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Using the Congressional Record

The Congressional Record is a verbatim report of the proceedings of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Its earlier titles -- the Annals of Congress, the Register of Debates, and the Congressional Globe -- have been issued since 1789. The House and Senate proceedings include edited debates, voting records, legislative actions, and texts of selected bills.

Senators and Representatives may alter, delete, or insert material into the Congressional Record. Beginning in 1978, bullets were printed at the beginning and end of inserted remarks. The Senate has continued this practice; however, the House notation has varied.

In addition to the proceedings of the Senate and the House of Representatives, two additional sections comprise the Congressional Record: "Extensions of Remarks" and "Daily Digest." The "Extensions of Remarks" contains a wide variety of materials speeches, book excerpts, poems, recipes, and songs -- which has been included at the request of Congressional members. Summarizing Congressional activities, the "Daily Digest" includes actions on bills, votes, hearings, meetings, bill status, and the upcoming week's agenda.

Congressional Record Index

The Congressional Record Index, published biweekly during Congressional sessions, provides name and subject access to this report of Congressional activities. The "History of Bills and Resolutions," contained within the Index, documents the legislative process, with a page-reference history of legislative action on specific bills. "A" indicates material was originally included in "Extensions of Remarks," part of the appendix until 1968 (Volume 114). After that date, "Extensions of Remarks" was incorporated into thenumeric numbering system of the bound edition.

Online Access

LexisNexis Congressional:

99th - present Congress (1985 - present)

Available on campus or through remote access to the university network. From the home page, select "Publications."

GPO Access:

104th - present Congress (1995 - present)


101st - present Congress (1989 - present)

Finding the Congressional Record at Kent State

Date  Congress  Title  Format  Availability 

1789 - 1825

1st -18th (1st Session)

Annals of Congress


Docs 10th Floor, X 1 - X 18/1

1824 - 1837

18th - 25th (1st Session)

Register of Debates


Docs 10th Floor, X 18/2 - X 25/1

1833 - 1873

23rd - 42nd

Congressional Globe


Docs 10th Floor, X 23/1 - X 42/3

1873 - 1956

43rd - 84th

Congressional Record


Main Basement Storage (Consult 2nd Floor Periodicals Desk for assistance.)

1957 - 1984

85th - 98th

Congressional Record


Docs 10th Floor, X 85/1 - X 98/2

1985 - 1990

99th - 101st

Congressional Record


Main Microform Area 2nd Floor, X 99/1 - X 1.1:101/2

1985 - present

99th - present

Congressional Record


Docs 10th Floor, X 99/1 - (Current term of Congress is kept in the Government Documents Reference Collection.)

1985 - present

99th - present

Congressional Record


1989 - present

101st - present

Congressional Record


1995 - present

104th - present

Congressional Record