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Teaching Leadership and Curriculum Studies Collection Development Guidelines



General Department Information


            The goal of the Kent State University School of Education is to provide students with the practical skills and fundamental knowledge necessary to pursue a career in Teaching Leadership and Curriculum Studies. Students are prepared for direct employment either within the business, industry, higher education or other alternative educational settings.


Departmental Areas of Concentration


  • Early Chlidhood Education (preK-3)
  • Middle Childhood Education (4 - 9)
  • Adolescence/Young Adult Education (7 - 12)
    • Undergraduate Program
    • MAT Program
    • MAT - Secondary School Teaching
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educational Administration 
    • K-12 Leadership
    • Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel


Degrees Offered


  • B.S. in Education
  • M.A. in Teaching


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Scope of Coverage


The following subject areas are collected at the research level:

        Phonics Instruction for Kindergarten and Primary Children

        Assessment in Language Arts

        Curriculum and Organization in Middle Childhood

        Developmental Reading-the Early Years

        Developmental Writing-the Early Years

        Education in Kindergarten

        Education in Primary Grades

        Effective Use of Phonics in Reading

        Expressive Arts and Social Studies in the Primary Grades

        Guidance of Young  Children

        Home-School-Community Relations

        Integrated Expressive Arts and Social Studies in Preschool

        Integrated Social Studies and Science in Middle School

        Introduction to Early Childhood  Services

        Language and Literacy for the Preschool Child

        Language, Literacy, and Learning

        Music and Rhythms in Preprimary Education

        Organization and Supervision of Early Childhood Centers

        Organization of Program and Parent Involvement

        Preschool Education

        Principles of Teaching Adolescents

        Reading and Writing in Adolescents and Adults

        Reading and Writing in Middle Childhood

        Social Studies Education and the Social Sciences

        Teaching and Learning in Middle Childhood

        Teaching Mathematics and Science in Preschool

        Teaching Mathematics in Middle Childhood

        Teaching Mathematics in the Early Years

        Teaching Computer Science in Secondary School

        Teaching Mathematics in Secondary School

        Teaching Social Studies in Secondary School

        Teaching Speech

        Teaching Reading with Literature in Middle Childhood

        Teaching Science in Middle Childhood

        Teaching Science in Secondary Schools

        Teaching Science in the Early Years

        Teaching Social Studies in Middle Childhood

        Teaching with Microcomputers-the Early Years

        Teaching with Microcomputers-the Secondary Classroom

        The Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum

        Topics in Secondary School Science Teaching

        Understanding Young Children



The following subject areas are collected at the advanced instructional level:


        Action Research

        Adolescent Literacy

        Alternative Media

        Art and Human Development

        Belief Systems

        Children's Literature

        Constructivist Approaches to Science Education

        Content-Area Literacy

        Decoding Strategies

        Early Literacy


        Education Reform

        Emergent Reading


        Feminist/Anti-Racist Pedagogy

        Gender Equity Issues

        Interdisciplinary Teaming

        International/Intercultural Education

        Kindergarten-Primary Education

        Lab School Researcher

        Literacy Education

        Literacy in Elementary, Middle Grades, and Secondary

        Literature and Drama in the Classroom

        Literature Based Reading Instruction

        Literature Circles

        Literature-Based Reading and Language Arts

        Multiage Education

        Multicultural Literature for Fostering Cultural Awareness

        Multiple Perspective-Taking

        Needs of Urban Learners

        Oral Language

        Reading Assessment

        Reflective Thinking

        Relationship of Reading and Technology

        School Reform and Change

        Self-Efficacy of Teachers and Students in Science Education

        Social Development of Young Children

        Social Studies Education

        Struggling Readers

        Teacher/Educator Relationships

        Teacher Preparation for Developmentally and Culturally Appropriate Practice

        Teacher Reflection

        The Intersection of Literature, Drama, and Health Awareness

        The Intersection of Literature, Drama, and Literacy Development

        The Writing Process

        Truth Seeker

        Whole Language Learning

        Writing and Spelling Development of First Graders

        Young Adult Literature


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Apply the Following Parameters to the Above Scope of Coverage Areas



            Prefer English materials and English translations


Date of Publication

            1960 to present, but emphasizing current publications.


Geographical Guidelines

            Worldwide (emphasizing material from international conferences


Society or Publisher Emphasis

            Emphasis on publications by:

        Alberta Teacher's Association

        Alpha Academic

        American Alliance for Theatre and Education

        American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

        American Association of Community Colleges

        American Association of School Administrators

        American Association of Theatre for Youth

        American Association of University Professors

        American Association on Mental Retardation

        American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

        American Educational Research Association

        Association for Computers in Mathematics and Science

        Association for Educational Communications and Technology

        Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

        Association of American Law Schools

        Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges

        Association of School Business Officials

        Bureau of Educational Research by the Public School Publishing

        Center for Developmental Education

        Center for Teaching/Learning Mathematics

        Children's Literature Association

        College Placement Council

        College Reading Association

        Commission on Adult Basic Education

        Council for Exceptional Children

        Council for International Reading

        Curriculum Review

        Education Law Association

        Educational Research Service

        Educators Progress Service

        Elementary Science Education Institute

        HELDREF Publications

        Human Sciences Press

        International Council for Educational Media

        International Journal of Mathematical Educational in Science and Technology

        International Reading Association

        International Society for Performance

        Journal of Education for Teaching

        National Academic Advising Association

        National Association for the Education of Young Children

        National Association of Elementary School Principals

        National Association of Secondary School Principals

        National Association of Student Personal Administrators

        National Community Education Association

        National Council of Teachers of English

        National Middle School Association

        National Organization on Legal Problems of Education

        National School Boards Association

        National School Public Relations Association

        National Science Teachers Association

        Negro Educational Review

        Ohio School Boards Association

        Organization of Teacher Educators in Reading

        Prakken Publications

        School Administration Publications

        Self-Realization Fellowship

        Society for the Advancement of Education

        Speech Communication Association

        University Council for Educational Administration

        University of Chicago Press



Multiple Copies

            Multiple copies of materials are purchased under special circumstances only.


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Recent Acquisitions:




  • Research level works are collected to reflect the above mentioned subject areas
  • Selective acquisition of dissertations, handbooks, technical reports, popular materials and textbooks


Audio Visual Material

            Acquire per department request based upon the above mentioned subject areas.


Theses and Dissertations

            Selective acquisitions of theses and dissertations reflect the department curricula and encompass student and faculty research needs.


Microform Reproductions

            Acquired as a last resort.



A list of current subscriptions


Government Documents

            Government Documents are collected to support research in the Department of Teaching Leadership and Curriculum Studies. Federal documents and publications in this area are particularly strong proceeding 1962. Earlier documents were secured either through gifts or purchases. A majority of these documents are cataloged and can be accessed through Kentlink.


Methods of Acquisition

            Most government documents are secured, free of charge, through the federal or state government. Materials are collected to reflect the program's curriculum and research needs. Other documents requested by the department may be purchased by an allotment of the monographic fund.


Federal Government Publications and Information

            Various documents at the federal level are published and distributed to support research in education. Some agencies that provide this material are:

  • Education Resource Information Center
  • National Center for Education Statistics
  • U.S. Department of Education

On a secondary level, educational information is collected from documents provided by:

  • Federal Consumer Information Center
  • U.S. Department of Health



State Publications

            An agency that publishes educational documents at the state level is the Ohio Department of Education.


Online Services and Electronic Resources

            Electronic services and resources are made available through the University Libraries website:


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Interdisciplinary Relations

There is a strong interrelationship of library materials between the Department of Teaching Leadership and Curriculum Studies and the following departments:

  • Psychology
  • Speech Pathology

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