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Selection Criteria for Subject Web Resources

In preparing the Libraries' Subject Web Resources pages, librarians have used the following criteria in selecting sites. Please consult the UL Criteria for Evaluating Web Resources for more information.

1. Authority

Appropriate credentials and institutional affiliation for those responsible for the content are given.

Organizational information is provided and suggests a reputable affiliation with regard to the topic.

2. Clear statement of purpose and intended audience

Nature of the information presented is clearly indicated as to whether it is factual or opinion, primary or secondary in origin.

Any sponsorship or underwriting is fully disclosed.

3. Accuracy and quality

Facts are documented or well-researched and compare favorably with information from other print or online sources.

Web resources for which links are provided are to quality sites.

4. Currency

The content is current.

Pages are date-stamped with last update.

5. Well-designed and stable site

The site organization is logical and easy to maneuver.

Content is readable by the intended audience.

Information is generally error-free (e.g., spelling, punctuation).

There is a readily identifiable link back to the institutional or organizational home page.

The site is accessible by those with basic technological capacity (e.g., browsers and network speed).

The site is reliably accessible.

Disclaimer: Mention of a Web site does not imply endorsement by the compiler, University Libraries, or Kent State University.