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Educational Foundations and Special Services Collection Development Guidelines



General Department Information


            The goal of the Kent State University School of Education is provide student with the practical skills and fundamental knowledge necessary to pursue a career in Educational Foundations and Special Services. Students are prepared for direct employment either within the business, industry, higher education, or other alternative educational settings.


Departmental Areas of Concentration

            Areas of concentration concern include cultural foundations, educational psychology, evaluation and measurement, instructional technology, intervention specialist, rehabilitation counseling education, school psychology, and special education.


Degrees Offered

  • Ed. S. in School Psychology
  • Ed. S. in Special Education
  • Intervention Specialist licensure
  • M.A. in Computing Technology
  • M.A. in Education
  • M.A. in Evaluation and Measurement
  • M.A. in Learning and Development
  • School Media licensure
  • M.Ed. in Education
  • M.Ed. in Evaluation and Measurement
  • M.Ed. in Instructional Technology
  • M.Ed. in Learning and Development
  • Ph.D. in Education
  • Ph. D. in Evaluation and Measurement
  • Ph.D. in Learning and Development
  • Ph.D. of Philosophy in School Education


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Scope of Coverage


The following subject areas are collected at the research level:

  • Adjustment and Training Groups
  • Adult Development
  • Advanced Qualitative Research in Educational Services
  • Assessment in Special Education
  • Authoring Systems
  • Career Development and Guidance
  • Characteristics of Students with Mild/Moderate Intervention Needs
  • Characteristics of Students with Moderate/Intensive Intervention Needs
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Classroom Assessment
  • Classroom Behavior Management
  • Cognitive Assessment of Children in Schools
  • Comparative Education
  • Comparative Research
  • Computer Applications in Data Analysis
  • Computer Applications in Education
  • Consultation in Helping Profession
  • Contemporary Issues in Educational Evaluation
  • Cultural Foundations of Education
  • Current Issues in Instructional Technology
  • Curriculum Methods and Materials for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
  • Designing Multimedia
  • Designing Visuals for Instructions
  • Developmental Assessment of Preschool, Kindergarten, and Primary-Grade Children
  • Diagnosis of Child Disorders in the Schools
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Education and the Personal Dimension
  • Educational Statistics
  • Ethics in Education and Human Services
  • Evaluation in Education
  • Factor Analysis
  • Family and Professional Collaboration
  • Field Experience in Education for School Psychologists
  • Foundations of Education and Human Services
  • Foundations of Modern Education
  • Fundamentals of Educational Audio logy
  • Generalizability Theory
  • Great Ideas in Education
  • Group Counseling Techniques for School Psychologists
  • Higher Education in the U.S.
  • History of American Education
  • History of Western Education
  • Individual Counseling Procedures for Rehabilitation Counselors
  • Individual Counseling Techniques for School Psychologists
  • Individual Investigation in Evaluation and Measurement
  • Inquiry into the Profession
  • Instruction Planning and Programming for Deaf Multi-handicapped Students
  • Instructional Applications of the Internet
  • Instructional Approaches and Placements for Deaf Students
  • Instructional Assessment in School Psychology
  • Instructional Design
  • Instructional Process for Teaching Gifted Students
  • Intervention with Culturally Diverse
  • Introduction to Deaf Students
  • Introduction to Neuropsychology for School Psychologists
  • Introduction to Rehabilitation
  • Issues and Approaches in School Psychology
  • Item Response Theory
  • Language and Reading in Special Education
  • Language Instruction for the Deaf
  • Learning Theories
  • Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in School Psychology
  • Life Span Development
  • Literacy Assessment and Intervention for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
  • Measurement and Appraisal Rehabilitation
  • Medical Information for Rehabilitation Counselors
  • Modern Philosophical Theories of Education
  • Multicultural Education: Theory and Policy
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Nature and Needs of Gifted Students
  • Networking Basics
  • Occupational Aspects of Disability
  • Phonemic Bases of Speech and Language
  • Planning and Programming for Transitions
  • Principles of Social Learning
  • Professional Practice in a Multicultural Society
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Psycho-Social Impact of Disability
  • Qualitative Data Analysis and Writing
  • Qualitative Data Collection and Methods
  • Qualitative Research Designs and Application in Educational Services
  • Qualitative Research Designs and Application in Educational Services
  • Research in Disabilities
  • Research in Educational Services
  • Research in Evaluation and Measurement
  • Role of the School Psychologist
  • Selection and Utilization of Educational Media
  • Social and Emotional Components of Gifted Education
  • Social Emotional Assessment for School Psychologists
  • Social Foundations of Adult Education
  • Social, Legal and Professional Issues in Education
  • Statistics for Educational Services
  • Survey Research Methods
  • Technology and Learning
  • Technology for Special Education
  • Theory of Measurement: Classical Test Theory



The following subject areas are collected at the advanced instructional level:


  • Action Research in Rehabilitation Counseling Intern Supervision
  • Advanced Qualitative Research for Educational Services
  • Advanced Quantitative Research for Educational Services
  • Applications for Youth with Sensory Impairments
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Applied Behavior Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Assessment and Intervention with Children with Disabilities
  • Assessment of Children with ADHD
  • Behavior Management in Classrooms
  • Biases Towards Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Classroom Interventions for Children with ADHD
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions
  • Comparative and International Education
  • Consultation and Mediation
  • Counseling Theories and Techniques for Rehabilitation
  • Cultural Aspects of Home-School Relationship and Teacher-Child Relationship
  • Cultural Factors in the Identification of Minority Children as Having Mental Health or Academic Concerns
  • Current Issues in HIV/AIDS
  • Disability and Job Stress
  • Early Intervention/Prevention of Behavior Disorders
  • Education and the Personal Dimension
  • Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
  • Employment of People with Disabilities
  • Experimental and Survey Research Design
  • Foundations of Modern Education
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth
  • Great Ideas in Education
  • History of American Education
  • History of Western Education
  • Illness and Demographic Correlates of Quality of Life Among People with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Infants, Toddlers and Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families
  • Instructional Technology in Special Education
  • Inter-professional Studies
  • Issues Surrounding Special Education Policy
  • Language Development and Disorders in Children
  • Legal Foundations of Education
  • Mind-Body Interaction in the Rehabilitation of Injury and Illness
  • Modern Philosophical Theories of Education
  • Multicultural Education
  • Multilevel Analysis / Hierarchical Linear Modeling
  • Multiple Regression
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parent Training for Treatment of Behavior Disorders
  • Pharmacological Interventions Used to Manage Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
  • Philosophical Foundations of Educational Research
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Prevention and Early Intervention for Young Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation: Current Practices and Curriculum
  • Psychological Impact of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Public Policy on Practice in School Psychology and Special Education
  • Qualitative Research Designs and Application for Educational Services
  • Research Design
  • Research in Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Research in Special Education: Design, Methods, and Applications
  • School Psychology in International Settings
  • School Reform
  • Single Subject Research Design and Methodology
  • Social Perspective in Education
  • Social Skills Development and Competency in Children
  • Social, Communication, and Play Skills in Children with ASD
  • Statistics I for Educational Services
  • Survey Research Methods
  • The Design and Analysis of Quantitative Reviews
  • The Social Foundations of Adult Education
  • Therapy with Culturally Diverse Populations
  • Transition Strategies for Secondary Students with Disabilities
  • Transition to Adult Life for Youth wit Disabilities
  • Treatment Integrity in Educational Interventions
  • Treatment Validity of the AEPS and Efficacy of ABI
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies

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Apply the Following Parameters to the Above Scope of Coverage Areas



  • Prefer English materials and English translations.


Date of Publication

  • 1960 to present emphasizing current publications


Geographical Guidelines

  • Worldwide emphasizing material from international conferences


Society or Publisher Emphasis

  •  Emphasis on publication by:
    • AECT
    • American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
    • American Association on Mental Deficiency
    • American Council on Education
    • American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association
    • American Educational Research Association
    • American Educational Studies Association
    • American Society for Environmental History and Forest History Society
    • American Society of Educators
    • Association for Educational and Psychological Consultants
    • Association for Educational Communications and Technology
    • Association of American Colleges
    • Bureau of Educational Research
    • Comparative and International Education Society
    • Corporation for Curriculum Research
    • Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders
    • Council for Exceptional Children
    • Council for Learning Disabilities
    • Executive Committee of the Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf
    • International Society for Technology in Education
    • Missouri State Teachers Association
    • National Association for Gifted Children
    • National Association for Multicultural Education
    • National Council of Educational Research and Training
    • National Council on Measurement in Education
    • National Education Association
    • National Institute of Adult Continuing Education
    • National Rehabilitation Counseling Association
    • Ohio Federation of Teachers
    • Ohio State University
    • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
    • Orton Dyslexia Society
    • Public Service Research Foundation
    • SAGE
    • Society for Research in Child Development
    • TASH
    • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
    • University of Arkansas
    • University of Boston
    • University of Illinois
    • University of Indiana
    • University of Maine
    • Wayne State University

 Multiple Copies

  • Multiple copies of materials are purchased under special circumstances only.

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Material Types

Recent Acquisitions






  • Research level works are collected to reflect the above mentioned subject areas
  • Selective acquisition of dissertations, handbooks, technical reports, popular materials, and textbooks

 Audio Visual Material

  • Acquired per department request based upon the above mentioned subject areas.

Theses and Dissertations

  •  Selective acquisition of theses and dissertations reflect the department curricula and encompass student and faculty research needs.

Microform Reproductions

  •  Acquired as a last resort.


A list of current subscriptions


Government Documents

        Government documents are collected to support research in the Department of Education. Federal documents and publications in this area are particularly strong proceeding 1962. Earlier documents were secured either through gifts or purchases. A majority of these documents are cataloged and can be accessed at:


Methods of Acquisition

       Most government documents are secured, free of charge, through the federal or state government. Materials are collected to reflect the program's curriculum and research needs. Other documents requested by the department may be purchased by an allotment of monographic funds.


Federal Government and Publications and Information

Various documents at the federal level are published and distributed to support research in education. Some agencies that provide this material are:

  • Education Resource Information Center
  • National Center for Education Statistics
  • U.S. Department of Education


On a secondary level, educational information is collected from documents provided by:

  • Federal Consumer Information Center
  • U.S. Department of Health


State Publications

            The Ohio Department of Education publishes educational government documents at the state level.


Online Services and Electronic Resources

            Electronic services and resources are made available through the University Libraries website at:


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Interdisciplinary Relations

 Interdisciplinary relations exist between the Department of Educational Foundations and Special Services and the following departments:

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Technology

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