David E. Stukbauer May 4, 1970 Oral History

David E. Stukbauer May 4, 1970 Oral History

David E. Stukbauer -- Tape 2:B

Recorded May 1, 1990
Transcribed by Kathleen S. Medicus

I’m Dave Stukbauer, a senior general studies major at Kent State University with concentrations in Poli-Sci and History.  I think the biggest thing that has to be remembered when considering Kent State is that it’s a culmination of blunders.  Events could have been stopped along the line a million times between Rhodes, Satrom, White, etc., and so on.  The Guard's not totally at fault, the students are not totally at fault.  Fingers—everybody is a little to be blamed—blamed at least a little bit, at least in my opinion.

Hmm… what was I going to say now? [Pause]

There’s a big controversy right now over are the names on the memorial, etc. and so on—I’m sure you’re well aware of that.  To me, though it is moralistically important to have the names on, Kent State should be remembered more so for the event—the historical significance of the event as it pertains to campus protest, antiwar movement, etc. and so on.  I use a real bad analogy—but  it’s the closest thing I can come to—it’s kind of like Gettysburg, it’s not that important who died, it’s—but most importance of the historical event.  That’s not to say I’m [a] total immoral person, yes, I feel very, very sad for Sandy, William, etc. and so on.  But, it's more—its significance lies in its being a historical event.  That’s about it.  Thank you.

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