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Services for Patrons with Disabilities - Main Library

Policy Statement

Kent State University (KSU) University Libraries (UL) is committed to providing service that meets the information needs of the members of the KSU community with disabilities. UL is also committed to providing access to materials and resources for all patrons.

KSU students with disabilities are encouraged  to present the letter of accommodation provided by Student Accessibility Services (SAS) when requesting service.

SAS Liaison for Patrons with Disabilities

The liaison for patrons with disabilities facilitates access to the services and resources of UL by acting as a resource person and point of communication.  Patrons are encouraged to share with the SAS liaison any service-related concerns they may have, as well as suggestions for improving service.

The current SAS liaison is Tom Warren.  His office is located on the 1st floor of the Library, in Room 153, across from the Academic Computing Technology computer lab.  Tom may be reached at 330-672-1662.

Library Services

Requesting Retrieval of Books and Monographic Materials - 1st Floor, Information Commons, Main Library

Patrons requiring the retrieval of books and other monographic material from the Main Library Collection may submit their request at the Circulation Desk.  If the level of staffing is low and/or the volume of activity is high, their may be a delay in receiving requested items.  Patrons are encouraged to use KentLINK, the Library's online catalog, to request needed KSU material.  When using KentLINK, typical turnaround time from the request of the material is usually 2-3 days.  Patrons are also encouraged to call the Circulation Desk at 330-672-7905 and speak with staff about specific requests.

Requesting Photocopies of Journal Articles and Book Chapters - 2nd Floor, Periodical Information Desk, Information Commons, Main Library

Patrons with disabilities may leave with Periodical Information (PI) staff a list of needed references and a FLASHcard with sufficient funds to cover the cost of photcopying.  They may also choose instead to have the cost of photocopying charged to their Library account.  (NOTE:  Charges in excess of $10.00 will block borrowing privileges.)  Patrons may expect copies of requested materials within 24 hours, depending on the level of staffing and amount of material to be photocopied.  PI staff does not retrieve books or other monographs, except in those instances where a needed reference is a specific chapter within a book or monograph.

Requesting Reference Service - 1st Floor, Reference Center, Information Commons, Main Library

Reference service is available to all library patrons.  For general assistance on a walk-up basis, help may be found at the Reference Desk.  Reference staff typically spend limited time with individual patrons if demand for service is high.  For more in-depth assistance, patrons are encouraged to contact a librarian.  A list of librarians and their subject specialties is available on the UL web site at

KSU students may schedule PeRC (Personalized Research Consultation) appointments during the academic year.  In these sessions, a librarian provides in-depth assistance in using the research databases, KentLINK and OhioLINK online catalogs.   The librarian assists the student in locating and acquiring information needed to complete class assignments, papers, and projects.  Please visit or call the Reference Desk at 330-672-3150 to make an appointment.

A CCTV is available for those patrons who require magnification to read printed materials.  Other accessible workstations with ZoomText and JAWS are available in the Reference area.

A Sorenson VP-200 video phone is available in the Reference area.  The remote control for the video phone is kept at the Circulation Desk and must be checked out for use.

Special Collections and Archives - 12th Floor, Main Library

Patrons wishing to access the Department of Special Collections and Archives should be aware that there is a buzzer on the wall to right of the double doors which needs to be pressed to activate the lock release.  All Special Collections and Archives materials are page by staff and brought to the reading room for patron use.  (NOTE:  These materials do not circulate.)  Patrons with special needs are encouraged to contact staff by phone at 330-672-2270 or by email at

Audio Visual Services

Student Multimedia Studio - 1st Floor, Information Commons, Main Library

The Student Multimedia Studio (SMS) is a student facility which provides equipment and assistance for creating multimedia, web, and video presentations for class projects.  General information about this service may be found at  Students requiring extensive assistance in developing a mutlimedia project should make an appointment with the SMS staff by calling 330-672-1851.

Campus Copy Connection - 3rd Floor, Audio Visual Services, Main Library

Walk-up service is available at the Campus Copy Connection service counter.  Cost and turnaround time for completion of a job will depend on the size and complexity of the print job and availability of staff and equipment.  For more information, please call Campus Copy Connection at 330-672-COPY (2679).Design Solutions - 3rd Floor, Audio Visual Services, Main Library

Staff in this department provides the KSU community with presentation, promotional, and publication materials for use in the classroom, research, conferences, plublications, campus special events, and other individual needs.  (NOTE:  This is a fee-based service)  For more information, please call Design Solutions at 330-672-1850.

Audio Visual Classroom Services - 3rd Floor, Audio Visual Services, Main Library

We house a collection of over 10,000 audio visual titles (VHS & DVD), circulate digital camcorders to students, provides instructional and portable presentation support to accredited KSU classes, additional music and language material available for download, and preview carrels are available to view material.  Additional information about these services is available by calling 330-672-3456.

Other important phone numbers

Student Accessibility Services     330-672-3391

Office of Affirmative Action     330-672-2038

Campus Police - Emergency     911

Campus Police - Non-emergency     330-672-2212