Audiovisual Material

Audiovisual Material

Audiovisual Material and Classroom Services

Audiovisual Material

DVDs, spoken word CDs, and camera equipment are available at the Circulation Desk.  VHS tapes are in on-site storage; to request, locate the item on KentLINK and select the Request button. 

Preview room services have moved to the new Speak Easy area on the second floor.

To book VHS tapes and DVDs for classroom use, complete this online form.

For questions about audiovisual material, call 330-672-7905 or visit the Circulation Desk.

Classroom Services

Equipment may be scheduled for a particular date of classroom use, with a number of options:

  • Classroom Services will set up equipment in a classroom for a particular date and time.
  • Classroom Services will deliver equipment to departmental offices for dates needed, including semester-long use. Semester-long use is at the discretion of Classroom Services, based on type of equipment and availability.
  • Students that are in need of a particular piece of equipment for use in a classroom presentation must go through their instructors. Equipment is then ordered from Classroom Services by the cooperating instructor.

To request equipment for classroom use, complete this online form or call Classroom Services at 330-672-6315.  (24 hour notice is required to allow for processing.)