Ira Joel Haber, Papers, 1970-1981


Prepared by Maggie Castellani, February 15,1994; revised by Shelley Morris, June 29, 2004
3 record storage boxes, 3 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Content

New York artist Ira Joel Haber, donated these materials to the Kent State University Department of Special Collections in May, 1992. The materials in this collection, dating from 1970-1981, concentrate on Haber's artistic endeavors during this time. This collection includes information on his exhibits, correspondence, calendars, reviews, scrapbooks, autograph books, and other miscellaneous papers.

Box 1

Folder -- Contents

  1. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: Art in the Mind, Allen memorial Art museum, Oberlin College Information, MOMA, New York City, 3,549,000, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1970-1971
  2. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: Sculpture Annual, Whitney Museum Untitled 1, Jr. Council, MOMA, NYC Collage of Indignation, New York Cultural Center and 100 Acres, New York. , 1970-1971
  3. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: Art on Paper, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina Lenox Arts Festival, Lenox Massachusetts, 1971-1972
  4. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: Landscape, MOMA, Penthouse, New York City Whitney Museum Bicentennial, Artists Books, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Art for Collecting, Akron Art Institute, Akron, Ohio, 1972-1973
  5. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: A Response to the Environment, Rutgers University Art Gallery, New Jersey Contemporary American Drawings, Paterson Street College, New Jersey, The Microcosmic World, Roko Gallery, New York City, 1975
  6. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: 40 Years of American Collage, St. Peter's College Art Gallery, NJ and Beucker & Harpsicords, New York City Rooms, P. S. I., Institute for Art and Urban Resources, Long Island , New York Artists Sketchbooks, PCA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Auction 393, New York City, 1976
  7. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: Three Person Exhibition, Ed. Thorpe Gallery, New York City, Art in the Mall, Manawatu Art Gallery, New Zealand A Question of Scale, Visual Arts Museum, New York City, Chilean Democracy, Cayman Gallery, New York City 1976-1977
  8. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: Three Person Exhibition, New York City, 55 Mercer Street Workshop, Brooklyn, New York, 1977
  9. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: Outside the city Limits, Thorpe Intermedia Gallery, Soarkhill, New York, Tableaux Constructions, University of California , Santa Barbara, California Spaces and Places, Prince Street Gallery New York, City, 1977
  10. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: Indoors-Outdoors, P.S.I, L. I. C., Architectural Analogues, Whitney Museum Downtown, New York City 5 Person Exhibition, Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York, 1977-1978
  11. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: Indoors-Outdoors, P.S.I., L.I.C. Architectural Analogues, Whitney Museum Downtown, New York City Micro-Sculpture, Mandeville Art Gallery, University of California, San Diego Mapped Art, Nobe Gallery, New York City Imaginary Worlds, Rosa Esman Gallery, New York City Storytelling in Art, American Foundation for the Arts, Miami The New Landscape, Brown University, Providence Rhode Island , Eight Sculptors, Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York Illusions, Summit Art Center, Summit, New Jersey Poets and Painters, Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado, 1978-1979
  12. Correspondence [concerning various group exhibitions]: Contemporary Artist Series#2, Rutgers University Art Gallery, ICA Street Sights, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania Architectural Sculpture, Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, California, Ten Years of Group Shows: Tenth Season 1980-1981, Beucker & Harpsicords 1980
  13. Papers: Pam Adler Gallery, New York City
  14. Papers: Alessandra Gallery
  15. Papers: Fischbach Gallery, New York City, 1971-1972
  16. Papers: Fischbach Gallery, New York City, October 7, 1972 [guest book]
  17. Papers: Fischbach Gallery, New York City,1973-1974
  18. Papers: Fischbach Gallery, New York City, 1975-1976
  19. Papers: Retrospective, Kent State University, 1977
  20. Papers: Hundred Acres
  21. Papers: ME Thelan Gallery, Cologne Germany, 1971-1972
  22. Papers: ME Thelan Gallery, 1973-1974
  23. Papers: ME Thelan Gallery, 1975-1976
  24. Papers: Listing of Works [1969-1971]
  25. Papers: Forthcoming Shows [artwork, photographs, graphics]
  26. Papers: Forthcoming Shows [correspondence, gallery announcements, poetry'
  27. Papers: [Poetry, Art]
  28. Papers: [Art guides, newsletters]
  29. Papers: [Art option purchase agreement, contract with master Art, Inc.]
  30. Papers: [Poetry]
  31. Papers: Original Manuscripts- Excerpts from notebook, 1969-1971; 1971-1972
  32. Papers: [chronology of Andy Warhol, Index of Art Work], 1969-1973
  33. Papers: Manuscript for Film Books
  34. Papers: Manuscript for Film: Awards Book, 1940-1971
  35. Papers: Miscellaneous publications-[art work, photos]
  36. Papers: Manuscript- George

Box 2


  1. Papers: Miscellaneous [nominations]
  2. Papers: Radio City Music Hall [manuscript]
  3. Papers: Radio City Music Hall
  4. Papers: Lectures, 1974-1975
  5. Papers: Teaching [correspondence, photograph postcards]
  6. Papers: Teaching, Fordham University[correspondence, contract, workshop and exhibit information]
  7. Papers: University of North Carolina Art Department, weatherspoon Art Gallery
  8. Papers: Grant Application; Competitions[correspondence]Papers: Grant Application [folder]
  9. Papers: Resumes
  10. Papers: Peter Sager [Interviews, Letters]
  11. Papers: Copies of Review
  12. Papers: Newspaper Clippings [reviews and gallery announcements]
  13. Autograph book
  14. Autograph book
  15. Calendar: 1972
  16. Calendar: 1973-1974
  17. Calendar: 1974-1975
  18. Calendar: 1975
  19. Calendar:1976
  20. Calendar: 1977
  21. Calendar:1978
  22. Calendar: 1979
  23. Calendar: 1980
  24. Calendar: 1981
  25. Notebook: 1970-1974

Box 3


  1. Correspondence: Collectors
  2. Correspondence: Curators, Art Critics
  3. Correspondence: Magazine Editors, Poetry Editors, Art Critics, and Miscellaneous letters
  4. Correspondence: 1971-1972
  5. Correspondence: Miscellaneous
  6. Correspondence: A-B
  7. Correspondence: C-D
  8. Correspondence: E-G
  9. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], ["piecemeal letter" in a box--several letters and images], August, 1971
  10. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], 1971
  11. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], 1972
  12. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], 1973
  13. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], 1974
  14. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], 1975
  15. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], 1976
  16. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], 1977
  17. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen],1978
  18. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], 1979
  19. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], 1980
  20. Correspondence: [from Alex Gildzen], 1981
  21. Correspondence: Gheerbrant, Gilles-Edition
  22. Correspondence: Letters from artists/poets H-M
  23. Correspondence: Letters form artists /poets N-S
  24. Scrapbook [reviews, art, miscellaneous]