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Collection Development

Books and Materials Budget

Allocations for Academic Units

An academic unit receives an annual allocation of funds from the Libraries materials budget. These funds can be used by a unit to make purchases of materials for the University Libraries' collections.

Expending Funds

All orders from an academic unit for library materials, regardless of requester, must contain the initials of the library representative or the subject librarian. The Libraries provide monthly statements of fund balances to both the library representative and to the subject librarian. All deadlines that may be established by the Libraries for expending all or part of an academic unit's funds are firm.

Allocations for Interdisciplinary Programs

Whenever possible, library needs of interdisciplinary programs should be met by the academic department(s) most closely connected with the interdisciplinary program. A separate allocation line will not be established if an interdisciplinary program's needs are being adequately covered by existing departmental library acquisitions.

Where it can be demonstrated that interdisciplinary needs are not being met or that requests are inappropriate for a given department, then a University-recognized interdisciplinary program, center, or institute may approach the University Libraries directly to request a separate allocation. Centers and institutes must have been in existence for at least three years.

Any petition for a library allocation should be submitted to the Dean of University Libraries and demonstrate unmet needs. The request should include the following:

  1. Narrative justification for request
  2. Name of Coordinator or Director of the program
  3. Office and telephone number
  4. Organization unit to which the program reports
  5. Sources of financial and other support
  6. Names of all departments involved in the program
  7. Number of courses offered, if any
  8. Number of courses required, if any
  9. Number of students granted degrees or certificates, if any
  10. Any other pertinent facts

The Dean of University Libraries, in consultation with the Assistant Dean for Technical Services, will make a decision regarding an allocation based upon the petition and available fiscal resources.

If an allocation is established, a subject librarian will be assigned to work with the program director to develop a collection strategy and to address library-related issues as they arise.