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New England States

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The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection GIS Data site provides extensive maps and data about Connecticut. Included are USGS topographic maps; digital orthophoto quarter quadrangles images; administrative and political boundries; coastal resources; drainage basins; geographic names; geology points, lines, and materials; hydrography; hypsography; land use; open space and recreational property; soil data; transportation data; and waste sources and treatment. Links to related sites are also provided.

This collection is made available by the Connecticut State Library's Digital Collections. In 1934, Connecticut became the first state to complete a statewide aerial survey. This site offers several statewide aerial surveys, including 1934, 1938, and 1965. The site offers several ways to search for photos, including a street map locator, search by town, or the 1934 index sheet locator. Images can be zoomed, rotated, and cropped. You can print maps and photos, save copies, send to FedEx Kinko's, or share at a meeting with Acrobat Connect.

The Maine Geological Survey Maps, Publications, and Online Data site provides online geologic maps and topographic maps of Maine . The site also provides a publications search that allows searching for maps and publications by geographic area or subject. Links to related sites are also provided, including links to the Maine State Library and the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Maine GIS Data Catalog provides access to the digital geographic data produced by the GIS Executive Council and Maine GeoLibrary Board. The data includes geographic data and associated metadata, USGS maps, watersheds, and township and county boundries. The metadata can also be searched by keyword. Free software downloads and training resources are also provided.

This site offers links to a variety of great resources. There is image and vector data available for download. Items include orthophotos and USGS topo quad maps in the free download section. Options for vector data includes; single tiles, tiled by town, tiled by USGS quad, tiled by orthophoto quad, tiled by basin, tiled by watershed, and tiled by soils survey area. Orthophotos are in color and black and white.

Compiled for the Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Digital Orthophotos site provides access to digital orthophotos and metadata of Massachusetts, including Eastern Massachusetts, Boston, the mainlaind, islands, and the Springfield area. Originally hosted on MIT's server, the site is now located on MassGIS's server.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services State Geologic Publications site provides publication and ordering information regarding the service's publications, including 15 minute quadrangle reports, aeromagnetic maps, geological bulletins, geologic maps, the geology of New Hampshire Series, mineral and water resource, Open File Reports, and geology fact sheets. The site also provides links to related sites.

The New Hampshire OneStop Web Geographic Information System site provides access to GIS data developed by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and other state and federal government agencies. The data includes air stationary sources, above ground storage tank facilities, asbestos disposal sites, automobile salvage yards, conservation lands, dams, drinking water supply sources, hazardous waste generators, local PCS inventory, local resource protection priorities, non-point sources, NPDES outfalls, pesticide application areas, public water supply sources, registered water withdrawals, remediation sites, underground storage tank facilities, vapor recovery facilities, water well inventory, and watersheds. Free registration is required.

The Rhode Island Digital Atlas site online mapping about the state of Rhode Island in several formats drawing from data in the Rhode Island Geographic data center relating to natural resources.

The Rhode Island Geographic Information System site provides access to statewide, town, and USGS data of Rhode Island. The data includes boundaries, cultural resources, demographics, topographical maps, elevations, flood zones, facilities, geology, hydrography, natural resources, orthophotography, transportation, wetlands, and other data. Links to related Rhode Island sites are provided. Free registration is required.

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Maps & Mapping site provides maps and interactive mapping of stormwater permits; hazardous waste sites; water wells; Act 250 land use; air quality; rivers, lakes, and ponds, state parks; and wildlife management. Links to the Vermont Geological Survey and other related sites are provided.

The Vermont Geological Survey Maps On Line site provides various geological maps of Vermont, including bedrock, structure, cross-section, tectonic, lineations, isopach, stratigraphy, glacial, structure, schematic, surficial, groundwater, radioactivity, ground water, solid waste, and other maps. Links to related sites are also provided.