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Alerts & Saved Searches

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Alerts are features that start with a journal or saved search in the database.  For a specific journal, you can have the tables of content emailed to you when a new issue is published. Not all journals have alerts.

For saved searches, the database will rerun the search automatically based on some time table and email you any additional material that appears in your search results since the last time the search was run. Not all databases have Alerts.

Saved Searches are features in a database which allow you to create a good search statement, and save it so that you can rerun the search later to check for additional search results.  It works best in a well refined search.

KentLINK Saved Searches & Alerts | EJC Saved SearchesOSearch Database Saved Searches | Ebsco Database Saved Searches | Citation Index (ISI) Saved Searches & Alerts | RSS for News & Journal Alerts

KentLINK Saved Searches 

Logging into your KentLINK record:

  • Click on My Library Account from the Library Home Page
  • Use your Flashline username and password to log in
  • You can renew materials, view due dates and pay fines from this screen as well.

Searching KentLINK

Create a search using the search feature in your KentLINK record

  • Click on Search Catalog near the top
  • Choose a search type
  • Create your search string and refine as needed
  • Review your search results for relevancy
  • Click on Save as a Preferred Search, next to the search window.
  • Each time, this search will be saved in your library record space; you can choose to rerun the search manually at any time to look for additional material.

Alerts from Preferred (saved) Searches

  • Log into your record, or from a search results screen, Click on the blue button Return to Your Record at the top of the window
  • Click on Preferred Searches
  • Check the box next to the search for which you want to create an email alert
  • Click Update List
  • You will receive an email each time the search results adds any additional titles.

To remove a Preferred (saved) Search

  • Log into your record, or click on Preferred Searches
  • Check the box next to the search to be removed
  • Click on Update List

To stop an Email Alert

  • Log into your record, or click on Preferred Searches
  • Uncheck the box next to Mark for Email
  • Click on Update List

EJC (Electronic Journal Center) Saved Searches

  • Click on Electronic Journal Center (EJC) on the left side of the page.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on My EJC Login 
  • Set up your login by following the instructions on the page, Register for one Now 
  • The password and username are your choice, they are not associated with Flashline usernames or passwords
  • If you already have a login, click on My EJC Login at the top of the screen, and fill in your information
  • Click the Search button at the top of the screen
  • Type in your search terms and refine as necessary
  • Click on Save Search above search results list
  • Choose a name, Web Feed/ RSS or email and save the search for later.
  • Click Add Search
  • Run the search again and Add Search that you would like to repeat later

Run a search from a saved search

  • Click on My EJC Login (top of the page) from the Electronic Journal Center
  • Log in
  • Click Search (top of the page)
  • Click on My Searches
  • Click the title of the search to see the new results list
  • Searches may take a few seconds, be patient until the list loads

OSearch Database Saved Searches

From an OSEARCH database (OhioLink)

  • Create a search in your favorite database, limit, combine, etc. to suit your topic
  • Click Search Form above the search window
  • Click Search History to see your searches
  • Check the box in front of the search you want to save
  • Click Save Search Strategy
  • Choose the way to save: temporary or permanent.
  • A disk, or your desktop computer is required to save permanent searches
  • Click Save to Disk and locate that disk in your workstation

Run a Saved Search from disk

  • Click Search History
  • Click Run Saved Search from the bottom of the blue search history box
  • Click Browse to find the saved search file on your disk
  • Click Upload and Execute Search
  • Be sure to resave your search if you make any changes

You can run a saved search in a different database than the one in which it was saved, however, remember that if you used subject searching, it might not transfer to the new database.  It is best to use this feature with Keyword searching.

Ebsco Database Saved Searches

Authenticate and open the database you wish to search (ex. Academic Search Complete)

  • Create an account or sign into the My EbscoHost (top left portion of the green bar)
  • Create and refine search string as needed
  • Click on Search History/ Alerts tab
  • Check the box next to the search you would like to save
  • Choose to save the search Permanent, Temporary (24hrs) or as a Alert
  • Click Save

If you choose Alert, then choose the frequency of alerts and length of time to search, as well as email addresses to send

  • Click Save

Retrieve a Saved Search

  • Sign into My EbscoHost
  • Click on the Search History/ Alerts tab
  • Click Retrieve Saved Search
  • Click on the link to the search results

You can load a saved search into a different database (SocINDEX instead of Academic Search Premier).  Remember that if you have used the subject index in one database, it might not be the same as the new database.  It is best to use this feature with Keyword searching.

Citation Index Alerts and Saved Searches (ISI Web of Science)

Authenitcate and open the Citations Indexes (ISI Web of Science)

  • Sign into Web of Science or create an account on the right side of the screen
  • Click on Web of Science to conduct a search
  • Choose any search, by topic, refine as needed
  • Click Search History
  • Check the box next to the search or searches you would like to save or have an alert sent to you
  • Click Save History

Alerts – topic searching or author tracking

  • Check the box that says Send Me Email Alerts to send
  • Check the frequency you would like, weekly or monthly
  • Check the type of email you want to receive.  They can also be sent in the tagged format for easy RefWorks importing
  • This alert can be also be used to track an author’s publications. 
  • Do an author search to find articles by the author and then use the search history to locate that search in the Search History
  • Set up the Alert feature with your saved search

Run a Saved Search

  • Log into Web of Science
  • Under your name on the right hand side you will see Open Manage Saved Searches. Click on those words.
  • Choose the search you want to perform and click Open
  • Click Run
  • Choose special times/ dates and then click Continue at the top of the screen
  • Click on the number of results to review the list and look at abstracts

Citation Alerts

  • Log into the Citation Index
  • Search for the article to create a citation alert
  • Click on the title in the list of results to see the full description and sometimes an abstract
  • Click Create Citation Alert on the right side of the screen
  • The alert will email you every time a new article appears in the database that cites your chosen article/author