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General Department Information


Curricular Focus:

  • Gerontology provides a strong knowledge base in health and human services, biological sciences, family dynamics, ethics, policy, leisure & recreation, and business management
  • Human Development and Family Studies program utilizes coursework in the following areas:  Families in society, Internal dynamics of families, Human growth and development, Human sexuality, Interpersonal relationships, Family resources management, Parent education and guidance, Family law and public policy, Ethics, Family life education methodology. (It uses the standards set by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) to enable graduates to apply to become Certified Family Life Educators (CFLE) with the completion of course work beyond the 32-hour degree)
  • Nutrition & Dietetics emphasizes nutrition sciences and research directed toward advanced specialization in the field of nutrition
  • Hospitality Management program combines management theory with application of technical skills and management principles to prepare students for future career demands


Departmental Goals: 

  • Gerontology program is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of typical age-related changes and how these affect a person physiologically, psychologically, and socially. These issues are considered within the context of the family setting, and the effects of aging on both individuals and families are recognized
  • Human Development and Family Studies program designed to prepare students for case management, administrative, and teaching positions in human/social services, junior- and community colleges, and cooperative extension; graduates are also prepared to work in research settings, and for state and federal positions
  • Nutrition & Dietetics program prepares students for positions as teachers in junior and four-year colleges; nutritionists in community agencies such as Head Start and WIC; cooperative extension nutrition specialists, and research assistants; prepares students to enter an accredited dietetic internship, that leads to eligibility to become a Registered Dietitian
  • Hospitality Management prepares graduates for management careers in restaurants and hospitality organizations; it is designed to combine management theory with application of technical skills and management principles to prepare students for future career demands



Departmental areas of Concentration:

  • Gerontology program provides a strong knowledge base in health and human services, biological sciences, family dynamics, ethics, policy, leisure & recreation, and business management. Successful completion of this interdisciplinary course sequence leads to applied competencies that provide students with sensitivity to the aging process as well as the ability to understand culturally diverse older adults and their families. Students graduate from this program with strong understanding of the aging process and the professional skills to interact with older clients. They also learn about the network of services for older adults and how to access them
  • Human Development & Family Studies is divided into three areas.
    • Youth Development - preparing graduates to work with 10- to 18-year olds in school, community and residential programs Graduates will be able to design and deliver developmentally appropriate programs preparing adolescents for productive adulthood by emphasizing skill and competency development
    • Family Life Education - Prepares graduates to develop and implement family life programs in a variety of education and human service settings
    • Case Management for Individuals and Families - Provides training in individual and family needs assessment and the utilization of available public and private resources. Graduates of this option will be eligible for securing positions in a variety of human and social service settings
  • Nutrition & Gerontology program emphasizes science and research in nutrition as well as research and theory in the field of gerontology; courses in nutrition provide a strong nutrition science background upon which the gerontology courses build
  • Nutrition & Dietetics program prepares students to enter an accredited dietetic internship that leads to eligibility to become a Registered Dietitian. As registered dietitians, graduates work in a variety of settings including schools, universities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, public health agencies, and business and industry
  • Hospitality Management program prepares students to excel as managers and emerge as leaders in the hospitality industry; effectively manage human resources, customer services, financial planning and cost control, marketing, purchasing, facility planning, and legal issues in the hospitality industry; utilize an understanding of food safety and the culinary aspects of food preparation to promote successful working relationships with chefs and others, which results in guest satisfaction; demonstrate effective communication, decision-making, analytical, and interpersonal skills; and self-evaluate and engage in a continual process of professional growth and learning


Degrees Offered:


  • B.S.  Gerontology; Hospitality Management; Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS); Nutrition and Dietetics (N&D)
  • M.S.  Nutrition; Nutrition & Gerontology
  • M.A.  Family Life Professional; Gerontology  


Special Programs within the School:

Undergraduate Certificate

  • Non - Profit Human Services Management prepares qualified students for positions of leadership and management in nonprofit youth and adult service agencies. Students enrolled in this program have an opportunity to receive a certificate after successfully completing a baccalaureate degree and specific requirements outlined by American Humanics, Inc. These requirements match competencies considered important for success within the human service career field and include coursework, internship/practicum, and co-curricular activities

Graduate Programs

  • Dietetics Internship is a generalist program designed to provide interns with experience in medical nutrition therapy, clinical nutrition management, community dietetics, business, and food service management. Throughout the program, interns are provided with the resources and experiences needed to develop the skills necessary to become competent dietitians. Emphasis is placed on intellectual, technological, and professional development while fostering ethical and humanitarian values
  • Graduate Certificate in Gerontology
    • Gerontological Studies Option is intended for Ph.D. and Masters Students who wish to develop a specialty in gerontological scholarship. The coursework and other requirements associated with this tract emphasize the development of knowledge and skills related to gerontological theory and research
    • Applied Gerontology Option is intended for students whose primary interest is to apply their gerontological expertise and knowledge within service-oriented professions (counseling, nursing, rehabilitation specialties, case management etc.)


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Scope of Coverage


The following Subject Areas are collected at the Research Level (B):  Approval Books are received in these areas.

  • Aged. Gerontology (Social aspects).Retirement (HQ1060-1064)
  • Death. Dying (HQ1073-1074)
  • Life skills. Coping skills. Everyday living Skills (HQ2035-2041)
  • Public Welfare Protection and relief Special classes (HV697-4996) 


The following Subject Areas are collected at the Advanced Study Level (C1):  Approval Slips are received in these areas.

  • Manners and customs (General) (GT)                                                  
  • General social work (GT1-84)                                                             
  • Social service. Social work. Charity. Fund raising (HV41.2-41.9)                   
  • Self help groups (HV547)                                                                                
  • Social Pathology. Alcohol. Temperance (HV5001-5720.5)                       
  • General physiology, influence of the environment (QP136-185)                       
  • Public aspects of medicine [SOCIM] (RA)                                                      
  • For all titles related to Gerontology send slips [FACSM] (RA960-1000)                      
  • Medical centers. Hospitals. Dispensaries. Clinics Including ambulance   
  • service, nursing homes, hospices (RA960-1000)                                              
  • ACHVM (but send Gerontology to FACSM)
  • Therapeutics. Pharmacology     (RM121-299)                                                
  • Misuse of therapeutic drugs. Medication errors (RM146-146.7)                       
  • Administration of drugs and therapy (RM147-180)                                          
  • Other therapeutic procedures (RM182-190)                                                    
  • Diet therapy. Dietary cookbooks (RM214-258)                                              
  • Nutrition, food and supply. Cookery. Dining Room Service (TX)                     
  • Exclude:  (TX1100+) Mobile home living. Recreational vehicles

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Coverage Areas



  • Prefer English materials and English translations


Date of Publication:

  • Emphasize current information

Multiple Copies

  • Only by request of department


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Material Types

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  • Books


Audio Visual Material:

  • Selectively acquired as requested by department


Theses and dissertations

  • Selectively acquired in support of graduate and faculty research


Microform reproductions

  • Acquired as a last resort.



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Online Services and Electronic Resources


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(TX) Exclude: TX1100+ Mobile home living. Recreational vehicles


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