Borowitz Crime Ephemera: Board and Card Games, 1958-1990


Prepared by Cara Gilgenbach, June 4, 2004; Updated January 2008
1 flat oversized box, 1 cubic foot, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection contains board and card games with crime-related themes. The items in this collection were donated by Albert and Helen Borowitz. See also the Borowitz Crime Ephemera: Jack the Ripper Collection for a Ripper-related board game. New items will be added to the collection as they are acquired.

Box 1

  1. The Dick Tracy Game. Menlo Park, California: University Games Corporation, Walt Disney Corporation, [1990]. [Box text: "Help Dick Tracy solve crimes, capture the colorful cast of villains and save the city." Contents of game: game board; die; cards for Hideout Packet, Criminal, Crime & Weapon; moving pieces; weapon spinner, Dick Tracy Cards; Hideout Packets. Instructions included. UG 1240.]

  2. The Watergate Scandal: A game of cover-up and deception for the whole family. American Symbolic Corporation, 1973. Card game related to the Watergate Scandal. Includes "Confidential Instructions."

  3. Why: Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Game. Springfield, Massachusetts: Milton Bradley, 1958. [Box text: "a fascinating game that requires REAL THINKING PLANNING and MEMORY." Contents of game: game board; 2 dice; 4 moving pieces; 60 cards. #4845.]