Special Collections and Archives

Public Scanning Station Policy

Special Collections and Archives

Public Scanning Station Policy

1) Before scanning, please consult a Special Collections staff member for permission to scan the material(s) and instructions.

2) All scanning is subject to the Department's general Duplication Policy

3) Fragile items may not be scanned. If you are unsure about the condition of an item, please consult a staff member.

4) When scanning photographic materials, you will be asked to wear cotton gloves to avoid damage to the originals.

5) Scanned images must be saved onto your own Web-based or portable storage drive or a CD. If you do not have a CD of your own, you may purchase one from Special Collections for $1.00.

5) The Department reserves the right to limit your scanning project if others are waiting to use the scanning station, or if the scope of the scanning job is too large to be completed in a reasonable amount of time. (A reasonable amount of time would normally be about 15-20 minutes per person.)

6) The Department and Kent State University accept no responsibility for any kind of loss or damage to files created by you on the public scanning station. You are responsible for ensuring files are properly saved, back-up, and otherwise managed on your own Web-based or portable file storage systems or CDs. Files saved to the public scanning workstation desktop or other drives will not be maintained or stored by Kent State University.

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