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Adult, Counseling, Health and Vocational Education Collection Development Guidelines


General Department Information


Curricular Focus: The College of Educationís ACHVE Department prepares students for careers in counseling, health education and promotion, and vocational education.


Department Goals

Counseling and Human Development Services (CHDS) program is designed to provide advanced level preparation for counselors in various public and private human services and mental health settings as well as preparing individuals for the counselor education professionals in colleges and universities. 


Health Education and Promotion (HED) program is mainly concerned with the development, implementation, and evaluation of primary prevention programs that seek to promote health and prevent disease.


Career - Technical Teacher Education (Vocational Education) program is committed to workforce development through leadership in educational programming for youth and adults.


Educational Studies program is a non-licensure option which is designed for individuals who wish to function as educators in human services and resource settings such as business and industry, religious, community, or interest and advocacy groups.


Departmental Areas of Concentration


Counseling & Human Development Services

  • Counseling & Human Development (Counselor Education) Ph.D. program is planned to help develop leaders in the field of counseling.  It is not designed to meet the training needs of psychologists.  Curriculum includes both the development of skills to be of direct service to clients, the development of theory and research competencies, and the development of instruction and supervision competencies.  Practitioner aspects of the program integrates both theory and application.  Continuous involvement in skill-building is presented to students through successive approximations to reality through in-class activities, then through controlled practica, and finally internship, all under supervision.
  • Community Counseling Master's program is designed to prepare personnel for employment in institutions of higher education and community-based human service agencies, such as rape crisis centers, substance abuse facilities, career counseling agencies, community mental health centers, pregnancy centers, child and family services agencies, group homes, correctional facilities, and outreach programs in the mental health field.
  • School Counselor Education Master's program is designed to enhance the human relations and therapeutic counseling skills of teachers and others entering the counseling profession so they might better meet the personal, social, educational and vocational needs of children and adolescents.


Health Education and Promotion

  • Ph.D. program emphasizes the interaction among the theoretical, empirical, and applied nature of health education.
  • Master's of Education (M.Ed.) and the Master of Arts (M.A) degree programs utilize theoretical models of attitude and behavioral change in assessing educational needs, designing educational interventions, and evaluating the effectiveness of program efforts.

Career-Technical Teacher Education (Vocational Education)

  • Bachelor's degree curriculum is designed to prepare students to teach vocational program including: Vocational Integrated Business; Vocational Marketing Education; Vocational Family & Consumer Sciences; and Vocational Trade & Industrial Education.
  • Master's program primary purpose is to improve professional practice of vocational teachers.


Educational Studies

  • Bachelor's degree programs are developed to reflect a consideration for the nature of the setting in which educators will work (e.g., youth center, social agency, museum, park, business), the particular skills and competencies required in such an educational career (e.g., program planning, technology utilization, interpersonal and multicultural facilitation), and the nature of the particular educational function which characterizes the option (e.g., program design, instruction, service delivery).


Degrees Offered

  • B.S. in Educational Studies
  • B.S. in Vocational Integrated Business
  • B.S. in Vocational Family & Consumer Sciences
  • B.S. in Vocational Marketing Education
  • B.S. in Vocational Trade & Industrial Education
  • M.A. in Community Counseling
  • M.A. in Health Education
  • M.A. in School Counseling
  • M.A. in Vocational Education
  • M.Ed. in Health Education
  • Ph.D. in Counselor Education
  • Ph.D. in Counseling & Human Development

Ph.D. in Health Education and Promotion


Special Programs within the School

  • Counseling and Human Development Center ( - provides personal counseling and human development services to members of the Kent State University community for free (KSU students, faculty, staff and family members), and to non-KSU area residents for a nominal fee.  Services provided include individual, couple, family, child, and group counseling for developmentally-related concerns.  Services are provided by masters' and doctoral level graduate students preparing for professional licensure as clinical counselors.  Located at 325 White Hall.
  • Center for Health Promotion through Education ( - mission is to link schools, agencies and universities together in order to sustain collaborative, long-term efforts to promote healthy lifestyles and communities by providing grant writing, research, and evaluation assistance for a negotiable fee.  Located at 320 White Hall.


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Scope of Coverage


The following subject areas are collected at the research level:

  • Family.  Marriage.  Women
  • Medical and other professional services
  • Families.  Single Parents
  • Children and youth
  • Women
  • Mental illness
  • Physically disabled
  • Public health
  • Homelessness.  Vagrancy
  • Substance abuse
  • Criminology
  • Vocational education (General)
  • Public aspects of education


  • Hygiene
  • Preventive medicine
  • Medical geography
  • Climatology
  • Meteorology
  • Medical Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Dispensaries
  • Clinics including ambulance service, nursing homes, hospices
  • Toxicology
  • Poisons
  • Mental Disorders


The following subject areas are collected at the advanced instructional level:

  • Refugees
  • Accidents.  Safety
  • Medical and other professional services
  • Industrial education
  • Education extension.  Adult education.  Continuing education.
  • Aged education

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Apply the Following Parameters to the above Scope of Coverage Areas



  • Prefer English materials and English translations.


Date of publication

  • 1960 to present (emphasizing current publications).


Geographical Guidelines

  • Worldwide (emphasizing material from international conferences).


Society or Publisher emphasis


Emphasis on publications by:


        Academic Press

        Accelerated Development

        Addison Wesley Longman

        Allyn and Bacon

        American Academy of Health Behavior

        American Council on Education

        American Medical Association

        American Psychiatric Press

        American Psychological Association

        American Public Health Association (APHA)

        American School Health Association

        Associated University Presses



        Buros Institute of Mental Measurements (Univ. of Nebraska Press)

        College Board Publishers

        Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

        Feminist Press

        Harvard University Press

        Haworth Press


        Lea & Febiger

        Merrill/Prentice Hall

        Microsoft Press


        Psychology Press

        Sage Publications

        Saunders College

        Scientific American Books

        Taylor & Francis

        Charles C. Thomas

        John Wiley & Sons

        Williams and Wilkins


Multiple Copies

  • Multiple copies of materials are purchased under special circumstances only.

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Material Types



 Recent Acquisitions



  • Research Level works are collected to reflect the above mentioned subject areas
  • Selective acquisition of dissertations, handbooks, technical reports, popular materials and textbooks


Audio Visual material

Acquired per department request based upon the above mentioned subject areas.


Theses and dissertations

Automatically acquires all masters and doctoral level ACHVE studentsí theses and dissertations. Selectively acquires theses and dissertations outside of Kent that reflect the departmental curricula needs that encompass student and faculty research needs.


Microform reproductions

Selectively acquired as requested by the department as a last measure where other formats are not easily obtainable.





Government Documents

The collection is strong from 1962 - present, with earlier collections obtained from purchases and donations.  All materials are catalogued and accessible via KentLINK.



Methods of acquisition

Most government documents are received free of charge from the federal and state governments.  Federal government documents are selected to match a profile that supports Adult Counseling, Health and Vocational Education's curriculum.  If requested by the department, monographic funds may be used to purchase documents materials that are not normally received for free.


Federal government publications and information

Various documents at the federal level are published and distributed to support research in education.  Some agencies that provide this material are:

  • Education Resource Information Center
  • National Center for Education Statistics
  • U.S. Department of Education

On a secondary level, educational information is collected from documents provided by:

  • Federal Consumer Information Center
  • U.S. Department of Health


State publications

An agency that publishes educational documents at the state level is the Ohio Department of Education.


Online Services and Electronic Resources

Numerous online services and electronic resources in many disciplines are made available through the University Libraries at the following pages: Education Databases


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Interdisciplinary Relations

There is a strong interdisciplinary connection between the Department of Adult, Counseling, Health and Vocational Education and the following departments:





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