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Converting Census and Map Files

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*The downloaded Microsoft Excel files (from American FactFinder) need to be converted into a DBF format in order to work in ArcView. This file and its data must be edited so that it can be joined with the map data (ESRI) in the ArcView program.

STEP #1: Click on the File button in the top taskbar and click on Open. Open up your census_mapping folder, then open up the portage_tract_data folder and you will find two different Microsoft Excel files, one marked data and the other marked geo, open up the data file.

Census Mapping folder, portage tract data file, Excel data file

*The key to the mapping process is to enable ArcView to map layers of data upon one another by joining a data table with a map table. In order to accomplish this task, the GEO_ID column from the data table must be reformatted to match the STFID column from the map table. Once you are in the ArcView program, you will notice that the last eleven digits of both the GEO_ID and STFID columns are identical. The GEO_ID column contains extra numerical identifiers.

The GEO_ID column and then STFID column

STEP #2: To reformat the GEO_ID column, highlight the entire column then from the Edit menu, along the top taskbar, select the Replace option.

HIghlight: then Replace

STEP #3: The Find and Replace dialog box allows the user to change the data. You are going to delete the first seven characters (14000US) from the GEO_ID column, by replacing them with no characters.

*Note: the empty box next in the Replace with: box.

Deleting characters from the column

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