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Kent State University Normal College

Kent State Normal College (now Kent State University), Post Card View, 1922

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Administrative Services Center

Date Constructed: 1964
Occupants/Use: NEOTEC - Northeast Ohio Trade and Economic Consortium, University Communications and Marketing, Network Services, Telecommunications, Mailroom, and Museum Storage

Allyn Hall

Date Constructed: 1963
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Arden Allyn, Dean of Business Administration; part of Eastway Complex

Art Annex

Date Constructed:  1916
Comments:  Formerly Terrace Drive Heating Plant

Art Building

Date Constructed: 1972
Occupants/Use: School of Art, School of Visual Communication Design
Comments: Architect: Tony Parsons.

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Beall Hall

Date Constructed: 1966
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Florence G. Beall, Professor of English, 1933-1957; part of Twin Towers Complex. Cost of Beall-McDowell Halls was $4.485 million; furnishings were $215,000. Architect: Fulton, DelaMotte, Larson, Nassau & Associates, Cleveland, OH.

Bowman Hall

Date Constructed: 1962
Occupants/Use: College of Arts & Sciences, Departments of Criminal Justice Studies, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Critical Languages, Center for Applied Conflict Management, Center for International & Comparative Programs
Comments: Named for George A. Bowman, President, 1944-1966.

Business Administration Building

Date Constructed: 1973
Occupants/Use: College of Business Administration

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Cartwright Hall

Date Constructed: 1914
Occupants/Use: University Auditorium, Research & Graduate Studies and Institute for Study &  Prevention of Violence.
Comments: Formerly Auditorium Building; Location of the Library until 1927 and of the Executive Offices until 1976; originally was to have a dome; present facade added in 1931. Renovation completed in 2002.

Centennial Research Park

Date Constructed:  1991

Comments:  Formerly Fiala Building used for Transportation Services

Ceramics Laboratory

Date Constructed: 1945
Occupants/Use: Ceramics Programs
Comments: Originally an athlete dormitory; later housed physiology research; enlarged in 1980.

Child Development Center

Date Constructed: 1991
Occupants/Use: Early childhood education training and research
Comments: Originally named for a former state representative, Paul H. Jones

Clark Hall

Date Constructed: 1963
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Raymond M. Clark, Acting President, 1943-1944.

Cunningham Hall

Date Constructed: 1968
Occupants/Use: Department of Biology, School of Biomedical Science
Comments: Named for Harry A. Cunningham, Professor of Biology, 1923-1963; 54,000 square feet. Architect: Schafer, Flynn & van Dijk. And addition of 45,000 square feet was completed in 2001.
Links: 2001 Building Addition Information

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DeWeese Health Center

Date Constructed: 1969
Occupants/Use: University Health Services & Psychological Services
Comments: Named for A.O. DeWeese, University Physician, 1924-1958. Cost $1.3 million. Architect: Scott, Kluth, Schaefer & Associates of Berea, OH.

Dix Stadium

Date Constructed: 1970
Occupants/Use: Home of Golden Flashes football and field hockey
Comments: Named for Robert Dix, Board of Trustees, 1941-1973 (Chairman for last 10 years); seats 30,520.

Dunbar Hall

Date Constructed: 1959
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Margaret Dunbar, Librarian, 1913-1943.

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Eastway Center

Date Constructed: 1963
Occupants/Use: Student Recreation, Food Services

Engleman Hall

Date Constructed: 1938
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Third dormitory on the Kent Campus; named for James O. Engleman, President, 1928-1937.

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Field House

Date Constructed: 1989
Occupants/Use: Athletics, Student Recreation

Fletcher Hall

Date Constructed: 1963
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Mona Fletcher, Professor of Political Science, 1921-1963; part of Eastway Complex.

Foundation & Development Building

Date Constructed:
Occupants/Use: KSU Foundation, University Development

Franklin Hall and Addition

Date Constructed: 1926
Occupants/Use:  Renovated 2008, the building houses the School of Journalism and Daily Kent Stater Offices.
Comments: The first University School until 1956; originally named for William A. Cluff, secretary of the Board of Trustees; renamed in 1956 after Franklin Mills, the original name of the city of Kent; housed the College of Business from 1956-1972. Architect: V.W. Surber Construction Co. of Akron. Cost: $350,000.

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Harbourt Hall

Date Constructed: 1967
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Stephen Harbourt, Professor of Biology, 1920-1940; part of Small Group I.

Date Constructed: 1967
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Amos Heer, Professor of Education, 1927-1956; part of Small Group I.

Henderson Hall

Date Constructed: 1978
Occupants/Use: School of Nursing
Comments: Named for Linnea Henderson, first Dean of the School of Nursing, 1967-1984; awarded President's Medal in 1984.


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Ice Arena

Date Constructed: 1970
Occupants/Use: Student Recreation
Comments: Houses 2 ice rinks: 1 for recreational use, 1 for hockey/figure skating.

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Kent Hall

Date Constructed: 1915
Occupants/Use: Department of Psychology
Comments: Named for William S. Kent, donor of the land for the original campus; first science building.

Kent Student Center

Date Constructed: 1972
Occupants/Use: Rathskeller, Game Room, Kiva, Hub, Bookstore, Ballroom, Cafeteria, Schwebel Garden Room, Student Multicultural Center, Flashcard Office, Student Credit Union, Office of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, Campus Life, University Dining Services, Banquet Sales, Conference Bureau, Student Center Operations, Programming and Scheduling, Music Listening Center
Comments: Architect: Richards, Bauer & Moorhead, Toledo, OH.

Koonce Hall

Date Constructed: 1968
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Judith Koonce, a KSU graduate who died at age 23 when she tried to save an 11-year-old girl from drowning. Part of Tri-Towers complex.  Architect: John Lipaj of Lipaj, Woyar, and Tomsik of Cleveland.

Korb Hall

Date Constructed: 1964
Occupants/Use: Residence Hall Administration, Student Residence
Comments: Named for Otto J. Korb, University Trustee, 1940-1962.

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Lake Hall

Date Constructed: 1961
Occupants/Use: Student Residence, Undergraduate Studies
Comments: Named for Charles H. Lake, University Trustee, 1936-1955 (or 58)

Leebrick Hall

Date Constructed: 1968
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Karl Leebrick, President, 1938-1943; part of Tri-Towers complex. Architect: see Koonce Hall

Lincoln Building

Date Constructed: 1966
Occupants/Use: Regional Campus Administration

Liquid Crystal Building

Date Constructed: 1997
Occupants/Use: Home of the Glenn H. Brown Liquid Crystal Institute
Comments: Named for the founder of the Institute, Glenn H. Brown, who was at the University from 1961-1965.
Links: The Glenn H. Brown Liquid Crystal Institute

Lowry Hall

Date Constructed: 1913
Occupants/Use: Department of Anthropology, Office of the University Architect, Facilities Planning & Operations, University Press, Faculty/Staff Assistance Programs, Institute of Research & Decision Support
Comments: Named for John H. Lowry, legislator and sponsor of the bill that created Kent State Normal School. Original name was Walden Hall. Renovation Architect: Braun & Steidl, Akron, OH.

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Maintenance Complex

Date Constructed: 1963-1986
Occupants/Use: Physical Plant Services
Comments: A cluster of seven separate buildings containing offices, shops, and supply and storage facilities.

Manchester Hall

Date Constructed: 1963
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Raymond Manchester, Dean of Men, 1926-1954; part of Eastway complex.

Mathematical Sciences Building

Date Constructed: 1993
Occupants/Use: Mathematics and Computer Science


May 4th Memorial

Date Constructed: 1990
Comments: Commemorates May 4, 1970, when Ohio National Guard killed 4 students.

McDowell Hall

Date Constructed: 1966
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for John McDowell, Trustee, 1911-1922.

McGilvrey Hall

Date Constructed: 1940
Occupants/Use: Departments of Geography and Geology, Map Library
Comments: Named for John J. McGilvrey, first President, 1911-1926. Architect: Ray DelaMotte of Carmichael Construction, Akron, OH.
Extra Photos: Building Detail, Building Construction

Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center & Annex

Date Constructed: 1950, Annex added in 1977
Occupants/Use: Exercise, Leisure, and Sport; Research and Graduate Studies; Dance; also houses some Architectural Studio and Classroom space.
Comments: Named in honor of American dead of WW2. Front facade renovated in 1992. Original Cost: $1.33 million. Originally was the Men's Physical Education Building. 1992 Renovation Architects: Braun & Steidl, Akron, OH.

Merrill Hall

Date Constructed: 1913 Occupants/Use: Department of Sociology, Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence
Comments: Named for Frank Merrill, one of the first home trustees; first building on campus; restorations done in 1931, 1969, 1994. 1994 Renovation Architect: Hasenstab & McCarthy Architects, Akron, OH.
Extra Photos: Merrill Hall Construction

Moulton Hall

Date Constructed:  1917

Rededicated in 1998, the Moulton Hall Learning Technologies Center houses the university's Educational Technology and Distance Leaning, Dean's Office for the College of Communication and Information, Faculty Professional Development Center, and Research Center for Educational Technology.  The center provides an interactive, high-performance learning environment to help faculty and students make skillful use of information technologies. 

Comments: Named for Edwin F. Moulton, first President of Board of Trustees, and was one of Kent's original residence halls.
Links: Moulton Hall 

Music and Speech Center

Date Constructed: 1960 with Later Additions
Occupants/Use: School of Music, Speech Pathology & Audiology, and Theater; Teleproductions, Performing Arts Library
Comments: Architect: Mellenbrook, Foley, and Scott, Berea, OH.

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Nixson Hall

Date Constructed: 1965
Occupants/Use: School of Family & Consumer Studies
Comments: Named for Bertha L. Nixson, Professor of Home Economics, 1915-1945. Architect: Franklin G. Scott & Associates, Berea, OH.

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Olson Hall

Date Constructed: 1961
Occupants/Use: Advising Center, Weight Room, Student Residence
Comments: Named for David Olson, Professor of Geography, 1913-1951.

Oscar Ritchie Hall

Date Constructed: 1949
Occupants/Use: Center for Pan-African Culture, Department of Pan-African Studies
Comments: Named for Oscar W. Ritchie, Professor of Sociology, 1947-1967, first African-American faculty member at a state university in Ohio; originally the Student Union (The Hub). Original cost: $900,000.

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Prentice Hall

Date Constructed: 1959
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for May H. Prentice, Director of Teacher Training, 1912-1930.

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Rockwell Hall

Date Constructed: 1928
Occupants/Use: School of Fashion Design & Merchandising, Kent State University Museum, Fashion Library
Comments: Named for David L. Rockwell, President of Board of Trustees, 1926-1929; was University Library, 1928-1970; enlarged in 1958, completely remodeled, 1986, 1990. Original plans prepared by Ronan & Ingleson Architects of Columbus. First distinctly college library that was not based on public library.

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Satterfield Hall

Date Constructed: 1967
Occupants/Use: Departments of English, Modern & Classical Languages, Ethnic Heritage Programs, Institute of Applied Linguistics
Comments: Named for Chester E. Satterfield, Professor of English, 1924-1967. Architect: George S. Voinovich

Schwartz Center

Date Constructed: 1956
Occupants/Use: Admissions, Bursar, Academic Assessment and Evaluation, Academic Testing Services, Career Services, College of Continuing Studies, Developmental Services, Financial Accounting Services and Systems, Financial Aid, Grants Accounting, Payroll, Parking Services, Registrar, Student Affairs, Upward Bound, Academic Success Center, Adult Services, Business Information Support Services, Comptrollers Office, Students Disability Services, University Auditing, University Budget, Treasury, Tax, and Risk Management Services
Comments: Named for Michael Schwartz, President, 1982-1991; the second University School from 1956-1982; remodeled for administrative use, 1986-1988.  Formerly Michael Schwartz Center.

Science Research Building

Date Constructed: 1986
Occupants/Use: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Research

Smith Hall

Date Constructed: 1968
Occupants/Use: Department of Physics, Chemistry-Physics shop
Comments: Named for Roy Harmon Smith, Trustee, 1935-1940, prominent citizen of Kent. Architect: Tuchman & Canute, Akron, OH

Stewart Hall

Date Constructed: 1969
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Alfred W. Stewart, Professor of Education, 1927-1954; part of Small Group II.

Stockdale Building

Date Constructed: 1948
Occupants/Use: Kent State University Police Department
Comments: Named for Robert Stockdale, one-time faculty member, later state senator. Originally student health building. Original cost: $300,000

Student Center see Kent Student Center

Student Family Apartments

Date Constructed: 1962-1966
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: A cluster of 12 identical buildings. Also known as Allerton Apartments.

Student Recreation & Wellness Center

Date Constructed: 1999
Occupants/Use: Recreation Services

Summit Street Power Plant

Date Constructed: 2001
Occupants/Use: Energy Management, Powerhouse
Comments: Replaced old heating plant.

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Taylor Hall

Date Constructed: 1967
Occupants/Use: College of Arts offices, College of Architecture & Environmental Design, Joseph F. Morbito Architecture Library
Comments: Named for William Taylor, Professor of Journalism, 1936-1963. Architect: Ward & Schneider

Terrace Hall

Date Constructed: 1954
Occupants/Use: Student Residence, Aerospace Studies, ROTC/Military Science, Human Resource Services
Comments: Terrace was the converted site of wartime pre-fabricated hospital units which had been erected by the Federal Public Housing Authority. When the dorm was christened, the old name, Terrace Lodge, stuck. (Housing at Kent State University, 1967)

Tri-Towers Rotunda

Date Constructed: 1968
Occupants/Use: Food service, lounges, student recreation and services
Comments: Center of Tri-Towers complex.

Twin Towers Center

Date Constructed: 1966
Occupants/Use: Food service, lounges

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University Library

Date Constructed: 1970
Occupants/Use: Library collections and services, School of Library & Information Science, Computer Services, Audio-Visual Services, Archives, University Executive Offices
Comments: Original cost: $9 million. Architect: Stickle International.

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VanCampen Hall

Date Constructed: 1967
Occupants/Use: Honors College, Student Residence
Comments: Named for Marion VanCampen, Professor of Education, 1946-1961.

VanDeusen Hall

Date Constructed: 1951
Occupants/Use: School of Technology
Comments: Named for Clinton S. VanDeusen, Director of Industrial Arts, 1913-1943.

Verder Hall

Date Constructed: 1956
Occupants/Use: Student Residence
Comments: Named for Blanche A. Verder, Dean of Women, 1922-1942.

Victory Bell

Date Constructed: 1950
Comments: Installed in a structure designed by architecture student Arvid Johnson. Bell was donated by Erie Railroad.

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White Hall

Date Constructed: 1966
Occupants/Use: College of Education
Comments: Named for Robert I. White, President, 1963-1971. 131,651 square feet. Original cost: $2.6 million. Architect: Stickle & Associates, Cleveland, OH.

Williams Hall

Date Constructed: 1967
Occupants/Use: Department of Chemistry, Chemistry/Physics Library
Comments: Named for John R. Williams, Trustee. Architect: Dalton & Dalton Associates.

Williamson Alumni Center

Date Constructed: 1853                                                                                          Occupants/Use: Alumni Relations

Comments: Formerly known as Curtiss House, home to numerous University presidents. A renovation in 1990-92, enlarged the space for its current occupants and was named in honor of John and Helen Williamson of Toledo, chief donors of the renovation.                                                                                

WKSU Broadcast Center

Date Constructed: 1992
Occupants/Use: WKSU-FM
Comments: Architect: Braun & Steidl Architects, Akron, OH.

Wright Hall

Date Constructed: 1968
Occupants/Use: Student Residence, Affirmative Action
Comments: Named for G. Harry Wright, Chairman of the Theater Department; part of Tri-Towers complex.

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