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College of Architecture and Environmental Design Collection Development Guidelines

General Department Information

The Joseph F. Morbito Architecture Library supports the College of Architecture and Environmental Design's curricular focus. The College's program focuses on a five year Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) degree with goals described below:

"The program at Kent State University (KSU) seeks to prepare graduates to enter the profession of architecture by stimulating the growth of technical knowledge and design creativity, and the refinement of design skills acquired in undergraduate programs, as well as by offering a broad exposure to professional issues and knowledge. The program has an emphasis in building design and professional practice, and offers students the opportunity of selecting elective courses in concentration areas of choice."

Areas of the College's Curricular Concentration: Areas of concentration include building technology, building preservation, architectural history and theory, and urban studies and design.

Degree's Offered: Master of Architecture (M. Arch.)

Special Programs Related to the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (UDC): "The College of Architecture and Environmental Design offers a graduate Certificate in Urban Design (CUD) as an opportunity for architecture students and graduates, as well as professionals interested in continuing education, to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in the area of Urban Design."

Special Programs Related to the Florence Italy Studies Program: The College of Architecture has operated for over thirty years a program of architectural and urban studies in Florence Italy; the Interior Design program and the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising have recently become affliates.

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Scope of Coverage

The following subject areas are collected at the research level:

  • Architectural Design
  • Urban Design
  • City and Regional Planning
  • Environmental Technology
  • Structures
  • Systems of Building Construction
  • Contracts and Planning Law
  • Building Laws
  • Copyright Issues
  • International Building Codes
  • Materials and Methods
  • Professional Office Practice

The following subject areas are collected at the advanced instructional level:

  • Architectural History
  • Architectural Criticism and Theory
  • Urban History
  • Architecture as a Profession
  • African-American Architects and Architecture
  • Women in Architecture
  • Real Estate Development
  • Cost Estimates
  • Community Planning
  • Monographs on Contemporary Architects and Firms
  • Historic Building Preservation
  • Site Planning
  • Design and Construction Details.

The following subject areas are collected at the initial study level:

  • Architectural Competions and Awards
  • Drawing and Model Building
  • Selected Building Types
  • Vernacular and Third World Architecture
  • Feminism and Architecture
  • Gender and Space
  • Land Use
  • History of Technology
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Regional Planning Reports and Zoning
  • Historic Maps of Cities (Facsimile)
  • Campus Planning
  • CAD Technology
  • Digital Technology
  • Industrial Archaeology
  • Architectural History Surveys
  • Movements in Modern Design
  • Stylistic Analysis of Architecture
  • Guides to Sites and Monuments
  • Architecture and Popular Culture
  • Architectural Photography
  • Architecture and Handicapped Access
  • Pre-fabricated Construction
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Apply the Following Parameters to the Above Scope of Coverage Areas

Primary emphasis on English language materials or those titles in English combined with other languages.

Date of Publication: Emphasis on current scholarship.

Geographical Guidelines: International developments in Architectural Design and Technology.

Society of Publishers Emphasis: Emphasis on titles published by major university presses, scholarly societies and professional organizations exemplified by the American Institute of Architects (A.I.A.), and the Urban Land Institute (U.L.I.).

Multiple Copies: Under special circumstances only.

Material Types: Journals, Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Glossaries, Code Books, Standards, Contract Documents, Monographs in Series, Folios of Drawings, Maps, Planning Reports.

Material Types

Recent Acquisitions


Research Level Collection of scholarly works in defined subject areas.

Audio Visual Materials:
Selectively acquired on request.

Theses and Dissertations:
Selective acquisition of dissertations and theses at they relate to the curricula of studies and graduate and faculty research needs.

Microform Reproductions:
Selectively acquired as they relate to the research level.


List of current serial subscriptions.

Online Services and Electronic Resources: CD ROMs and online products are collected as they relate to research needs. Access through online OhioLink include approximately 100 research databases, many relevant to architecture studies. Online full text journals are available through KentLink and OhioLink at eJournals and JSTOR (full text retrospective journals).

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Interdisciplinary Relations

Library materials related to the study of Architecture and Urban Design are found at the Kent State University Map Library (300,000 maps) and at the Main Library with significant holdings in real estate, law, business and finance. The Government Documents Federal Depository at the Main Library contains publications relevant to such research topics as HUD, Census Data, Legislation on the Handicapped, Congressional Hearings, and Historic Preservation Reports (HABS and HAER).