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267 historical maps from the 1910 Survey of Austria-Hungary are available to download (in jpeg format), zoom, and print. The site includes an index sheet of the general map of Central Europe (at a scale of 1:200 000). Data on the maps is also available. Though the site is primarily in Austrian, the data categories are also listed in English. Categories include Title, Current Name, Year, Relief, and Remarks. Unavailable map sheets are listed by number.

The Geological Survey of Austria provides a digital mapping tool (click on "GBA-ONLINE, " then click on "Geologische Karten Online"), as well as various maps of Austria, including digital, geoscientific, geological, area, hydrological, and special maps. Other information regarding Austria's geology is provided, as are links to related sites. Most of the site is in German, but limited parts are in English.

The Bulgarian Geological Institute provides geological maps and data regarding Bulgaria. Some of the site is in English, but much of it is in Bulgarian.

The Czech Geological Survey collects and assess data on the geological composition of the Czech Republic. This site provides an interactive map viewer, geological maps and metadata, and related information. Much of the site has been translated into English, but some parts are only in Czech.

The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland provides geological and geophysical maps of both Denmark and Greenland, along with related data. The site also includes interactive maps of Greenland. Links to related sites are also provided.

According to this web site, the focus is on geological mapping of Estonia, mineral resources and groundwater research. The site feature viewable "geophotos."

The Geological Survey of Finland provides maps and related data regarding Finland: bedrock, surficial deposits, airborne geophysics, marine geology, quaternary deposits, and geochemical. The Survey also provides access to the Foregs Geochemical Atlas of Europe and links to related sites.

InfoTerre provides interactive mapping of France, including administrative boundries and raster images. The site is in French.

Germany's GeoDatenZentrum provides maps and related metadata about Germany. The site includes an interactive map viewer that can search by geographical names, historical place names, and coordinates. The site is in German with limited English translation.

The Institute of Geology & Mineral Exploration site provides geological maps of Greece and ordering information for these maps. The site also provides information on the Terrafirma project; LITHOS, the modern ornamental stones laboratory of I.G.M.E.; and marine geology. Links to related sites are also provided.

The Hungarian Geological Survey provides data regarding the geology of Hungary: geologic explorations; national borehole registry; gravity , geomagnetic , geoelectric , and seismic surverys; well logging; coal, hydrocarbon, nonmetalic mineral, and bauxite resources; landslide hazards; and potential sources of pollution. Additional information produced by the Survery is provided, as are links to related sites.

The Geological Survery of Ireland provides maps and related data about Ireland's groundwater, geohazards, geology, and seabed. The site includes an interactive map viewer and links to related sites.

The Lithuanian Digital Cartography site provides an interactive map viewer that searches by various layers: groundwater extraction wells, geomorphologic map, boreholes, cartographic boreholes, quaternary geological map, mineral resource deposits, pollution sources, and pre-quaternary geological map.

The Polish Geological Institute provides a geological map of Poland, as well as information about Poland's mineral resources, access to Geological Quarterly, and geological news about Poland. Cartography, hydrology, engineering, and geophysics databases are also provided, as are links to related sites.

The Geological Survey of Slovenia provides information about Slovenian geology: sedimintology, minerology, petrology, palaeontology, stratigraphy, geological maps, mineral resources, geochemistry, environmental geology, and groundwater. The site also provides a basic geological map of Slovenia, access to Geologija Magazine, and links to related sites. Clicking "Departments" provides links to further maps.

Instituto Geológico y Minero de España provides online geological maps and other data regarding Spain: fossils, minerals, multilingual earth science thesaurus, and National Center of Polar Data. Links to related sites are also provided. The site is in Spanish.

The Geological Survey of Sweden provides geophysical maps, a mineral and bedrock resources database, and a ground geophysics database: these resources are in English. The site also features an interactive map viewer, in Swedish, that provides bedrock biogeochemistry, copper, well archive, geo observations,
groundwater quaternary deposits,
soil geochemistry, copper
aggregate and industrial minerals maps, and an
age database. To access the maps and data, click on "Read more" in the "Map services" section.

The Switzerland GIS Maps and Data site provides maps and data regarding selected topics in the water protection field: water protection maps and zones, water hardness, wastewater treatment works, sewage sludge, livestock populations, farmyard manure, and cropland. An interactive GIS tool, ecoGIS map browser, is also available, including data on other environmental topics as well as water protection. A news archive and links to related sites are also provided.

The General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration site provides access to geology, geophysics, mineral, and physical maps of Turkey: geology, fault, total magnetic intensity, bouger anomoly, metallogeny, mineral bed, and mineral maps are included.

This site provides links to a variety of United Kingdom cartographic resources including libraries, museums, and government agencies.

Search by place name, post code, or National Grid reference to locate detailed Ordnance Survey topographical maps from the U.K. The site also provides routeplanner maps, road maps, and historical maps for Great Britain.

Britain's national mapping agency provides access to maps and information including Get-A-Map, a way to find and download up to 10 maps of varying scales of the UK free of charge.

The Great Britain Ordnance Survey provides basic small-scale outline maps of Great Britain's coastline and administrative boundries. The maps are available in several formats: EPS vector, TIF raster, Adobe Acrobat, GIF raster, and WMF Windows Metafile.