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English Literary Manuscripts, 1819-1982

Finding Aid

Prepared by Dyani Scheuerman, June 10, 2003
3 document cases, 2 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection contains miscellaneous manuscripts by English authors. Contents are arranged by date with some undated material placed at the end. The geographical location given refers to the location in which the letters or documents were written or to where they were sent, not necessarily the home of the writers. Items in the collection have come to Special Collections through various sources and some items have been purchased.

Box 1
Folder -- Contents

  1. April 27, 1819. Byron, [George Gorden Noel], 6th Baron. Venice, [Italy]. To Galignani. Paris, [France]. Disclaims authorship of "The Vampire" and demands a retraction. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  2. March 30, 1821. Untitled article on Lord Byron's controversy with William Lisle Bowles on the nature of poetry. [autograph document, fragment] 4 pp.
  3. October 29, 1824. Wiffen, J[eremiah] H[olmes]. To Simon Crossfield. Regrets delay in sending the first volume of his translation of Tasso. Mounted, with Wiffen's portrait and a printed announcement of his translation of Tasso. Also includes letter declining to contribute to a journal. [autograph letters, signed] 4 pp.
  4. December 28, 1824. Watts, Alaric A[lexander]. To [?]. Letter of recommendation. Mounted, with two portraits of Watts. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  5. October 21, 1830. [Byron, Anne Isabella (Milbanke)], Baroness. To Richard Taylor, London, [England]. Inquires about entrance requirements at London University. [autograph letter] 2 pp.
  6. October 22, 1830. Byron, A[nne] I[sabella (Milbanke)], Baroness. To John Taylor. Asks him to enroll a student. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  7. October 30, 1831. Moore, Thomas. To John Murray, London, [England]. Concerning the publication of a letter. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  8. March 27, 1936. Elliott, Ebenezer, Sheffield, [England]. To Henry Colburn, London, [England]. Submits three poems to the New Monthly Magazine. The poems are included in the letter. [autograph letter, signed] 8 pp.
  9. April, 1841. Chantrey, Francis [Legatt] Sir. To [?]. Declines an invitation. Mounted, with two portraits of Chantrey. [autograph letter] 1 p.
  10. January 23, 1844. Smith, Sydney, Combe Florey. To Mrs. [Sarah Taylor] Austin, Paris, [France]. Discusses family matters, mutual friends, French affairs, reception of his writing. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  11. August 20, 1848. James, G[eorge] P[ayne] R[ainsford]. To [?]. Relates a tale, comments on Milton and spelling. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  12. March 5, 1854. Kean, Charles John. To [?]. Supports his election. Mounted with Kean's photograph. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  13. May 10, 1857. Knox, I[sa Craig]. Edinburgh, [Scotland]. To Mrrs. Stringer and Townsend (publishers). Informs them that her novel Craigalann Castle is being published in Tait's Magazine, enquires if they would like to republish it in America and says she could arrange for transmission of chapters. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  14. November 28, 1865. Wheatley, Henry B[enjamin]. London, [England]. To Philes and Company. Asks them to act as agents for the Early English Text Society of New York, mentions the terms of the agreement. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  15. May 17, 1869. Myers, Frederick W[illiam] H[enry]. Falmouth, [England]. To [?]. Recounts the story of Hercules and Deianira. Mounted, with a photograph of Myers. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  16. October 5, 1878. MacColl, Norman. To W. Rossetti. Asks him to send notice of W. Cowden Clark's book. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  17. May 30, 1879. Gowing, Richard. London, England. To Charles Welsh. Asks for his report on a story submitted for publication. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  18. December 22, 1881. Gosse, [Sir] Edmund [William]. To [George Henry] Boughton. Introduces a friend who will write on Boughton's art in The Century. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  19. January 31, 1884. Spencer, Herbert. London, [England]. To G[ilbert] Hilton Scribner. Thanks him for sending a copy of his book, hopes to read it as soon as his health permits. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  20. August 8, 1886. Blind, Mathilde. [London, England]. To [Frederick] Locker[-Lampson]. Asks Locker-Lampson to take no action on the request on her behalf made by Mrs. Rossetti. [autograph letter, signed] 4 pp.
  21. September 17, 1887. [Broughton, Rhoda]. Oxford, [England]. To [?]. Asks that two books be sent to her. [autograph letter] 2 pp.
  22. February 21, 1888. Meredith, George. Box Hill, Dorking. To [George] Stevenson. Thanks him for gift of woodcocks, jokes about overfeeding poets. [autograph letter, signed]
  23. July 9, 1888. Benjamin, W[illiam] E[varts]. New York. To H.S. Dorn, Fremont, Ohio. Attests to the geniuness of four issues of The Snob. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  24. July 4, 1889. Scott, Clement [William]. To [?]. Did not write the poem "Hatred." [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  25. May 16, 1891. H[enley], W[illiam] E[rnest. Musselburgh, [England]. To [Rosamund Ball] Marriott Watson, London, England. About his writing. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  26. June 14, 1891. H[amerton], P[hilip G[ilbert]. Page proff from Man in Art. Mounted, with a letter from Mrs. Hamberton, March 30, 1909, transmitting the proof, photographs of Hamberton and his wife, a clipping, and a quotation. 2 pp.
  27. July 7, 1891. Balfour, Arthur James. To Frank Harris. Praises Harris for his A Modern Idyll and Montes, the Matador. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  28. 1891. Scotson-Clark, George Frederick. "A Day With George Frederick Watts." Essay. 44 pp.
  29. July 20, 1893. MacKay, Eric. London, England. To Miss Wright. Thanks her for writing about his books. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  30. January 23, 1895. Waugh, Arthur. London, England. To [?]. Doyle's book of ballads will not be ready for two years, comments on Arthur Machen's latest book. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  31. January 25, 1895. Waugh, Arthur. London, England. To [?]. Thanks for check, Methuen can supply large-paper copies of Henley's book. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  32. March 4, 1895. Waugh, Arthur. London, England. To [?]. Sends manuscript by Quiller-Couch. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  33. July 26, 1895. Greenaway, Kate. Hampstead, England. To Mrs. [Sutton] Nelthorpe. Is uncertain of plans, leads "a wretched existence," despises weather. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  34. December 11, 1895. Meredith, George. Box Hill, Dorking. To Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. Thanks them for the receipt of the book. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  35. August 23, 1896. Thomson, Hugh, Seaford, [England]. To [?]. Thanks for the books, regrets the delay in acknowledging them. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  36. 1896. Kipling, Rudyard. "Poem on American Politics, How Brightmann Became President on the Bicycle Ticket." [typed document, copy] 1 p.
  37. October 22, 1897. Hawkins, Anthony H[ope], [Sir. New York. To Russell. Discusses dinner plans and asks him to visit. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  38. June, 1899. Burnett, Frances [Eliza] Hodgson. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.
  39. July 27, 1899. Besant, Walter, Sie. Hampstead, [England]. To Albion W. Tourgee. Thanks him for sending the "Fable." Mounted, with portrait of Besant. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  40. October 11, 1899. Meredith, George. Box Hill, Dorking. To Verandah [Plimmer]. Extends lunch invitation. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  41. February 10, 1900. Phillpotts, Eden. Torquay, [England]. To [?] Metcalfe. Discusses the promotion of some of his books. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  42. February 8, 1901. Rossetti, W[illiam] M[ichael]. [London, England]. To Chevalier Reynolds, Washington, D.C. Comments on Walter Crane, discusses reprinting of versions of The Blessed Damozel by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  43. August 2, 1902. Leeper, Alex. Melbourne, [Australia]. To [Jahu] DeWitt Miller. Locates a copy of a book by John Keats mentioned in a letter by John H. Keats to Miller. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  44. June 6, 1903. Hewlett, Maurice [Henry]. To [Jahu] D[eWitt] Miller. Writes about the first edition of his Earthwork Out of Tuscany. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  45. September 16, 1905. Graham, R[obert] B[ontine] Cunninghame. To [William Henry] Hudson. [autograph letter, signed] 4 pp.
  46. January 17, 1907. Benson, A[rthur] C[hristopher]. Cambridge, [England]. To Mrs. Shepherd. Will ask an American friend about an autograph of J.G. Whittier. Mounted with two letters from Benson to Mrs. Shepherd: February 15, 1907, and February 19, [1907] concerning the autograph, a photograph of Benson, and a photograph of a building. [autograph letters, signed] 2 pp.
  47. February 17, 1908. Lucas, E[dward] V[errall]. Kensington, [England]. To [?]. Too busy to take on any more "journalistic" works. 2 pp.
  48. July 7, 1908. Meredit, George. Box Hill, Dorking. To Verandah [Plimmer], [London]. Comments on the verse of an amateur poet, tells of an amusing incident. [autograph letter, signed] 4 pp.
  49. November 8, 1909. MacManus, Seamas. New York. To [Samuel Sidney] McClure. Akss him to send his manuscript to another magazine if he doesn't wish to publish them. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  50. September 22, 1910. Galsworthy, John. Manaton, [England]. To Kane. His play Strife, will try to get Kane a part in Justice. [Autograph letter, signed. Photocopy. Typewritten transcript enclosed] 1 p.
  51. May 23, 1911. Dickens, Mary Angela. To [?]. Unable to grant an interview. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  52. May 31, 1911. Dickens, Mary Angela. To [?]. Cannot write about her grandfather, Charles Dickens. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  53. June 6, 1911. Dickens, Mary Angela. To [?]. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  54. June 9, 1911. Dickens, Mary Angela. To [?]. Declines an invitation. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  55. August 1, 1911. Dickens, Mary Angela. To [?]. Has been ill, will undertake an article for him as soon as she is able. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  56. August 8, 1914. Raleigh, W[alter, Sir]. Alderstoke, [England]. To [Margaret] Egerton. About the war, family matters, mentions Logan Pearsall Smith. [autograph letter, signed] 8 pp.
  57. September 5, 1914. Galsworthy, John, Manaton, [England]. To Bjorkman. Asks him to translate an article into Swedish. [typed copy] 1 p.
  58. September 15, 1919. Beresford, J[ohn] D[avys]. To Mrs. Scott. Arrangement for a visit, discusses mutual friend. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  59. March 30, 1922. Brett-Smith, H[erbert] F[rancis] B[rett]. Oxford, [England]. To [Walter Edwin] Peck. Thanks him for sending his Shelley article, has resigned as editor of Oxford Magazine. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  60. January 19, 1923. Phillpotts, Eden. To Monsieur Davray. Thanks him for review, would like to be translated into French. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  61. December 19, 1923. Galsworthy, John. Mont Estoril, Portugal. To Mr. Hoppe. Asks him to send a copy of his photograph to be used in an encyclopedia. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  62. March 12, 1924. Housman, Laurence. New Milton, [England]. To Josephine Lanier, New York. About his books, writes out part of a poem, hopes to visit America again. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  63. February 17, 1925. [Cook], Mabel Collins [Mrs. Keningate Cook]. Cheltenham, [England]. To [Grace (Gallatin)] Thompson Seton. Would like to meet Mrs. Seton, likes her work and that of her husband. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  64. February 25, 1925. Cook, Mabel [Collins (Mrs. Keningate Cook)]. Cheltenham, [England]. To [Grace (Gallatin)] Thompson Seton. Enjoyed her visit, discusses Ouspensky, American publication of her books. [autograph letter, signed] 4 pp.
  65. April 23, 1925. Holmes, Edmond Gore Alexander. [London, England]. To [Stephen] MacKenna. Sends him an article, MacKenna's writing, his own writing. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  66. July, 1925. Milen, A[lan] A[lexander]. Chelsea. To William Jackson. Informs him that Stanley Paul is publishing A Gallery of Children. Postcard. 1 p.
  67. February 23, 1926. Kaye-Smith, Sheila. [London, England]. To Samuel Heiman. She encloses a list of her books. Accompanied by the list and two news clippings. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  68. October 4, 1926. Burke, Thos. [Thomas]. London, England. To Paul Lemperly, Cleveland, Ohio. Concerning two of Burke's books. [typed letter, signed by a secretary, copy] 1 p.
  69. October 31, 1926. Housman, A[lfred] E[dward]. Cambridge, England. To [Edwin] Markham, New York. Has no right to give his consent, or withhold it, to use poems from A Shropshire Lad, since the book is not copyrighted in the U.S. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  70. November 30, 1926. A.E. [Russell, George William]. Dublin, [Ireland]. To Stephen MacKenna. About some literary work, Irish politics. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  71. May 8, 1927. Galsworthy, John. London, [England]. To A.W. Evans [London, England]. Sends manuscript of The Patrician to be bound, asks how Zaehnsdorf is coming with the binding of others. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  72. December 18, 1927. Galsworthy, John. Bury, [England]. To Mr. Morley. Declines an invitation. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  73. 1927. Stevenson, Robert Louis. An unpublished autographed drawing done some time between 1889 and 1894.
  74. February 11, 1929. Hinton, Percival [F.] Birmingham, England. To B[ernard] [George] Ulizio. Discusses Ulizio's collection of Eden Phillpotts' works, mentions Phillpotts' My Adventure in the Flying Scotsman. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  75. April 30, 1929. A.E. [Russell, George William]. Dublin, [Ireland]. To W[illiam] T. Howe. Cincinnati, [Ohio]. On his writing, James Stephens. [typed letter, signed] 2 pp.
  76. September 19, 1929. Douglas, Norman. Florence, [Italy]. To [C.] Brandt. Asks about some books. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  77. October 14, 1929. A.E. [Russell, George William]. Dublin, [Ireland]. To W[illiam] T. Howe. Concerning James Stephens. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  78. November 12, 1929. Kaye-Smith, Sheila. [London, England]. To [Bernard George] Ulizio. Thanks him for writing, agrees to inscribe his book. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  79. November 14, 1929. Shiel, M[atthew] P[hipps]. London, England. To [Bernard George] Ulizio. Would be glad to sign a book for him. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  80. November 22, 1929. Galsworth, John. Bury, [England]. To [?]. Unable to sign a book. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  81. December 5, 1929. Kaye-Smith, Sheila. [London, England]. To B[ernard] George Ulizio. Inscribes his copy of Green Apple Harvest, discusses the bindings of her books. [typed letter, signed] 2 pp.
  82. December 7, 1929. Hinton, P[ercival] F. Birmingham, [England]. To [Bernard George] Ulizio. Suggests ways of obtaining Eden Phillpotts' works for his collection. [autograph letter, signed] 4 pp.
  83. December 19, 1929. Sheil, M[atthew] P[hipps], 1865-1947. London, [England]. To [Bernard George] Ulizio. Returns the book with something written in it, provides information concerning a list of his books. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  84. January 24, 1930. [Lucas, Edward Verrall]. London, [England]. To B[ernard] George Ulizio. Lucas' secretary Violet Muskett thanks Ulizio for sending $10 and explains that Lucas is abroad. Accompanied by the receipt for Ulizio's registered letter. [typed letter] 1 p.
  85. February 5, 1930. Sheil, M[atthew] P[hipps]. London, [England]. To [Bernard George] Ulizio. Cannot locate manuscripts of his books. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  86. February 10, 1930. Lucas, E[dward] V[errall]. London, [England]. To B[ernard] George Ulizio. Regrets that he no longer has the Over Bemerton's manuscript, but offers to sell other manuscripts. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  87. September 18, 1930. Kaye-Smith, Sheila. Sussex, [England]. To Paul Lemperly. Thanks him for writing, agrees to give him one of her short stories for the Rowfant Club. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  88. October 17, 1930. Kaye-Smith, Sheila. Sussex, [England]. To Paul Lemperly. Thanks him for sending a book, says she'll send him a manuscript. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  89. November 11, 1930. Chapman & Hall Ltd., London, England. To B[ernard] George Ulizio, Atlantic City, NJ. Reploying to his letter concerning the binding of Arnold Bennett's Old Wives Tale. Carbon copy of Ulizio's letter included. [typed letter] 1 p.

Box 2
Folder -- Contents

  1. March 4, 1931. Kaye-Smith, Sheila. Sussex, [England]. To [Paul] Lemperly. Thanks him for writing and apologizes for not sending the copy. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  2. September 29, 1931. Bailey, C. London, England. To B[ernard] George Ulizio, Pine Valley, NJ. Asks him to renew membership in the Kipling Society. Accompanied by a prospectus of the society. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  3. April 7, 1932. Galsworth, John. London, [England]. To [Mrs. Katherine A. White, Los Angeles, Calif.] Offers to sell the manuscript of "The First and the Last" and "Old English." [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  4. July 22, 1932. Morgan, Charles. [London, England]. To [?]. Agrees to autograph one of his books for him, only under the condition that his signature not be copied and sold. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  5. September 15, 1933. Kaye-Smith, Sheila. Sussex, [England]. To Paul Lemperly. Discusses the binding of Spell Land. Postcard. 1 p.
  6. December 31, 1933. [Lucas], E.V. [London, England]. To [A. Edward Newton, London, England]. Discusses travel plans, article in the Sunday Times, and [Charles] Lamb's centenary. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  7. September 5, 1934. Jenkins, Elizabeth. [London, England]. To Anne Parrish. Asks to meet her, comments on her books. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  8. March 9, 1935. Hanley, James. n. Wales. To [Theodore Francis] Powys. Thanks for hospitality, enjoyed meeting members of the family including John Cooper Powys, comments on his books. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  9. March 16, 1935. Hilton, James. London, [England]. To B[ernard] George Ulizio. Regrets that he no longer owns two of his manuscripts, appreciates his interest and kind words. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  10. February 15, 1939. Freeman, R[ichard] Austin. Gravesend, [England]. To Edgar W[adsworth] Smith. Thanks for sending booklet on Sherlock Holmes. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  11. May 20, 1939. Richardson, H[enrietta] H. East Sussex, England. To Bernard George Ulizio. Thanks him for writing and appreciates his interest in her works. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  12. June 25, 1939. Richardson, H.H. [Henrietta]. Green Ridges, East Sussex, England. To [Bernard George] Ulizio. Describes her manuscript copy of Maurice Guest in some detail, mentions manuscript of The Young Cosime. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  13. July 13, 1939. Richardson, H[enrietta] H. Green Ridges, East Sussex, England. To B[ernard] G[eorge] Ulizio. Discusses editions of The Getting of Wisdom and Two Studies, talk of value of Maurice Guest manuscript. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  14. August 23, 1939. Richardson, H[enrietta] H. Green Ridges, East Sussex, England. To [Bernard Goerge] Ulizio. Gives minimum price for the sale of Maurice Guest manuscript, mentions odd edition of The Getting of Wisdom. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  15. January 2, 1940. Freeman, R[ichard] Austin. Gravesend, [England]. To [P.M.] Stone, [Waltham, MA]. Thanks for Christmas greetings and pictures from America, not impressed with the "age of mechanism." [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  16. June 6, 1940. [Ulizio, Bernard George] To C[ecil Scott] Forester, London, England. Asks about some of his books, encloses a list of these he has. Accompanied by a draft and typed copy of the book list. [typed letter, copy] 1 p.
  17. July 21, 1940. Forester, C[ecil] S[cott]. Hollywood, CA. To Bernard George Ulizio. Philadelphia, PA. Discusses publication of his books. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  18. July 29, 1940. [Ulizio, Bernard George]. To C[ecil] S[cott] Forester. Hollywood, CA. Asks about his two early books. [typed letter, copy] 1 p.
  19. August 3, 1940. [Forester, Cecil Scott]. Hollywood, CA. To Bernard George Ulizio. Philadelphia, PA. Encloses the list of his books he neglected to send before, gives titles of his early novels. [typed letter] 1 p.
  20. August 8, 1940. [Ulizio, Bernard George]. To C[ecil] S[cott] Forester. Berkely, CA. Trying to get his first two books, confuses books by C.S. Forester and E.M. Forester. [typed letter, copy] 1 p.
  21. August 14, 1940. Forester, C[ecil] S[cott]. Berkely, CA. To Bernard George Ulizio. Philadelphia, PA. Asks him not to confuse him with E.M. Forester, asks opinion of R.C. Hutchinson. Accompanied by a list of books by R.C. Hutchinson. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  22. January 13, 1941. Hilton, James. Culver City, CA. To Bernard George Ulizio. Thanks him for his kind comments about a recent radio broadcast, encloses a copy of his talk. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  23. May 18, 1944. Dataller, Roger, pseud. [Eaglestone, Arthur Archibald]. Rawmarsh, Rotherham, [England]. To [Thomas] Olsen. Arranges a speaking engagement, writes about teaching and writing. [typed letter, signed] 2 pp.
  24. September 28, 1945. [Higham], David. London, [England]. To Edith Sitwell. Sheffield, [England]. Writes of Norman Nicholson, sends copy of his Five Rivers. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  25. December 12, 1951. Thomas, Gilvert. S. Devon, England. To Phil Fisher. Sends a copy of his Selected Poems, not "a very big or notable harvest." [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  26. January 8, 1952. Thomas, Gilbert. S. Devon, England. To Phil Fisher. Enjoys his letters, claims "Posession" is not a sonnet, mentions praise from John Masefield and Walter de la Mare, recalls their meeting. [autograph letter, signed] 4 pp.
  27. December 1, 1955. Bailey, H[enry] C[hristopher]. Bernina, Llanfairfechan, N. Wales. To V[incent] Starrett. Glad Starrett likes his books, has no uncollected stories to publish. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  28. March 22, 1959. Rohmer, Sax. To Mr. [R.F.] Perotti. Kansas City, MO. Gives American and English Publication dates of The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  29. February 16, 1963. [White], Eric [Walter]. To John. Thanks for comment on his writing. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  30. November 1964. Nuttal, Jeff. "Sorry, My Mistake." Poem. 1 p.
  31. October 14, 1965. Hall, John. Risely, England. To [?]. Encloses a specimen copy of Exit, asks if he could sell it in his shop. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  32. November 25, 1969. Tennyson, Charles, Sir. London, [England]. To Robert [and Grace Goulder] Izant. Hudson, OH. Thanks them for contributing to his Birthday Memorial Fund. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  33. November 10, 1974. Cunliffe, Dave. Blackburn, [England]. To Peter Easy. Will put him on the mailing list. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  34. 1974. Kinsella, Thomas. "His Father's Hands." Poem. 5 pp.
  35. November 26, 1977. Henrey, [Mrs. Robert] Madeline. Villers-sur-Mer, France. To [Helen K. Thornberg. Kent, OH]. Offers to give several of her books to the KSU libraries. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  36. December 15, 1977. Henrey, [Mrs. Robert] Madeline. Villers-sur-Mer, France. To Helen K. Thornberg. [Kent, OH]. Sends copies of her autobiographical sequence of books. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  37. January 17, 1978. Henrey, [Mrs. Robert] Madeline. Villers-sur-Mer, France. To Helen K. Thornberg, [Kent, OH]. Inquires about gift of books she sent. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  38. October 27, 1982. Kirkman, R.D. London. To Mr. [Edward] Seely. Cleveland. Thanks him for the visit and tour of the library, encloses a copy of Richard Adams Exhibition Catalog. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  39. February 24. [Byron, Anne Isabella (Milbanke)]. Baroness. To John Taylor. Asks him to promote a pamphlet. [autograph letter] 1 p.
  40. February. Smith, Goldwin. Washington, D.C. To Ward. Directs distribution of an article by him, describes lecture on Shakespeare by Robert Ingersoll, offers to write an article about him. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  41. March 1. Harraden, Beatrice. To [?]. Asks for an account of money paid to her in the past four years, for tax purposes. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  42. July 11. Oliphant, F[rances] R[omano]. Windsor, [England]. To Harris. Apologizes for proposing a certain matter and thanks him for writing. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  43. July 11. Oliphant, M[argaret] W[ilson]. To [Frank] Harris. Agrees to write an article about the Carlyles. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  44. July 17. [Byron, Anne Isabella (Milbanke)], Baroness. To Taylor and Walton. [London, England]. Introducing Emily Taylor, the author of children's books. [autograph letter] 1 p.
  45. October 17. Darmesteter, [Agnes Mary Frances (Robinson)]. Paris, [France]. To Editor of The Independent. Acknowledges receipt of payment for an article. [autograph letter] 1 p.
  46. October 22. Powys, John Cowper. Hillsdale, NY. To Wilbur Needham. [Laguna Beach, CA]. Does not wish to publish a book of his poems but encloses an unpublished poem, "The Peewit," for Needham's paper. Enclosed is a typed, signed copy of the poem. [autograph letter, signed] 5 pp.
  47. November 12. Webb, Mary [Gladys (Meredith)]. N. Shrewsbury, [England]. To Mr. Dakers. Discusses serial rights, sends him a copy of Love to Earth. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  48. November 24. Galsworth, John. Manaton, [England]. To Kane. Heard him at Oxford. Typewritten transcript enclosed. [autograph letter, signed, photocopy] 1 p.
  49. December 15. Day-Lewis, C[ecil]. [London]. To [?]. Thanks her for writing, hopes they can meet someday. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  50. undated. Allen, [Charles] Grant [Blairfindie]. To [Frank] Harris. Discusses two short stories. Accompanied by a note by Allen on a story by Harris and on an issue of the Fortnightly. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  51. undated. B[lathaway], R. [London, England]. To Editor of Vanity Fair. Discusses the short story "Elder Conklin," mentions George Meredity and Frank Harris. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  52. undated. Cook, Theodore A[ndrea], [Sir]. [England] To Captain. Thanks him for writing, appreciates his interest in the book, discusses the book and its publishing, makes plans to send him several copies. [autograph letter, signed] 4 pp.
  53. undated. Galsworth, John. To [?]. In poor health, may keep the early script. Typewritten transcript enclosed. [autograph letter, signed, photocopy] 1 p.
  54. undated. Gibbs, A[rthur] Hamilton. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.
  55. undated. Grote, Geo[rge]. [London, England]. To Mr. Dawson and Mr. Payne. Declines an invitation. Mounted with Grote's clipped signature and portrait. [autograph letter] 1 p.
  56. undated. Harrison, Jane E[llen]. Oxford, [England]. To Margaret [Egerton?]. Will visit her if she does not leave for York, comments on the war. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  57. undated. Harrison, Jane E[llen]. Cambridge, [England]. To Margaret [Egerton?]. Sorry to have missed her in London, since returning from Greece she has come across many sad things, writes about life at Cambridge. [autograph letter, signed] 3 pp.
  58. undated. Kinsella, Thomas. "The Clearing." Poem. [photocopy] 1 p.
  59. undated. Kinsella, Thomas. "Death Bed." Poem. [photocopy] 3 pp.
  60. undated. L[ucas], E[dward] V[errall]. "Lines Written on Meeting Mr. Sinclair Lewis (After Kipling)." Poem. 1 p.
  61. undated. L[ucas], E[dward] V[errall]. To [?]. Sends autograph. [autograph note, signed] 1 p.
  62. undated. Macdonald, Alastair. St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. To Librarian. Kent, OH. Mentions recent publication of his collection of poems, Shape Enduring Mind, and tells of his past publications. [typed letter, signed] 1 p.
  63. undated. Morley, Henry. "The Sower." Poem mounted, with a photograph of Morley. 1 p.
  64. undated. Ouida [Marie Louise de la Ramee]. To [?]. Discusses a proof of one of her articles that she didn't receive. [autograph letter, signed] 4 pp.
  65. undated. Owen, Reginald. "Covers For Two: A Comedy in One Act" by Owen and Bertha Hope. Play. 25 pp.
  66. undated. Powys, John C[owper]. To [Ben Abramson. Chicago, IL?] Note on a prospectus for An Anthology. [autograph note, signed] 1 p.
  67. undated. Powys, John C[owper]. Dorchester, [England]. To Mrs. [D] Luntz. [Canton, OH]. On a visit to family in Dorset, writes about family. [autograph letter, signed] 2 pp.
  68. undated. R[adford], E[rnest]. To Lodge. Invites him to supper. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.
  69. undated. [Shiel, Matthew Phipps] Fragment of a manuscript numbered 72-82. [autograph document] 11 pp.
  70. undated. Warren, Samuel. To W.C. McKent. Regrets that he was unable to attend the Italian Opera, invites him to dinner. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.

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Folder -- Contents

  1. 1974. The New Cambridge Bibliograph of English Literature (CBEL). Typescripts, xeroxes, tear sheets, and notes from a portion of this work, prepared or edited by William White. Part 1.
  2. CBEL Part 2.
  3. CBEL Part 3.
  4. CBEL Part 4.