Kent State University, Artifacts, 1917-1991


Prepared by Cara Gilgenbach, February 1, 2002; Updated December 2015
4 record storage boxes + 6 flat oversize boxes, 7 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection contains miscellaneous Kent State University artifacts. Many items are undated. Items will be added to this collection on an ongoing basis. Sports artifacts are inventoried separately.

Box 1: Commemorative Plates


  1. Plate: "Administration Building" Semi-Centennial edition 1960. (Donated by Sue Lane; plate belonged to Allurta Adolph)
  2. Plate: "Administration Building" Brown image on white field. Undated 
  3. Plate: "Administration Building" Black image on white field. Undated 
  4. Plate: "Kent State University Twin Bands" Blue image on white field. Undated 
  5. Plate: "KSNS." (Kent State Normal School). Dining room plate? Undated 
  6. Plate: "Official Kent State University Plate." Sterling silver commemorative plate issued by The Franklin Mint. 1974. (Donated by Frances Houser)

Box 2: Miscellaneous Artifacts


  1. T-Shirt: "Impeach Carol Cartwright" 
  2. T-Shirt: New Student Orientation 
  3. Embroidered KSU Badges (3) 
  4. Official Seal old design embosser Undated 
  5. Official Seal stamp Undated 
  6. Silver Bowl, "Campus Day," 1965; see accompanying letter in folder
  7. Brass Commemorative Seal/Paperweight, "Cunningham Hall, 1968, Kent State University"

Box 3: Miscellaneous Artifacts


  1. Mug: "Supporter of the Lithuanian Program." Undated
  2. Golden Flash Head Band foam rubber. Undated 
  3. Kent State University Megaphone. Undated
  4. Kent Normal College Pin, 1917 (Owned by Rilla Miriam Beck Sowers; donated by Ruth Sharec) 
  5. Kent State Pin, 1924 
  6. Cardinal Key Bracelet, Undated 
  7. Nameplate: "William Stewart Kent whose generous gift of land made possible this location of the Kent State Normal College and in honor of whom this College was named." Undated 
  8. Ticket: "Kent State College Student Activities Ticket," 1934-35
  9. Keychain: "Be Wise; Continue Your Education at Kent State U. or Your Local Branch." Undated 
  10. Keychain: DuBois Bookstore. Undated 
  11. Magnet: Kent State University. Undated 
  12. Buttons/Pins miscellaneous buttons and pins related to Kent State and Kent State Organizations

Box 4: Miscellaneous Artifacts


  1. Official KSU Colors fabric swatches; velvet, 1925 (See folder for documentation)
  2. Pen Nibs used to sign House Bils No. 324 and 325 relative to changing the name of Kent State Normal College and adding courses and schools to the institution, Undated (Also includes accompanying documentation)
  3. "Dink" beanie hat, Undated 
  4. "Dink" beanie hat, Undated 
  5. "Dink" beanie hat, 1946 

Box 5: Flat Oversize: Academic Regalia


  1. Dean Arden Allyn's Hood and Cap, Undated
  2. Dr. Mona Fletcher's Hood and Tassle, Undated
  3. Dr. Raleigh M. Drake's Hood and Beret, Undated

Box 6: Flat Oversize: Pennants


  1. Pennant: "Kent State Normal School, Kent, O." pre-1915?
  2. Pennant: "KSNC Kent," circa 1917? (Donated by Ruth Sharec)
  3. Pennant: "Kent State Normal," Undated
  4. Pennant: "KSN: Kent," Undated
  5. Pennant: "KSN: Kent," Undated
  6. Pennant, Undated
  7. Pennant, Undated
  8. Pennant, 1938 (Donated by Marcia and Walter Holmes)

Box 7: Flat Oversize: Flags


  1. Flag: Kent State Normal School, Undated
  2. Flag: blue and gold colors, Undated

Box 8: Flat Oversize: NASA Commemoratives


  1. NASA Commemorative: Presented to Kent State University framed photos and artifacts from the orbiter Discovery, April 28-May 6, 1991
  2. NASA Commemorative: Presented to Kent State University framed photos and artifacts from the orbiter Discovery, April 28-May 6, 1991

Box 9: Miscellaneous Oversize


  1. Building Plaque: Student Union, 1949
  2. Ombudsman for Students sign, Undated

Box 10: Flat Oversize


  1. Dr. DeWeese's office sign (glass), Undated (CAUTION: Handle with care)