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Active Library Serials Database

The libraries have developed a new system that displays ACTIVE library serials in the libraries collection. Users can search for active serials by department, words in the title, subject keywords or any combination of these items.

Please note that only active subscriptions are included. Therefore, KentLINK remains the best source for comprehensive information regarding all serials; current, canceled, and ceased. In addition, "OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center" and many "JSTOR" and "SPARC" electronic titles are listed separately from academic departments.

The system is available at:

Typically, requests for new journal titles should be submitted through an academic unit's liaison librarian for consideration. The following are the Libraries' general guidelines for handling serial titles:


All print serial titles are paid from a single fund. For management purposes, serial titles are assigned to academic units. Library representatives and liaison librarians are provided with lists of titles that are assigned to their academic units. However, control of the serials fund and overall responsibility for the serials collection remains the responsibility of the Libraries.


  1. NEW FUNDS -- when new funds are added to the Libraries' materials budget for serials, academic units are asked to submit prioritized requests.

  2. CANCELLATION FOR CREDIT -- an academic unit may request that a specific current subscription be canceled in order to free funds for a new subscription. Typically, academic units are asked to identify through cancellations 125% of the cost of a new subscription in order to help cover the extremely high annual rate of serials cost increases. The Libraries have the responsibility for making final decisions regarding which titles to cancel. Within this context, the Head, Serials and Electronic Resources makes recommendations to the Assistant Dean for Technical Services. Should the Libraries decide not to cancel a title, then credit towards a new subscription will not be awarded.

  3. MOVEMENT OF BOOK FUNDS -- an academic unit may elect to move some of its library allocation into the serials fund in order to start new subscriptions. Typically, an academic unit is asked to identify from its monographic allocation 125% of the cost of a new subscription in order to help cover the extremely high annual rate of serials cost increases.

  4. For titles that may not be addressed through the above three options, the Assistant Dean for Technical Services will evaluate requests based on the following:

    1. titles that support new or emerging areas of instruction or research,
    2. new titles that support existing areas of stength,
    3. titles that support student needs as identified through specific requests, service desks interactions, or interlibrary loan requests,
    4. interdisciplinary titles that support the needs of a broad user group, or
    5. newspapers that meet the criteria of the "Newspaper Selection and Evaluation Policy (Aug. 1990)."

    Other factors such as OhioLINK holdings, copyright restrictions, reinstatement needs, and indexing will be considered in the further evaluation of these request.