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Environment & Natural Resources

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Alaska Geological and Geophysical Surveys provides maps of Alaska, including tectonic maps; oil, gas, and coal resource maps; maps of mines; maps of mineral and geothermal resources; and maps of volcanoes.

Site of the Northern Alaska Environmental Center. It provides an extensive pdf atlas of renewable resource maps and data for those interested in the production of electricity and fuels from wind, geothermal, solar, and other renewable powers.

The Environmental Protection Agency hosts this site. BASINS is an environmental analysis system which incorporates GIS, national watershed data, and other tools. This site offers the latest version of the BASINS system with a tutorial, along with features such as an email listserv, related metadata, and a links page.

This site provides daily forest fire maps, graphs, and archived reports as well as forest fire research, facts, publications, and links.

Online listing of vegetation and plant distribution maps, arranged by area of the world or continent, and further subdivided by region or country. Map and GIS data may be available, depending on region.
Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps

This site contains comprehensive information about Colorado's spatial data and GIS activities. Users can search the metadata repository to locate data and services of federal, state, and local agencies. Also available is the geospatial data from the inventory of local agencies. The portal offers a map viewer which allows users to add or delete features such as counties, major cities, and water bodies for a customized view which can be saved or printed.

This web site provides links ot information about flood insurance maps. Enter the FEMA Map Room to obtain maps on disasters, tornado activity, wind zones, and hurricane tracks. Link to an online hazard map site that will help in creating a map of a given area showing the locations where floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, hail storms, and wind storms have taken place.

This site offers daily and yearly data on wildland fire activity. The National Interagency Fire Center is the main center for coordinating resources in wildland fire incidents throughout the United States. This site includes many helpful links for further information and resources.

This site uses the FireM3 system to identify fire hotspots as well as monitor daily forest fire activity in Canada.

This is a searchable database of scholarly websites related to geosciences, geography, and mining. Under the Virtual Libraries and Source Materials link, there are a wide range of reference materials of every kind. This site provides access to over 3100 records of valuable resources.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources depository for spatial data can be searched by county or category. Categories include: administrative, biologic, cadastral, demographic, geographic/soils, hydrologic, land use/cover, recreational, topographic, transportation/ infrastructure. Not all data is available for each category and county. Data is downloadable in Arc/INFO Interchange format.

"Gateway to global change data and information" is a portal made up of several government agencies who's work is related to global change data. Access to databases, programs, and policy, and email question forms.

This site provides excellent, full color NOAA bathymetric maps of all the Great Lakes.

Access maps and data pertaining to the Great Lakes. Topics include: history, biology, topography, geomorphology, cartography, and forecast. Physical data sets and maps, including excellent bathymetric maps, can be found here.
Physical data sets and maps, bathymetric maps, glfree

An interactive global map provided by "a collaborative study by the World Bank’s Environment Department, the Bank’s Development Research Group and the World Bank Institute. Their purpose is to assist our colleagues in addressing critical environmental problems at the global, national and sub-national levels." (description from site)

This web site offers digital maps of parks that are part of the National Park Service. A subtopic provides an alphabetical listing of national parks.

The National Resources Conservation Service provides free downloadable soil survey manuscripts and maps related to the United States and Caribbean Area.
Online Soil Survey Manuscripts

A comprehensive source for data and mapping of wetlands from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Static as well as interactive maps are available for viewing and data is available for download.

This site offers several links to maps pertaining to natural resources around the world.

A place for researchers to share pre-publication research, unpublished manuscripts, presentations, posters, white papers, technical papers, supplementary findings, and other scientific documents. Submissions are screened by a professional curation team for relevance and quality, but are not subjected to peer review. Biology, chemistry, medicine (except clinical trials), and earth science are covered. RSS feeds and e-mail notices of new submissions available.

Ocean World is a user-friendly, comprehensive site for students and instructors in Oceanography with educational resources for kindergarten through the graduate level. Created and maintained by Dr. Robert H. Stewart of Texas A&M University, this site provides many links to online resources for 11 categories of topics within Oceanography, Meteorology, and Ocean Engineering. The resources include those using real-time data. Users can download several textbooks written by "Dr. Bob" for free (in Web or PDF format) as well as read his other publications. The site features a "Print Friendly Page" icon for best results. There is also an "Email Dr. Bob" feature for questions not answered on the site.

Special features include a map showing the current status of the Historic Canal System and the ability to access original plat drawings of the Ohio, Erie, and Miami Canals as well as plat maps of other canals.
Plat maps of other canals

Website of the Ohio Deparment of Natural Resources; includes links to publications, recreation sites (parks) and research.

This site provides descriptions and maps of all of Ohio's state parks as well as many other places of interest in the state of Ohio.

This site provides several full-color maps pertaining to the Great Lakes drainage basin; Environment Canada site.

Part of the Department of Energy, this center houses information regarding biomass, geothermal, solar, and wind energy sources. It also has links to dynamic maps and gis data regarding renewable energy.
Data Resource Center

Science Database
This database includes more than 300 environmental geology images from a faculty collection at Oberlin College. Images can be downloaded, or printed and are accompanied by author supplied descriptions of geologic interest.

This site allows for keyword and advanced searching within international resources for geology, engineering, math, and computing. Users can access a variety of materials including articles, websites, and ejournals, as well as industry news and job announcements

"This Dynamic Planet" is an interactive version of a US Geological Survey print map which provides detailed information about volcanoes, earthquakes, impact craters, and plate tectonics. Both the front and back of the map can be viewed and printed to include tables of information on topics within Geology; to do this, just click the "printable pages" link. The map itself has zoom and pan features. Users can choose which geological features to identify on the map and print or save the results. Also, the data files used to create the map are available to download.

The website of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Government information on the environment; air, soil and water quality, research, resources and links. Hosts the Environmental Atlas.

The Remote Sensing Application Center offers advanced geospatial technology along with technical and operational support. This site includes a link to a geodata clearinghouse.

The United States Geological Survey provides printable black and white natural resource maps for every country in the world. Use the key provided to interpret the map symbols.

This is the site for the Landslide Hazard Program of the United States Geological Survey. Links to relevant documents, images, and limited news reports. This site provides valuable information about the problem of landslides as well as information about the Landslide Hazard Program. This site gives access to sites being monitored for landslides, USGS advisories, and current research.

Water quality and supply assessment from the US Geological Survey. Includes information on river basins and aquifers based on data gathered since 1991. Searchable by state, or river basin; also includes map resources