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Interlibrary Loans - Student Employment Positions

The Interlibrary Services Department is responsible for sending books and photocopies to other institutions, as well as receiving books and photocopies for Kent State University faculty and students. Students working for Interlibrary Services need to have attention to detail and need some typing and filing capabilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Retrieving books and bound periodicals
  • Locating requested articles
  • Making photocopies

Qualifications and Special Skills

  • File requests and other paperwork
  • Move carts of books to different areas of the building as directed
  • Mail the photocopies to the appropriate address on or off campus***
  • Type requests on OCLC and SAVEIT***
  • Get typed requests ready to be filed***
  • Band books going to KSU patrons***
  • Enter numbers into OCLC microenhancer***
  • Prepare materials for lending to other libraries***

*** More advanced duty