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History Collection Development Guidelines

General Department Information

Curricular Focus:

 "Courses offered in the Department of History range widely across the chronologic and geographic sweep of humankind's existence. Introductory lecture courses prepare students for the challenges of living and working in the global community of the twenty-first century.  Small upper-division courses provide students challenging perspectives on a variety of topics, all the while providing students with the means to sharpen their reading, research and writing skills."

 "Graduate research seminars and colloquia prepare students for a variety of professional careers open to the historian.  Taught by practicing research scholars, these courses offer students an unparalleled opportunity for rigorous historical study and inquiry."  (Dept. of History, 2004,


Departmental Goals:

 "History seeks to appeal to all students seeking both a well rounded educational experience and intellectual independence.  Courses in traditional and new fields of interest are taught by faculty scholars offering a variety of innovative teaching methods.  Various programs of workshops, lectures, and exhibitions complement the University's mission and extend learning beyond the classroom." (Dept. of History, 2004,


Departmental Areas of Concentration - General Fields:

  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Europe: Medieval; Balkans; Early Modern; since 1815; Eastern Europe
  • Russia to 1725, Russia since 1700
  • England since 1750
  • British Empire (Australia, India & South Africa)
  • United States: Colonial America; Early National America; Nineteenth-Century; Twentieth-Century
  • Africa
  • Latin America


Departmental Areas of Concentration - Specialized Fields:

  • Renaissance
  • Reformation
  • Europe: Social History; Seventeenth-Century; Twentieth-Century; Enlightenment and Revolutionary Europe
  • Germany since 1815
  • United States: Business and Economic History; Cultural History; Diplomatic History; Intellectual History; Military History; Political History; Public History; Social History
  • African-American History
  • Ohio, Settlement to Present
  • Theory and Methodology of History
  • Women and Gender:  United States, Europe, Third World


Degrees Offered:

B.A. in History

M.A. in History

Ph.D. in History


Special Programs within the School:

African Studies- The African Studies Program at Kent State University exists at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.  The program, which is designed to give a broad familiarity with African history, culture and contemporary problems, includes the opportunity to elect from a wide range of courses directly or indirectly related to Africa. 


American Studies- Drawing on coursework in history, literature, the arts and the social sciences, the American Studies major and minor offer a broad perspective for students seeking to understand American culture.  This program takes an interdisciplinary approach to American life and thought while permitting considerable emphasis on a particular field of analysis by the student.


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Scope of Coverage

The following subject areas are collected at the research level. Approval slips are received for material in these areas:

  • General History
  • Historiography; Military and naval history; Political and diplomatic history; Ancient history; Medieval and modern history, 476- ; Modern history, 1453- : including 20th century, WWII, Holocaust & other WWII atrocities; Developing countries;
  • European history
  • Great Britain
  • Central Europe
  • Austria. Hungary
  • France
  • Germany
  • Mediterranean region. Greco-Roman world
  • Greece
  • Eastern Europe (general)
  • Russia. USSR. Russian Federation
  • Eastern Europe. Balkan peninsula
  • Modern history (19th century to present in: Islamic world, Arab countries, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Arabian peninsula, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan)
  • Africa
  • Gypsies
  • America. United States:  Social life and customs; Civilization; Intellectual life; Antiquities (non-Indian); Ethnic groups; North America, Indians of North America; Discovery and early exploration and description; Historiography; Philosophy of American history; Military and naval history; Political and diplomatic history; African-Americans; Colonial History, 1607-1775; The Revolution, 1775-1783; Revolution to the Civil War, 1775-1861; Civil War period, 1861-1865; Late nineteenth century, 1865-1900; Twentieth century; 1961- ; Public History
  • Local history of the United States: Ohio
  • Latin American history
  • Canadian history
  • Oceania


Approval slips are received for material in the following areas; however, materials are in these areas are not regularly collected:

  • Archaeology (general)
  • Diplomatics. Archives. Seals
  • Technical chronology. Calendar
  • Numismatics
  • Inscriptions. Epigraphy
  • Biography (major works)
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Apply the Following Parameters to the Above Scope of Coverage Areas:


Primary focus is on material in English or in English translation; however, selected publications are purchased in a variety of languages, most notably in Spanish, German and French.

 Date of Publication

Recent publications are emphasized, however, retrospective collections and older publications are occasionally acquired to further support current research and instructional needs as well as to support new initiatives.

 Geographical guidelines

Materials are acquired to support research and work on a global level.

 Multiple copies

Are acquired only when warranted by high demand.

Material Types
Recent Acquisitions!


Books - Research Level Collection of scholarly works in defined subject areas.

Audio Visual materials - Purchased upon request from departmental faculty.

Theses and dissertations - Selectively acquired in support of graduate and faculty research.

Microform reproductions - Acquired if necessary to support graduate and faculty research.



List of Current Print & Electronic Subscriptions 

Periodical holdings are not classified but are arranged alphabetically in the Periodicals Department. They are available to students and faculty in several formats including print, microform and electronic.

Recent volumes of a select number of scholarly journals in the discipline are also available online through the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center. (make this a link) A current list of titles focusing on the subject of history is available at:

Complete run of back issues of selected scholarly journals focusing on History are also available online through Kent State University's subscription to JSTOR. A current list of titles is available at:


Government Documents

The Government Documents collections support research in the Department of History.  The collection is strong from 1962 - present, with earlier collections obtained from purchases and donations. Most documents are cataloged and accessible via KentLINK.


Methods of Acquisition

As a member of the Federal Depository Library Program, Kent State University receives federal documents at no cost. Kent State University is also a State of Ohio Depository Library, and acquires many free state documents and publications as a result.


Federal Publications

Many agencies publish and distribute information in support of the various research and instructional interests of the Department of History.  The Department of Defense provides a vast and varied amount of research material.  In particular, the Naval Historical Center, the Army College and the National Defense University provide materials that support the study of military history.  Research within the area of diplomatic history is supported through the documents acquired from the Department of State.  Additionally, the Library of Congress provides vast collections of research materials that support the study of intellectual and cultural history.


State Publications

As a State of Ohio Depository Library, Kent State University receives state level publications from various agencies within the State of Ohio.  State level publications and documents support the research and instructional needs of the Department of History.  Of particular interest to the department of history are documents related to the state legislative process and social programs.



  • America: History and Life
  • American Periodical Series Online
  • Annals of American History
  • Chicano Database
  • Contemporary Women’s Issues
  • Declassified Documents Reference System
  • Digital Dissertations
  • Handbook of Latin American Studies
  • Harp Week
  • Historical Abstracts
  • History eBook Project
  • International Index to Black Periodicals Full-text

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Interdisciplinary Relations

Akron-Kent Doctoral Consortium

"The University of Akron and Kent State University formed in 1996 a consortium to promote doctoral study in history in northeast Ohio.  The two universities, located less than 15 miles apart, boast an excellent faculty with the expertise to supervise doctoral training in most aspects of history.  Students apply to and enroll in one or the other graduate program, but are encouraged to take seminars on both campuses.  Students entering the Kent State University graduate program in history are to include one member from the University of Akron's History faculty on their dissertation committees." (Dept. of History, 2004,



The Lyman L. Lemnitzer Center for NATO and European Union Studies

 Institute for Bibliography and Editing

The Taft Papers Project, under the editorship of Clarence E. Wunderlin, Jr., is currently being undertaken at the Institute.


Departmental Relationships:

  • Ethnic Heritage Studies
  • Jewish Studies
  • Pan-African Studies
  • Political Science
  • Women's Studies