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Policy on Copying Multimedia Resources for Course Reserve


University Libraries encourages the incorporation of multimedia content into courses offered throughout the University and will seek to assist faculty in obtaining and using multimedia materials in pedagogically meaningful ways.  The following guidelines describe the extent to which copies of audio and video materials may be made by, or accepted by, University Libraries for course reserves and the manner in which copies will be made accessible. 


University Libraries will continue to maintain reserve collections of original copies of commercial materials that may be accessed by anyone with library borrowing privileges.  These guidelines are strictly limited to local copying of copyrighted materials and are guided by University Libraries’ interpretation of the fair use exception to US copyright law (Section 107 of Title 17 of the United States Code).  Fair Use allows for limited reproduction of copyrighted material for educational purposes, depending on the nature of the material, the amount used, and the effect on the potential market for, or value of, the material.


  • Copies will only be created for courses being offered by Kent State University.
  • The primary format for copies will be digital files placed online in a password protected environment restricted at the course level.
  • If a suitable licensed digital copy is available through Libraries and Media Service, no additional copies will be made. If content is NOT available online, we will create a copy from a commercial recording that is owned by UL. 
  • Any copies created for reserve or brought to be placed on reserve must come from an original commercial copy owned, purchased or licensed by University Libraries or by a Kent State University department. If a commercial recording is not available, UL may make a copy, following all other aspects of these guidelines, from a recording owned by the requestor.
  • In making copies UL will follow Title 17 U.S. Code using Performing Arts Library Association and CONFU guidelines.  In general, copies may consist of no more than 10% of an entire work or the smallest complete portion necessary to meet pedagogical needs.  Staff reserve the right to refuse a copy request if the amount is judged to exceed fair use.
  • In instances where a larger portion of a work is required a decision to purchase digital rights will be made on the basis of cost, technical restrictions, the nature of the course, the frequency with which it will be offered, and the number of students involved. Please be aware this is a relatively new field, and some providers are not yet offering digital rights to their material or are placing such restrictions on their use that purchase of digital rights is not practical.
  • Copies may not be made from content that is contained on commercial recordings intended to supplement textbooks or other instructional materials used for the course without prior permission of the publisher.


For more information on multimedia copyright issues see:


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