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OhioLINK Authentication Service: How It Works

Easy Access to OhioLINK Research Databases from a Private Internet Service Provider

How does it work?

1. You can connect to the OhioLINK Research Databases from - you will need to search for databases by Subject, Type or Name. (Note the prompt to log in for access to restricted services...)

OhioLINK: How it works 1

2. If you have not yet been authenticated, any OhioLINK page you go to will have a "Log in now to access restricted services" link.

OhioLINK: How it works 2

3. After you select "Log in now to access restricted services" on the previous screen, you are taken to an Institution Selection Form.

OhioLINK: How it works 3

Select "Kent State University" and click the "Submit" button.

4. Note that the Institution Selection Form leads to an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page about the OhioLINK Authentication Service.

OhioLINK: How it works 4

5. Next you must fill in your Name and Social Security Number in the OhioLINK Authentication Form. This form appears right after the Institution Selection Form.  [NOTE: PIN no longer required.]

 OhioLINK: How it works 5

6. At this point, the OhioLINK Authentication System checks you against the KentLINK Patron Database and sends a cookie to your browser that allows you access to the OhioLINK Research Databases.

If everything has worked correctly, you then see this page indicating that you have been successfully authenticated.

OhioLINK: How it works 6

7. Please note that the various OhioLINK database lists like these indicate with the OhioLINK icon whether or not the individual database is available via the OhioLINK Authentication System.

OhioLINK: How it works 7

8. Return to the Overview Page for the OhioLINK Authentication System.