover, recreational, topographic, transportation/ infrastructure. Not all data is available for each category and county. Data is downloadable in Arc/INFO Interchange format.

Use the "Internet Map Server" to retrieve tax maps and aerial photographs covering all of Summit county. Fiscal, Engineering, and Executive demographic information is available for all maps.

Offers large, highly detailed scans of topographic quadrangle maps of Ohio created by the United States Geologcical Survey in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Online version of the Kent, Ohio city ordinances from the Kent City Council.

Online version of the Kent, Ohio zoning map by the Kent City Planning Commission.

Special features include a map showing the current status of the Historic Canal System and the ability to access original plat drawings of the Ohio, Erie, and Miami Canals as well as plat maps of other canals.
Plat maps of other canals

The Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program showcases the collaborative effort of state and local agencies throughout Ohio. Spatial and geographic information is available here from a variety of sources. Provides digital orthophotos, county mosaics, LIDAR, and DEM files by county.

Provides up-to-date information on each of Ohio's counties from over 50 sources. Includes data on population, housing, economic conditions, labor.

The Oil and Gas Interactive Web Map gives data on individual counties and can be zoomed, panned, and printed in a variety of layouts (PDF, GIF, JPEG, etc). You can perform queries as well as create maps showing wells from particular geologic intervals with features such as type of production, proximity depth, and proximity to city boundaries. Many other features let you further customize the map. Before gaining access to this map, you will have to accept a user agreement. This site uses pop-up windows and will require you to disable pop-up blockers. Also, this map works best with high-resolution screens. Instructions are included to help you adjust your resolution.

The Ohio Lake Erie GIS / Mapping site provides maps and information about Lake Erie, its watershed, and its coastal areas. The maps included are the Designated Ohio Coastal Management Area, Great Lakes, Lake Erie, Lake Erie Watershed, and National Coastal Zone Management Program. An interactive Lake Erie Coastal GIS Map Viewer and Ohio Coastal Atlas are also featured, as are links to related sites.

This site provides descriptions and maps of all of Ohio's state parks as well as many other places of interest in the state of Ohio.

A downloadable version of the Summit County Community Watershed Map is available at this site. The map includes the Cuyahoga River Basin and Tuscarawas River Basin Watersheds. Other Summit County maps which can be accessed from this site include a map of the county and a topographic map of the county which enables one to zoom in to specific locations.

View soil survey data by county. Class of data can be selected and options include; tabular data only, tabular and spatial data, spatial data only, and template database only. A soil data availability status map can also be viewed in PDF or JPG formats.

OhioView is a grassroots organization formed in 1996 to make satellite data more accessible and to fill the knowledge gap in education about the uses of data. Kent State University is one of eleven universities, library networks, and government agencies that make up OhioView.

Portage County Regional Planning Commission - Water Shed Maps. Maps are the current updates of the planning commission on woodlands, wetlands, watersheds and various other natural resource maps.

This site provides access to historical map sections taken from the Ohio land survey conducted between 1898 and 1916. Use the "Ohio Map Index" to select an area of the map to view a detailed topographical depiction of the selected section. Note: The DjVu browser plug in is available on this site and must be downloaded for the maps to be viewed properly.

East North Central States

The Illinois Geological Survey, conducted from 1851 to 1875, was the first geological survey of Ilinois. This survey resulted in an eight volume set of books, published between 1866 and 1890, containing more than 4,700 pages of text, figures, and plates regarding Illinois landforms, geology of coal fields, analyses of Illinois rocks and waters, and summaries of geology county by county. All eight volumes are reproduced digitally on this site.

The Illinois State Geological Survey provides extensive information about the geology of Illinois, including information about groundwater, earthquakes, fossils, coal, oil and gas, and other topics. The site also provides geologic maps. Links to related sites, including the Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse and Illinois Online Maps and Data site, are also provided.

The Illinois State Geological Survey: Online Maps and Data site features various maps: geologic quadrangle, coal resources, oil and gas resouces, land cover, MIDCARB CO2 sequestration, and Water and Related Wells. The site also has a a Gamma-Ray Logs database and map. Links to the USGS National Atlas and other resources are included.

The Indiana Geological Survey provides extensive information about the geology of Indiana, including geologic timelines, structure and statigraphy, oil and gas resources, industrial mineral resources, ground water information, and related topics. The site also provides GIS maps and data, including the IndianaMap Viewer, Indiana Spatial Data Framework, Indiana coal mine information , petroleum database management system, as well as topographic, geologic, bedrock, coal mine, and other maps.

The Indiana Spatial Data Portal provides online access to topographic maps and aerial photographs of Indiana. The site includes an interactive map, statewide aerial photographs, topographic maps, and digital elevation data. Links to related sites are provided.

The Michigan Geographic Data Library catalogs the GIS data that the State of Michigan provides for Internet access. The data may be searched by geographic extent, theme, or metadata. The maps and data in the library include aerial imagery, base maps, census information, groundwater and land cover / use information, management boundaries, mineral management, land and mineral ownership, land stewardship, place and political features, plant and animal locations, public land survey features, satellite imagery, soils imformation, topographic maps and data, transportation maps, and utility information. Links to related sites are provided.

This site by the Michigan Department of Information Technology includes a map gallery with maps covering school districts, travel and recreation, natural resources and the environment, boundary maps, and census maps. There is a Michigan Mapper section with links to mapping applications. A geographic data library has statewide datasets, aerial photography, topos, and a state base map.

The Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Data site provides information about the geology and hydrology of Wisconsin. Included are geology data sets, water table elevation maps, water table hydrographs, and well records. Links to related sites are also provided.

The Wisconsin GIS & Data Web Resources site provides links to many other sites that provide GIS and related data about Wisconsin: Wisconsin Land Information Board, University of Arkansas' Geographic Information Systems and Maps, Envioronmental Protection Agency, Wisconsin Department of Administration, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, US Geological Survey, the National Atlas, and the GIS Data Depot.

The WisconsinView Data Portal provides access to photographs, images and related data regarding Wisconsin: photographs from the National Agriculture Imagery Program; Department of Natural Resources Digital Orthophotos; and Landsat MSS, TM, and ETM+ imagery. Tornado data for Wisconsin is also provided. Free registration is required.