John Clellon Holmes papers, 1959-1968

Finding Aid

Nelson Algren to John Clellon Holmes

  1. 1959, September 20: #955, Plaza, New York, New York
    [typed and signed; 8x5½ postcard of Times Square]
  2. 1960, January 20: Chicago
    [typed; 2 8½x11 pages]
  3. 1960, February 2: [abroad]
  4. [1960] March 14: Paris, France
    [signed "The Arm;" postcard]
  5. 1960, March 23: Paris, France
    [signed "ARM;"postcard]
  6. 1960, April 15: Paris, France
    [signed "Arm;" postcard]
  7. 1960, May 3: [Mallorca, Spain]
    [signed "Arm;" postcard]
  8. [1960] May 10: Barcelona, Spain
    Gives address of Carlos Bannal in Barcelona for Holmes to send a copy of The Horn.[handwritten; 3¾x9¼ postcard of The Port of Barcelona]
  9. [1960] May 30: [Madrid, Spain]
    [signed "ARM;" postcard]
  10. 1960, June 27: Paris, France
    [signed "ARM" postcard]
  11. [1960?], July 26: Istambul
  12. 1960, July 30: Athens, Greece
  13. 1960, August 4: [Greece?]
  14. [1960?], August 24: Paris
  15. 1960, December 12: Chicago
  16. [1959 or 1960?]: Chicago
  17. 1961, April 17: Spokane, Washington
  18. 1961, October 26: Ann Arbor
  19. 1961, December 18:
  20. 1962, January, 6
  21. 1962, June 30
  22. 1962, July 3
  23. 1962, August 29: Calcutta
  24. 1962, September 5: Calcutta
  25. [1962?], September 6
  26. 1962, September 12: Singapore
  27. 1962, September 26: Chicago
  28. [1962?]
  29. [1962?], December
  30. [1963?, March 25
  31. 1963, June 27
  32. 1963, August 8: New York
  33. 1964, December
  34. [1964?], July 29: Chicago
  35. [1965?], January 19
  36. 1966, December 13
  37. 1968, March 19: Chicago
  38. 1968, August 11: Chicago
  39. [no year], June 12
  40. [no year], July 6
  41. [no year][before September 20]
  42. [no year], October 7
  43. [no year], December 19
  44. [no date], Wednesday

Allen Ginsberg to John Clellon Holmes

  • 1949, late May: 324 Hamliton Ave., Patterson, NJ.
    Ginsberg writes that he received a letter from Jack [Kerouac] from Denver. Asks Holmes to send a poem to Partisan Review with "some kind of note to Delmore S." There is a list of books written in pencil on the back of the letter. [signed "Allen," with the initials "A.G." after the postscript; 20.3 x 26.5 cm, letter]
  • [1949, March - publishing date]: 1401 York Ave, New York, NY.
    Portion of "Stanzas: Written at Night in Radio City" [photocopy; unsigned]
  • 1949, June 16: [no address; Ginsberg in Patterson, New Jersey.]
    Thanks John Clellon Holmes for investigating Partisan [Review]. Describes working on editing a manuscript with 50 poems left: "I will give the book to as many people who will read it and suggest improvements. I feel (this is a most urgent spectre in my poetic process) that the book is value-less, without positive content, and cannot escape that final conclusion despite to the fact that I continue to work on it." Speaks of correspondence with Jack [Kerouac]. Provides a philosophical discourse on the psychology of self and others and their relation to writing and symbolism. Ends with a portion of a poem entitled later named: "An Eastern Ballad." [Note: some of the lines were later published, others cut, while still others were included in an unpublished recitation by Ginsberg on the John Clellon Holmes Recordings (KSU)][signed "Allen;" 6 11 x 8 1/2 physical pages; 11 numbered pages, handwritten and typed (mixed)]
  • 1949, July 1: 722 W. 168 St., Psychiatric Clinic, 6 North, New York City, NY.
    Reply to JCR with new address. Short message about health. [signed "Allen;" post card; 5 1/2 x 3 1/4]
  • 1949, mid-July: [722 W. 168 St., Psychiatric Clinic, 6 North, New York City, New York]
    More philosophical discourse on "feelings;" refers to Gertrude Stain and the philosophies of Kierkegard and Aristotle in conjunction with personal views. Mentions Louis Simpson and Walter Adams [friends?]. Ends with a poem that he calls "a joke," entitled "Sursum Corda." [signed "Allen;&qout; 7 8x10½ pages, typed and handwritten]
  • 1950, December 13:Patterson, N[ew] J[ersey].
    Back from visit with Neal and Diana and baby Curtis Neal Cassidy. Speaks of a new series of poems created while studying Wms. [Williams] & Pound and includes his own poems: &qout;Long Live th[e] Spider" and "A Monologue" [unfinished]; also contains unnamed poem [later entitled "Ode: My 24th Year"]. Relates story about Lucien [Carr]. Continues with religious discourse, mentioning Garry Davis. Also includes a comment from [Carl?] Solomon. [typed signature "allen/ginsb/erg./m/ay/y/ou/r/tr/i/be/i/nc/r/ea/s/e." 4 8½x11 physical pages; 8 numbered pages, typed]
  • 1951, Aug[ust] 28: [Paracutin?][Mexico].
    Begining of a trip through Mexico to the Pacific Coast, including a week in Mexico City. There with Lu, Joan Burroughs, 2 children, and Glenn [?]. Lost visa, so will be longer in Mexico than September 5 [1951]. [handwritten and signed "Allen;" 3½x5½ postcard]
  • 1952, February 29: 346 W. 15 Street, N.Y.C. TO 135 E. 35 St. New York City
    Brief message about place of residence and request for contact. [handwritten and signed "Allen;" 3¼x5½ postcard]
  • 1952, October [?]: 206 East 6 Street, New York City, Apartment 16
    Message about new apartment and request for contact. [typed; 3¼x5½ postcard]
  • 1952, December 24: [no address]
    Christmas greetings and inquiry of New Year's plans. [typed and handwritten; 5x8 yellow paper with design: Cranes and Water Grasses, Japanese Stencil, XIX Century (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)]
  • 1954, June 9: [sent from Mexico][address written at the head: 1047 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose, Calif(ornia)]
    Ginsberg states that he would be at Neal's [Cassidy] in two weeks and that he had read Homes' The Horn. [handwritten; 3½x5½ postcard of the Business District of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico]
  • 1955, April 29: [address on paper: 1010 Montgomery St., San Francisco]
    Scrap of paper with remnant of poem: "Allen Ginsberg's Very latest Poem." [typed; date handwritten]
  • 1955, Aug[ust] 30
    Photocopy of Ginsberg's Howl with notations made by Jack Kerouac. Original was sent back to Allen Ginsberg. [Note: see John Clellon Holmes, Letter Collection, Folder 73: memo from Matthew Jennett of Pharos Books to Alex Gildsen, former curator of Kent State University Special Collections and Archives.][6 8½x11 pages]
  • 1956, September 29: Ruxroth Eberhart Zukofsky [Allen Ginsberg?][address: ARK II Moby I, 707 Scott St. S.F. 17]
    CELEBRATED westcoast goodtime poetry magazine
    Spontaneous natural prosody which will be
    considered chic in ten years.
    22 - poets - 22
    And a few members of the Ancient Zoo...
    Order now! 75¢ the copy" [advertisement or absurdity?][typed; author unclear, similar to January 4, 1957 postcard; 3¼x5½ postcard]
  • 1956, October 12: 1624 Milvia St. Berkely, Cal[ifornia]
    Writes about fellow contemporaries: Philip Whalen; Gary Snyder and his translations of Han Shan; Gregory Corso and Randall Jarrell; Jack Kerouac; Peter Orlovsky; Alan Anson; [William] Burroughs; [Aldous] Huxley; and [Carl?] Solomon. Ginsberg speaks of the death of his mother and their last correspondence. [typed, some handwriting; 1 8x10½ page]
  • 1957, January 4: A[llen] G[insberg] & J[ack] K[erouac] [postmark: Rutherford, New Jersey]
    Tells Holmes that they will be there on Friday night. [handwritten; signed "Allen and others; 3¼x5½ postcard]
  • 1957, December 22: Allen Ginsberg 9 Rue Git-le-coeur [?], Chambre[zs], Paris 6, France to John [Clellon] Holmes, American Express, 11 Rue Seribe [?], Paris, France.
    Invitation to spend Christmas eve with Gregory [Corso], Peter [Orlovsky], and him [Ginsberg]. Includes postscript from Peter [Orlovsky]. [handwritten; 4x5½ postcard]
  • [1957-8?] February 28: [in letter: 11 Rue Schoelker, Paris (France)]
    Apologizes for "aborted" evening. Brief note on Jay [?] and Fran [?], as well as the absence of Max Geismar. [typed; 1 8x9½ airmail stationary]
  • 1959, March 15: 170 E 2 St, NYC9
    Notes on work that needs to be done and letters that remain unanswered. [handwritten; 3¼x5½ postcard]
  • 1959, August 14: A[llen] Ginsberg 170 E 2 Street NYC
    Back from three month trip including Grand Canyon and South Dakota Badlands. States the he has not seen "our movie yet tho[ugh]." [typed and signed; 3¼x5½ postcard]
  • 1962, March 16: Bombay, India
    Briefly relates travel experiences. [note: see letter dated April 30, 1962 for more indepth information][handwritten; Greek 4¼x5¾ postcard, postage from India]
  • 1962, April 30: American Express, Bombay, India
    Describes world travelling experiences focussing on Greece, Turkey, Israel, India and Tibet. [typewritten; 8x10½ air mail letter]
  • 1966, March 6: 408 E. 10 St. NYC
    Brief note after return from year's absense. [handwritten; 3½x5½ postcard]
  • [ND]
    Note to Holmes about searching for employment. Also enclosed with note, "the stanzas of Tom & Maud." [see folder 61][handwritten; 1 8x10½ lined page]
  • [ND]
    "the stanzas of Tom & Maud" [as noted in attached memo; see folder 60][typed manuscript; pages 3, 4, and 5; 3 8½x13 pages]

Unidentified postcard and miscellaneous papers

  • [1953+], October 1: Gary Indiana
    [typed signature: Antonio Moreno [Nelson Algren?]; 4¼x5¾ postcard]
  • [postcard]
  • Unidentified manuscript
  • Memo from Matthew Jennett of Pharos Books to Alex Gildsen, former curator of Kent State University Special Collections and Archives