Erica H. Stux Autograph Collection, 1944-1982

Finding Aid

Prepared by Cara Gilgenbach, June 20, 2006
1 slim document case, .16 cubic foot, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection includes autographs collected by Erica Stux, formerly of Akron, Ohio. The autographs are primarily those of opera performers, classical music performers, and other performing artists. The collection was donated to Kent State University in 1998.

Box 1

Folder -- Contents
  1. Autograph booklet containing the autographs of the following performers, [1940s-1950s?]:
    • Norman Cordon
    • Lauritz Melchior
    • José Iturbi
    • Amparo Iturbi
    • Rudolf Serkin
    • Eleanor Steber
    • Zino Francescatti
    • Charles Müncsh
    • David Broekman
    • J. Heifetz
    • Giuseppe Valdengo
    • Charles Kullman
    • Hizi Koyke
    • Eugene Conley [with photograph]
    • Josephine Antoine
    • George Chapliski
    • Virgilio Lazzari
    • Margaret Harshaw
    • Robert Weede
    • Georges Enesco
    • Martial Singher
    • Fausto Cleva
    • Astrid Varnay
    • Frederick Jagel
    • Kurt Baum
    • Nicola Moscona
    • George Tallone
    • Italo Tajo
    • Stella Roman
    • Dorothy Kirsten
    • William Wilderman
    • John Brownlee
    • William Horne
    • Robert Merrill
    • Jerome Hines
    • Brian Sullivan
    • Gregor Piatigorsky
    • William Primrose
    • Jan Peerce
    • Roberta Peters
    • Frank Guarrera
    • Herva Nelli
    • Salvatore Baccaloni
    • Nadine Conner
    • Licia Albanese
    • Jarmila Novotna
  2. Autograph of Elliot Lawrence, [no date]
  3. Autograph of Zasu Pitts, [no date]
  4. Autograph of [Myra? V_____?] [signature is indecipherable], [no date]
  5. Letter from Arthur Rubenstein to Daniel Rybb, includes Rubenstein's autograph signature, April 4, 1947
  6. Letter from Bruno Walter to Daniel Rybb on The Philharmonic Society of New York letterhead, includes Walter's autograph signature, April 1, 1947
  7. Newspaper: The Chautauquan Daily, includes article about John Houseman, with autograph of Houseman, August 16, 1982
  8. Newspaper: The Chautauquan Daily, includes article about Karl Haas, with autograph of Haas, August 20, 1982
  9. Photograph of Ronald Reagan with his autograph [facsimile], [no date]
  10. Program from production of Carmen, [Cincinnati Summer Opera?], with autographs of Frank Guarrera and Robert Rounseville, 1951
  11. Program from production of Rosalinda, [Cincinnati Summer Opera?], with autographs of Brian Sullivan and Irra Petina, 1951
  12. Program from production of The Telephone Hour, Ezio Pinza, Donald Voorhees, and the Bell Telephone Orchestra, with autograph of Ezio Pinza, [1944]

The following materials do not include autographs.

  1. "After 83 Years, 'The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen'," [article about the closing of the Metropolitan Opera House] Life. 60:17 (April 29, 1966).
  2. Cincinnati Summer Opera, Thirty-fifth Gala Season, Program, 1956
  3. Photographs [printed reproductions] of opera performers, [no date]