Jerrald Ranta-Michael Horovitz Collection, 1968-1973


Prepared by Kyler Andrew Culver, October 20, 2003
1 document case, .33 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Content

Jerrald Ranta, a former professor of English at the University of Wyoming and Kent State University alumnus, donated this collection of ephemera and publications related to 20th-century poet Michael Horovitz. Ranta corresponded with Frankfurt-born British emigré Michael Horovitz (1935- ), whose magazine New Departures and traveling performance-like poetry readings were well known among the literati of the counterculture movement of the late 1960's and early 1970's. This collection contains numerous photocopies of poems and of articles by and about Micahel Horovitz, as well as some small-press literary magazines and advertising ephemera, and two letters from Horovitz to Ranta.

Box 1

Folder -- Contents
  1. Poems, "Blank O'Clock Blues"; "Indigestible Trip Wire"; "Country Life"
  2. Poems, "New York"; "Animal (Soup of Time)"
  3. Poems, "Ladbroke Grove Bank Holiday Carnival Poem"; with information on New Departures
  4. Poems, "Glimpse"; "Autumn (in Vietnam as any place)"
  5. Poems, "Primavera"; "Summer"
  6. Poems, "Listening to St. Matthew Passion"; "Highland Rhapsody"
  7. Poems, "In Paris"; "Amsterdam"
  8. Poems, "Hours ago/day broke..."; "The most beautiful girl/in the world is an abstraction..."
  9. Poems, "Ballade of the Nockturnal Commune"
  10. Poems, "Theology"
  11. Poems, Street Scenes--A Series of Five Poems: "New York"; "In Paris"; "Art is"; "Vaguely Catholic Event"; "Evening (Hubris & Fall)"
  12. Poems, "Glimpse"; "Autumn (in Vietnam as any place)"; "Summer"
  13. Poems, "Ladbroke Grove Bank Holiday Carnival Poem"
  14. Poems, "Amsterdam"; "Soho awakening"
  15. Poems, "Song"
  16. Articles, "Poet Horovitz gives reading of love poems" Mass Media/Los Angeles Loyolan October 18, 1971; "Horovitz: Good vibes and jollies" by Leonard Chernilla [no date]
  17. Articles, "Horovitz Lyrical Portrayer of Social Flaws" by Cynthia Nadreau Mass Media [no date]; "Horovitz Delights Audience With Fascination of Sound" Trinity Times November 17, 1971
  18. Credits of Lyn Lifshin
  19. Articles, "Blake and the Voice of the Bard in our times" by M. Horovitz Books no. 10, Winter 1972 (National Book League).
  20. Articles, "The Need for the Non-literary" Times Literary Supplement December 29, 1972
  21. Articles, "The Michael Horovitz Story--As Told by his Peers"
  22. Advertisement, The Wolverhampton Wanderer [book jacket]
  23. Advertisement, The Wolverhampton Wanderer [poster]
  24. Advertisement, New Departures and The Wolverhapmton Wanderer
  25. Advertisement, Love Poems and Children of Albion
  26. Advertisement, Love Poems [book jacket]
  27. Advertisement, Love Poems [New Departures no. 9]
  28. Advertisement, poetry reading at St. Adrian's Co., New York City
  29. Advertisement, "Ed Dorn Reading" Toronto [poster] - (shelved in 11th floor map case.)
  30. Letter, M. Horovitz to J. Ranta, December 9, 1972
  31. Letter, M. Horovitz to J. Ranta, October 10, 1973
  32. Newsletter, Scree South Slocan, B.C., February 1972, June 1972
  33. Newsletter, "Basically an open letter to everyone & anyone..." Cleveland, no date
  34. Newsletter, "Free Distribution Company" San Francisco, [no date]
  35. Newsletter, Sun Ann Arbor August 7, 1968, August 8, 1968, [several no date];
  36. Newsletter, Earth Rose [no date]
  37. Newsletter, Us Special Convention (Movement for a Democratic Society) vol. 1 no. 3, East Cleveland, August 13, 1968
  38. Miscellaneous: two envelopes and "Poetic happening" party games [by Horovitz?]