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Finding Maps in the Map Library

United States

How to read a call number

Most maps are arranged by call number under G

  • G3731 .C5 1972 .U5 The first section tells you WHAT region, country, state, city.  This map is of Maine.
  • G3731 .C5 1972 .U5 The second section tells you the subject of the map .C5 is geology.  This is a geologic map of Maine.
  • G3731 .C5 1972 .U5 The date tells you the date the map was printed, or surveyed.  This map was made in 1972.
  • G3731 .C5 1972 .U5 The last section may or may not be present on the map.  It gives the first letter of the authorís name.  This map was produced by the United States Geological Survey, hence .U5

Finding a State by Location

New England

  • Maine: G3730
  • New Hampshire: G3740
  • Vermont: G3750
  • Massachusetts: G3760
  • Rhode Island: G3770
  • Connecticut: G3780

Middle Atlantic

  • New Jersey: G3810
  • New York: G3800
  • Pennsylvania: G3820
  • Delaware: G3830
  • Maryland: G3840
  • District of Columbia: G3850
  • Virginia: G3880

South Atlantic

  • West Virginia: G3890
  • North Carolina: G3900
  • South Carolina: G3910
  • Georgia: G3920
  • Florida: G3930

East South Central

  • Kentucky: G3950
  • Tennessee: G3960
  • Alabama: G3970
  • Mississippi: G3980

West South Central

  • Arkansas: G4000
  • Louisiana: G4010
  • Oklahoma: G4020
  • Texas: G4030

West North Central

  • Minnesota: G4140
  • Iowa: G4150
  • Missouri: G4160
  • North Dakota: G4170
  • South Dakota: G4180
  • Nebraska: G4190
  • Kansas: G4200

East North Central

  • Ohio: G4080
  • Indiana: G4090
  • Illinois: G4100
  • Michigan: G4110
  • Wisconsin: G4120

Rocky Mountain

  • Arizona G4330
  • Colorado G4310
  • Idaho G4270
  • Montana G4250
  • New Mexico G4320
  • Nevada G4350
  • Utah G4340
  • Wyoming G4260


  • Alaska G4370
  • California G4260
  • Hawaii G4380
  • Oregon G4290
  • Washington G4280