Policy on KentLINK and OhioLINK Fines, Fees, and Replacement Charges

Borrowing policies, overdue fines, fees, and other charges help to ensure patrons have equal access to library materials and protect the integrity of the collection. Fines will be charged in a variety of cases, including but not limited to: 

  • Items that have been recalled for another user or Course Reserve  
  • Overdue Course Reserve items  
  • Overdue high-demand materials such as audiovisual equipment and media  
  • Resources that are lost, stolen or damaged due to flood, fire, neglect, or misuse 
  • Materials that are long overdue are considered lost and will be billed for replacement.  

Fines and replacement charges for materials borrowed from OhioLINK libraries are determined by OhioLINK policy. With few exceptions, specified below, fines, fees, and other charges will not be waived. Patrons must settle all invoiced accounts before borrowing privileges are reinstated. 


Appeals and Waivers  

Fines, fees, or other charges shall be waived or adjusted in cases of library staff or KentLINK or OhioLINK system error. Fines, fees, or other charges may be waived or adjusted in cases of documented patron emergency. These may include: patron's personal or family illness, injury, or hospitalization; death of patron or family member; and weather-related or lock-down emergencies that prevent travel. Patrons will be asked to provide proof of circumstance, such as a physician's excuse or published obituary. Patrons will be held responsible for restitution in cases of item damage or loss related to theft, flood, fire, etc. Patrons wishing to appeal fines, fees, or other charges must complete the Library Fine Appeal Form.

Library Fine Appeal Form


Approved, University Libraries Executive Council, 4/7/11
Approved, University Libraries Advisory Council, 4/13/11