Helen Osterman Borowitz publications, 1970-1987

Prepared by Cara Gilgenbach, January 2008
2 document cases, .66 cubic foot, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection contains publications by Helen Osterman Borowitz including articles, reviews, essays, and exhibition guides. A list of books and exhibition catalogs by Helen Borowitz is available via KentLINK.

Statement of Arrangement

Materials are arranged by type of publication and then chronologically within each group.

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  1. "Michelangelo's Harsh Music," Art Journal. 29.3 (Spring 1970): 313-25.
  2. "Visions of Salome," Criticism. 14.1 (Winter 1972): 12-21.
  3. "Youth as Metaphor and Image in Wedeking, Kokoschka, and Schiele," Art Journal. 33.3 (Spring 1974): 219-25.
  4. "The Paint Beneath the Prose: Ford Madox Ford's Pre-Raphaelite Ancestry," Modern Fiction Studies. 21.4 (Winter 1975/76): 483-98.
  5. "Balzac's Sarrasine: The Sculptor as Narcissus," Nineteenth-Century French Studies. 5.3/4 (Spring-Summer 1977): 171-85.
  6. "King Lear in the Art of Ford Madox Brown," Victorian Studies. 21.3 (Spring 1978): 309-34.
  7. "The Scalpel and the Brush," Case Western Reserve Medical Alumni Bulletin. 62.1 (1978): 4-8.
  8. "Making Rounds at the Cleveland Museum of Art," The Bulletin of The Cleveland Medical Library. 24.3 (July 1978): 53-67.
  9. "Two Nineteenth-Century Muse Portraits," The Cleveland Museum of Art Bulletin. (September 1979): 246-67.
  10. "Critique and Canard: Henri de Latouche at the Salon of 1817," Gazette des Beaux-Arts. (September 1980): 63-74.
  11. "The Man Who Wrote to David: Henri de Latouche at the Salon of 1819," The Cleveland Museum of Art Bulletin. (October 1980): 256-74.
  12. "Balzac's Unknown Masters," Romanic Review. 52.4 (November 1981): 425-41.
  13. "The Case of the Plaster Narcissus" (with Albert Borowitz), The Gamut. no. 4 (Fall 1981): 21-28. [photocopy]
  14. "The Watteau and Chardin of Marcel Proust," The Cleveland Museum of Art Bulletin. (January 1982): 18-35.
  15. "The Unconfessed Precieuse: Mme. de Stael's Debt to Mlle. de Scudery," Nineteenth-Century French Studies. 11.1/2 (Fall-Winter 1982): 32-59.
  16. "The Rembrandt and Monet of Marcel Proust," The Cleveland Museum of Art Bulletin. (February 1983): 73-95.

Box 2

Articles (continued)

  1. "A Medical Tour Through The Cleveland Museum of Art," Cleveland Clinic Quarterly. 50.4 (Winter 1983): 417-37.
  2. "Painted Smiles: Sad Clowns in French Art and Literature," The Cleveland Museum of Art Bulletin. (January 1984): 23-35.
  3. "Three Guitars: Reflections of Italian Comedy in Watteau, Daumier, and Picasso," The Cleveland Museum of Art Bulletin. (April 1984): 116-29.
  4. "The Scalpel and the Brush: Anatomy and Art from Leonardo da Vinci to Thomas Eakins," Cleveland Clinic Quarterly. 53 (Spring 1986): 61-73. [Note this is an expanded reprint of the article originally published in the Case Western Reserve Medical Alumni Bulletin.]
  5. "No Strings: Some New Sources for Manet's Polichinelles," Nineteenth-Century French Studies. 15.4 (Summer 1987): 425-446.

Book Reviews

  1. Review of The Sculpture of Edgar Degas by Charles W. Millard. In Nineteenth-Century French Studies. 6.3/4 (Spring-Summer 1978): 317-19. [photocopy]
  2. Review of Champfleury, The Realist Writer as Art Critic. In Nineteenth-Century French Studies. 10.1/2 (Fall-Winter 1981): 172-73. [photocopy]
  3. "How Artists Look at Punishment" (with Albert Borowitz), Review of Pictures and Punishment by Samuel Y. Edgerton, Jr. In Senior Lawyer. (January 1986): 6.
  4. Review of (with Albert Borowitz) Pictures and Punishment: Art and Criminal Prosecution During the Florentine Renaissance by Samuel Y. Edgerton, Jr. In The Maryland Law Review. 45.4 (1986): 1066-70.
  5. Review of The City as a Work of Art: London, Paris, Vienna by Donald J. Olsen. In Nineteenth-Century French Studies. 15.4 (Summer 1987): 503-06.

Exhibition Guides (brochures or booklets)

  1. The European Vision of America: Notes on the Exhibition, published in conjunction with the bicentennial exhibition The European Vision of America, December 1975-January 1977 shown in Washington, DC, Cleveland, OH, and Paris.
  2. Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces: The Courtauld Collection, published in conjunction with The Courtauld Collection exhibition, January 14-March 8, 1987.

Anthology Contribution

  1. "Japonsime: Japanese Influence on French Art" in A World View of Art History: Selected Readings. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt, 1985. pp. 299-303. [photocopy]