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A project of Harvard University to create an archive of freely available data on the recent Earthquake in China (May 2008), and to facilitate both data-sharing and research projects.

The China Geological Survey official site, available in English and Chinese, provides a series of small-scale on-screen maps, as well as basic geological information and data for national economy and social development. Maps are available as on-screen images only; no downloads available.

Vectorized base maps of China are included on this website along with links to socioeconomic data, geocoding and database design, and bibliographic resources.

The China Dimensions World Wide Web Home Page includes GIS databases. Sections of the site include; administrative regions, fundamental maps, population and public health, economics, and public policies. The administrative regions section allows you to select the specific region on the map that you want to view.

Chinese State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
This site in only available in Chinese. The Chinese government has provided, free of cost, over 400 downloadable maps for public use. The maps of China are available at 14 different scales, with world maps offered in 10 scales. The maps are thematic, including maps of regions, agriculture, traffic, water, shipping, railways, and tourist attractions. On this index page, the first map's scale is 1:500,000,000 and the second's is 1:380,000,000. The first five maps are maps of the world. A helpful guide to Chinese number symbols is available below.
Chinese Number Symbols

Offers nationwide data on India in downloadable format or for purchase. Topics include; admin/political boundaries, digital terrain elevation data, geologic, hydrography, hypsography, Landsat enhanced thematic mapper mosaics, Landsat thematic mapper mosaics, landuse/landcover, place name gazetteer, transportation, and utilities.

Geological maps are available for viewing or download in 1:200,000, and select maps in 1:50,000 scale. Additional links to Geological publications by the survey are also available.

The General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration site provides access to geology, geophysics, mineral, and physical maps of Turkey: geology, fault, total magnetic intensity, bouger anomoly, metallogeny, mineral bed, and mineral maps are included.