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Merging Map and Census Data

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STEP #17: A fourth dialog box for the table representing the Attributes for the SHP file will appear. It is now time to merge the data from the Census Bureau with the data from the Portage County map.

Attributes for the SHP file

STEP #18: First, Click on the GEO_ID column heading in the DBF file, and then click on the STFID column heading in the SPH file.

*Note: these columns of numbers are identical with one another and thus serve as the data for the merger of the two files.

GEO_ID column and STFID column

STEP #19: Scan the mouse again along the top row of symbols until you reach the icon that represents Join. Click once on this symbol.

Joining the columns

STEP #20: The results reveal one table containing all the necessary data for the mapping process.

Combined Table

STEP #21: Click on the finished table and you can expand the box to reveal the merged data within a singular table.

Expanded singular table

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