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May 4 Subject Files

May 4 Collection -- Box 116

Finding Aid
Prepared by Nancy Birk, September 19, 1995; Updated April 2015; Revised September 2016
1 record storage box, 1 cubic foot, 12th floor

Scope and Content

This collection contains a miscellany of subject files related to the Kent State shootings, compiled by Special Collections and Archives over the years. Please note that information and sources by/about the subjects included in this collection may be found elsewhere in other sub-collections of the May 4 Collection.

Box 116
Folder -- Contents

  1. Subject File: AAUP (American Association of University Professors) - Kent Chapter
  2. Subject File: Bibliographies
  3. Subject File: Cartoons (political), Comics (Note: Most items are photocopies.)
  4. Subject File: Chronologies
  5. Subject File: Commentaries: Fuldheim, Dorothy
  6. Subject File: Flyers (various groups), 1969
  7. Subject File: Flyers (various groups), 1970
  8. Subject File: Flyers (various groups), 1971-1979
  9. Subject File: Flyers (various groups), undated or year unknown
  10. Subject File: Funds, Endowments
  11. Subject File: Gallup Poll conducted for Newsweek (regarding who was responsible for Kent State shootings), May 25, 1970
  12. Subject File: Historical Markers
  13. Subject File: The Kent Four (sculpture) by Alastair Granville-Jackson
  14. Subject File: Kent State University in Exile at Oberlin
  15. Subject File: Kent 25
  16. Subject File: Krause, Arthur (obituary)
  17. Subject File: Mandel, Fred (obituary)
  18. Subject File: Maps, Diagrams
  19. Subject File: Marshals, Monitors (third party service)
  20. Subject File: Massacre of the Innocents at Kent State (painting) by John Gladstone
  21. Subject File: Mechanic, Howard
  22. Subject File: Norman, Terry, compiled by Joseph M. Sima
  23. Subject File: Postal Ephemera
  24. Subject File: Press Conference: Canterbury, Robert, transcript, May 6, 1970
  25. Subject File: Press Conference: White, Robert I., transcript, May 6, 1970
  26. Subject File: Prizes, Scholarships
  27. Subject File: Psycho House (supposed inspiration for house in Psycho book and film)
  28. Subject File: Resolutions, Official Statements
  29. Subject File: Sermons
  30. Subject File: Speeches: "A Report to Kent State," by Gary Orfield, October 6, 1970
  31. Subject File: Strubbe Tape, 2012
  32. Subject File: Surveys: Faculty Forum event, 1990
  33. Subject File: Surveys: The Impact of May 4, 1970 (excerpted from Kent State University Cultural Self-Study), 1998 
  34. Subject File: Think Week 1970, late April 1970
  35. Subject File: Weathermen, The
  36. Subject File: Yale University Archives (Peter Davies, et al. decision to place May 4-related papers at Yale University)
  37. Subject File: Yippies (Youth International Party)