Judy DuShane papers, 1971-1982


Prepared by Kim Sebaly, March 2, 1995
3 record storage boxes, 3 cubic feet, 11th floor

Biographical Note

Judy DuShane is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. She attended Lourdes Academy (1952-56); Ursuline College (1956-59), majoring in biology, with chemistry and education minors. She finished her undergraduate degree and graduated cum laude from Ohio Northern University in 1968 while teaching at Woodard High School. Ms. DuShane enrolled in the Master's program in Biology at B.G.S.U. She received an N.S.F. grant for a workshop in Field Biology & Ecology at Sonoma State College (CA) during the summer of 1971. She changed majors and graduated with an M.A. in Popular Culture from Bowling Green in 1973. Her thesis topic was "New Insights for Spaceship Earth". She enrolled in the PhD program in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Toledo. She served as a Research Associate with the Environmental Studies Center at B.G.S.U. From 1973-1994, DuShane served as an Educational Consultant in the Lucas County Office of Education and Curriculum Coordinator for the Lorain Public Schools.

For over a decade Ms. DuShane worked closely with other educators in the State of Ohio to develop practical approaches to environmental education for schools and where time permitted through different community groups. At Bowling Green she worked with Dr. Bill Jackson of the Environmental Studies Center where she started "Ecocenters: A Newsletter for Educators", helped design course in the university's environmental studies program and wrote grant proposals. Throughout her employment at Bowling Green, Ms. DuShane worked closely with Dr. John Hug, Consultant for Environmental Education in Ohio's State Department of Education. In addition to several journal publications with Dr. John Hug, she helped establish the Cooperative Environmental Education Center, an outreach program for Northwest Ohio's area schools.

She was one of 12 Ohio educators, mainly from NW Ohio, who maintained a dialogue (1974-84) about the future of environmental education in the State. She was active in several organizations, e.g. National Association for Environmental Education and the Ohio Association for the Environment and she occasionally wrote articles for national and regional journals. Ms. DuShane is currently Curriculum Coordinator for the Branch Intermediate School District, Coldwater, MI (1994- ).

These papers were donated by Judy DuShane on 2 November 1994. She has donated all literary rights to Kent State University Department of Special Collections & Archives.

Box 1

Folder -- Contents

  1. Judy DuShane: Life/Work, Autobiographical Narrative
  2. Judy DuShane: Master's Thesis: "New Insights for Spaceship Earth" Popular Culture and Environmental Education: Dec. 1973
  3. Judy DuShane: Master's Thesis, copy 2
  4. Clifford E. Knapp, Judy DuShane: "Clarifying Values for a Better Environment", Summer 1974
  5. Environmental Leadership Series, "Environmental Communications: An Overview," syllabus 1974[?]
  6. Judy DuShane: Environmental Education: Papers, Reports, Proposals, 1976-
  7. Judy DuShane: Papers on "New Perceptions of Education," (incl. co-authored works with John Hug): 1976-79
  8. "Whole Earth Education," Environmental Education, Occasional Papers 1(1978), 4(1979)
  9. "Environmental Education," Occasional Papers 1,3,4,6: 1978-81
  10. "Nifty Northwood Notables," 1977-82 [Network: educators concerned about environmental education including John Hug & Judy DuShane.
  11. Judy DuShane, John Hug: "Education in the Future: A New Perception," Sept. 1979
  12. John Hug, Judy DuShane: "Whole Earth Education," Workshop Papers: Sept. 1979
  13. Judy DuShane, John Hug & Friends, "Whole Earth Education," Oct. 1979
  14. Judy DuShane, Correspondence & Articles for Publication on the future of education: 1980
  15. Interdisciplinary Environmental Education, John Hug Outline, etc.

Box 2

Folder -- Contents

  1. Industrial Pollution Control: Course, Bowling Green State U.: 1971
  2. Environmental Education Program, Bowling Green State U.: 1974
  3. "Games" (Judy DuShane)
  4. Environmental Leadership Mini Course: Values Clarification, the Environment: 1974[?]
  5. Environmental Leadership Mini Course: Bowling Green State U.: Jan-Feb. 1974 (brochure)
  6. Judy DuShane, "Ecology" notes: [n.d.]
  7. Environmental Education Workshop, N.W. Ohio: March 8-9, 1973
  8. Judy DuShane, "Alternatives for Energy Education, Options for Teacher Workshops,": 1975
  9. Judy DuShane, Environmental Education, (including syllabi): 1974-76
  10. Judy DuShane, Misc. Workshop Materials
  11. "Spaceship Earth Seminar" (course proposal), Bowling Green State U. Environmental Ed. Packet, Winter 1974
  12. Judy DuShane, "Tackling Environmental Problems," Activities: [n.d.]
  13. Environmental Communication: An Overview: 1974[?]
  14. Environmental Education Program Proposal, Bowling Green State U.: May 1974
  15. Environmental Education, Spring Quarter, Bowling Green State U. 1975: Syllabus & Materials by Judy DuShane
  16. Environmental Education Program, Bowling Green State U.: 1974-76
  17. Cooperative Environmental Education Center, Bowling Green State U., Final Report: July 1976
  18. Environmental Studies Center, Bowling Green State U., Miscellaneous: 1976-
  19. "Ecocenters", Newsletter, v.1, n.2: 1973[?]
  20. "Ecocenters", Newsletter, Environmental Studies Center, B.G.S.U., v.1: 1973-74 (no. 2 missing)
  21. "Ecocenters", Newsletter, Environmental Studies Center, B.G.S.U., v.2: 1974-75
  22. "Ecocenters", Newsletter, Environmental Studies Center, B.G.S.U., v.3: 1975-76
  23. "Ecocenters", Newsletter, Environmental Studies Center, B.G.S.U., v.4: 1976-77
  24. "Ecocenters", Newsletter, Environmental Studies Center, B.G.S.U., v.5: 1977-78 (2 issues, publication ceases)
  25. Environmental Studies Center, B.G.S.U. Collections of Resources
  26. Environmental Studies Center, B.G.S.U. A Collection of Resources
  27. Environmental Studies Center, B.G.S.U. Miscellaneous materials
  28. Judy DuShane, Rita King, Lynn Lyle, "Time Management for Teachers, Guidelines for a Working Series,": 1979
  29. "A Proposal for Coordinated Environmental Studies Program at B.G.S.U.": May 1980
  30. "ENVS 301: Environmental Problems," B.G.S.U., Fall semester 1980
  31. Ohio Sea Grant Education Program: Judy DuShane: Spring-Fall 1981
  32. Ohio Sea Grant Education Program: Judy DuShane, Workshops: Spring-Fall 1981
  33. "Environmental Investigations," [n.d.]
  34. Conflict Resolution
  35. "Colonization of Acquarius"
  36. Air Pollution (Judy DuShane)
  37. Coping with Stress
  38. "Discovering your Environment" Lesson Plan
  39. N.W. Ohio Alliance for Energy Education: 1979-80
  40. Environmental Education, Concepts, Lesson Plans, Suggestions, 1970s
  41. Judy DuShane, Correspondence, Noel McInnis and McInnis Writings
  42. Environmental Education, Lucas County, 1981-82[?]
  43. Environmental Education, Overview, Ohio, Literature Review
  44. "Test Your Environmental I.Q."
  45. Naturalist and Outdoor Educators Symposium": October 18-20, 1980
  46. Global Education, Workshop Materials, Ohio State University, 1981-82, Ohio Middle Schools Conf., 1982
  47. The Ohio Alliance for Environmental Education, Newsletter, 1982, brochures, correspondence
  48. The Community Stream: An Investigation of Water Quality, Activities: 1980[?]
  49. The Forest and Old Field Environment, Activities, 1980[?]
  50. Laurence Thomas, "Sexism & Racism: Some Conceptual Dilemmas," 1981
  51. Soils and Land Use Planning Activities

Box 3

Folder -- Contents

  1. Environmental Education Resources Guide, Toledo P.S.: 1971
  2. Ohio Dept. Ed., Environmental Learning Experiences for Kg. through Second Grade: 1973 (Prepared by Willoughby-East Lake City Schools)
  3. National Center for Community Education, "Save Energy, Save Money": 1974
  4. "The Ecophile," A Newsletter for Environmental Studies Majors, B.G.S.U.: Feb. 1977
  5. Title III Extended Classroom Experiences, "Teacher Activity Guide": 1974
  6. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "Solid Waste Mgt.": 1974
  7. Dorothy Cox, Farmington (MI) Public Schools: Environmental Ed. Materials: 1975
  8. Judy DuShane, Lucas County Schools, "Values Clarification, An Introduction": 1977[?]
  9. Marine Education, Articles: 1977[?]
  10. Futures Education, Misc. Materials: 1970
  11. Environmental Education, Futures, Newsletter, Misc.: 1976-85
  12. "Futures" Miscellaneous Materials, 1974-83
  13. World Future Society, Maumee Valley Chapter Meetings, 1979-80
  14. Life Boat Ethics, Triage, Garrett Handon Articles: 1974-75
  15. Wes Jackson, "Toward an Ecological Ethic": 1976
  16. Environmental Education: Theory, Process Models: c. 1975
  17. Environmental Groups, Misc.
  18. Center for War/Peace Studies, Environmental Ed., Interdependence: A Concept Approach: Feb. 1976
  19. Project Learning Tree, Activity Guide: 1977
  20. Michigan Sea Grant, Misc. Midwest Materials: c. 1977
  21. Zero Population Growth, Inc., "Population Education Resources," Teacher Packet
  22. U.S. Bicentennial Project, "Energy History of the U.S.A." Wall Chart
  23. Michigan Environmental Education Assoc., 1977-78
  24. Michigan Association for Affective Education (Harold Stonehouse, Geology, Michigan S.T. Fall 1976, articles)
  25. Energy Pamphlets
  26. Environmental Impact, Procedures for Evaluating
  27. "Interdependence," Misc. Curriculum Guides
  28. National Assoc. for Environmental Education, Misc.: 1978-83
  29. Environmental Education in Urban Areas
  30. Global Geography
  31. Toxic Wastes, workshop outline
  32. Values Clarification: Articles, workshop materials
  33. American Geological Institute: "Environmental Studies," Environmental Studies for Urban Youth
  34. Ohio Dept. Natural Resources, Conservation Articles
  35. U.S. Dept. Energy, "Energy, Environment and Education," Curriculum Materials: 1977
  36. U.S. Dept. Energy, "Energy, Environment and Education," Curriculum Materials: 1977-79
  37. U.S. Dept. Energy, "Energy, Environment and Education," Curriculum Materials: 1977-78
  38. U.S. Dept. Energy, "Energy, Environment and Education," Curriculum Materials: Nov. 1978
  39. Opening Education for Churches & Youth, "Peace Education": Spring 1979
  40. Maine Reach Program
  41. "From Earth to Your Table," Economics of Food, Activity Master Program
  42. "A Gift Garden of Fantasies" [Humanities Ed. Materials]
  43. "Oceanography" [Ohio Sea Grant]
  44. Environmental Education, Misc. Newsletters, Materials, Units
  45. Sea World, Misc.