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Ethnic Heritage Collection Development Guidelines

General Department Information

Curricular Focus:

The ethnic heritage major is designed to examine the role played by ethnic groups in American society and the influences upon those groups.

Department Goals:

The primary goal of ethnic heritage studies at Kent State University is to engender an understanding of ethnicity in the development of the distinctive American national character and of the background, experiences, and forces acting upon ethnic groups and their communities.

Departmental Areas of Concentration:

Students pursuing the ethnic heritage major choose an area of emphasis from British, German, Hellenic, Jewish, Lithuanian, Romanian or Russian studies. (These areas of emphasis are also available as interdisciplinary minors.) In addition to the area of emphasis, the major includes study of methods and perspectives drawn from sociology, cultural anthropology, and American history; foreign language; and applications and expressions studied in literary, philosophical, geographical, and political contexts. Students explore synthesis in a seminar, colloquium, special topics course, individual investigation, or study abroad.

The ethnic heritage department has a special relationship with the department of Jewish studies, creating significant areas of concentration in Jewish history and literature and Middle Eastern studies.

Faculty research interests include Jewish literature, history, and thought; German literature, history and thought; cultural studies and theory; Holocaust studies; film and media studies; and diaspora cultures.

Degrees Offered:

Undergraduate major in ethnic heritage.

Special Programs within the School:

The Ethnic Heritage Center. The Ethnic Heritage Program offered through the Center provides a teacher training program and speakers bureau on topics relating to the Holocaust period. Sensitivity and tolerance training, as well as exposure to historical events that shaped the twentieth century are included. Experts are also available to provide translation services in German, Yiddish, and Baltic languages.

No web page is currently available for ethnic heritage studies.
For Jewish studies: Department website

Scope of Coverage

Currently the primary collection foci are in the LC Classes, . . .
which are collected at the Advanced Study Level. Materials are also collected in . . .
Materials supporting British, German, Hellenic, Lithuanian, Romanian and Russian studies are primarily collected through the academic departments affiliated directly with those subject areas.

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Coverage Parameters

Generally, the majority of materials collected are current materials in English. No limits have been established for language, date of publication, geographical location, or publishers. Multiple copies are not collected.

Material Types
Recent Acquisitions!

Monographs and serials are the primary material types collected. Materials in other formats, such as CD-ROMs and videocassettes are collected when requested.


Current serials listings for ethnic heritage studies held by the KSU library.

Online Services and Electronic Resources:

Online service and electronic resources for ethnic heritage studies are available at

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Interdisciplinary Relations

The department of ethnic heritage has relationships with the following departments:

  • Jewish Studies
  • Anthropology
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Justice Studies
  • Modern and Classical Languages
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
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