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Collection Development

Subject Librarians

Subject Librarians work with one or more academic units based on the following criteria:

  • the librarian's educational experience
  • the librarian's job-related duties
  • the librarian's job-related workload
  • the demands of an academic unit placed on the Libraries

In general, assignments are made to best match a librarian's expertise with a given academic unit.

Role of Subject Librarians

Subject librarians are expected to establish and maintain regular and frequent contact with the academic units to which they are assigned. The foremost purpose of this relationship is to assist in effectively and appropriately expending an academic unit's library collection allocation. The subject librarian's primary contacts should be the unit's library representative and the chair or director. Subject librarians should attempt to keep academic units informed of the Libraries' policies and procedures.

A subject librarian's responsibilities could include some of the following major activities: monitoring an academic unit's allocation; assisting library representatives with bibliographic verification, selection, and ordering; reviewing approval shipments, approval forms, Choice cards, publishers' catalogs and fliers, gift items, and damaged materials; collaborating with other librarians in related disciplines; conducting informational sessions for members of academic units; and, working with academic units on special projects, such as serials cancellations and/or ordering, remote storage selection, and accreditation reviews that require information about library resources.