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Exercise, Leisure & Sport Collection Development Guidelines

General Department Information

Curricular Focus: The study of human movement, exercise, sport, leisure and athletic training.

Department Goals:

  • Study, experience, utilize and transmit the knowledge and understanding of human movement and leisure.
  • Prepare students for professions in physical education teacher certification, physical fitness, and recreation and leisure services.
  • Encourage and conduct research that will enrich the exercise, leisure and sport bodies of knowledge.

Departmental Areas of Concentration:

  • K-12 physical education teacher preparation.
  • Exercise sciences and physiology, including exercise prescription and research, body composition, metabolism/nutritional requirements, clinical exercise physiology, protein metabolism, oxygen utilization, cardiac rehabilitation, and the psychophysiology of aging as it is influenced by physical activity and fitness.
  • Recreation studies, including administration, leisure, tourism, and therapeutic recreation.
  • Sports studies, including pedagogy, history, sociology, marketing, law, administration, psychology, and ethics.
  • Athletic training and sport-related physical rehabilitation.
  • Human movement, biomechanics, and motor control.
  • Gerontology, as related to exercise and wellness.

Degrees Offered:

  • B.S.
  • M.A.
  • Ph.D.

Special Programs within the School:

  • Senior Exercise.
  • Genesis, an alternative placement program designed for "troubled and/or at-risk" students in grades 6-12 that incorporates sports, leadership initiatives and therapeutic recreation into the existing curriculum.
  • Movement and Leisure Skills Program.

School of Exercise, Leisure and Sport homepage

Scope of Coverage

The following subject areas are collected at the research level.
Approval slips are received in these areas.

  • History of recreation and leisure
  • Recreation as a profession
  • Administration of recreation and leisure
  • Outdoor life and Outdoor recreation
  • Physical education and training
  • Sports
  • Human movement
  • Sports medicine
  • Sports-related emergency surgery
  • Sports-related physical rehabilitation



The following subject areas are collected at the advanced study level.
Approval slips are received for material in these areas.

  • Games, amusements, toys
  • Civilization. Culture. Programs
  • Physical medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Rehabilitation technology
  • Association. Social Groups
  • Individualism. Equality
  • Social forces
  • General education. Systems and philosophy of education
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Apply the Following Parameters to the Above Scope of Coverage Areas


  • Prefer English materials and English translations.
  • Selective acquire German, Russian, and French works in physiology.

Date of publication- emphasize current information.

Geographical guidelines – prioritize items published in the US, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe.

Society or Publisher emphasis- prioritize AAHPERD (American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine); Human Kinetics Publishers; and Benchmark Press.

Multiple copies – acquire in proportion to demand, in very rare cases.

Material Types
Recent Acquisitions!



  • Comprehensive collection of scholarly works, proceedings, government documents, research reports, and legal material.
  • Selective acquisition of how-to books, handbooks, directories, textbooks, and popular materials.

Audio Visual material: selectively acquired as requested by department.

Theses and dissertations: in the field of exercise, leisure and sport are collected comprehensively through the purchase of the Oregon Microfiche collection.

Microform reproductions: collected comprehensively for Oregon Microfiche, a collection of theses and dissertations in the field of physical education, leisure, and recreation. Each title in this collection is individually cataloged. Other microforms are collected infrequently.



Current list of Kent State University subscriptions for the School of Exercise, Leisure and Sport.


Government Documents

The collection is strong from 1962 - present, with earlier collections obtained from purchases and donations. All materials are cataloged and accessible via KentLINK.

Methods of acquisition
Most government documents are received free of charge from the federal and state governments. Federal government documents are selected to match a profile that supports Exercise, Leisure and Sport's curriculum. If requested by the department, monographic funds may be used to purchase documents materials that are not normally received for free.

Federal government publications and information

  • Bureau of Land Management print brochures, found in call number "Docs I 53". Additional information concerning cultural and historic sites can be found at
  • Dept. of the Interior print brochures, found in call number "Docs I 29".
    Additional information found at
  • Dept. of Agriculture print brochures, found in call number "Docs A 13.2"
    website (nutrition; hunting and fishing information). Additional information found at
  • National Institute of Health, found in call number "Docs HE 20.3002", "Docs HE 20.3202", and "Docs HE20.3858".Additional information found at
  • National Park Service Click on "Nature Net" then "Biology". Also click on "Visit the parks".
  • National Forest System recreation

State publications

  • Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, including recreation and sports activities, may be found in the call number "Docs Ohio ONR 1.2" or at
  • Ohio Health Promotion material, located at call number "Docs Ohio OH".

Online Services and Electronic Resources

Numerous online services and electronic resources in almost all disciplines are made available through the University Libraries website:



Biographies of famous athletes or coaches; personal fitness plans of celebrities.

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