Spark Innovation Studio

What equipment is available?

The space features a Flashforge Dreamer 3D printer, Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer, Formlabs Form 2 3D printer, USCutter TITAN 2 vinyl cutter, Full Spectrum CO2 laser cutter,  Inventables X-Carve CNC router, DTG Viper 2 garment printer, as well as various ideation materials. Visit the Makerspace Access & Equipment page for a full list of available machinery.

How much does it cost to use the machinery?

Spark has a modest fee for materials and usage of its equipment. Here is a breakdown of the prices:

  • 3D printing (Flashforge and Makerbot) - $0.10 / gram
  • 3D printing (formlabs SLA printer)
    • standard resin: $0.30 / mL ($5 min)
    • flexible / tough resin: $0.65 / mL ($5 min)
  • vinyl cutter
    • standard, 5-year calendared vinyl: $0.15 / linear inch
    • heat transfer vinyl: $0.50 / linear inch
  • laser cutter - $1.00 / minute for first 10 minutes, $0.50 / min thereafter
  • CNC router - $1.00 / minute for first 10 minutes, $0.50 / min thereafter
  • garment printer - flat $5.00 setup / cleaning fee plus cost of printed design
    • small design, white garment: $5.50
    • small design, dark garment: $7.50
    • large design, white garment: $11.50
    • large design, dark garment: $14.50
    • heat press use ONLY: $2.00 / press
  • laminator
    • 2-sided lamination: $0.15 / linear inch
    • high-tack, adhesive-backed: $0.25 / linear inch
    • repositionable, adhesive-backed: $0.50 / linear inch
    • material is provided

Spark reserves the right to change the material and usage costs at any time.

Spark currently accepts payment in the form of FlashCash or credit card (Mastercard, VISA and Discover).

Is the space open to the community?

While Kent State students have first priority in Spark, community members are welcome to use the makerspace. The Spark project studio space is reserved for Kent State students only. Use of Spark's makerspace requires charges for material cost recovery.

Can we come in as a group to undergo training on machinery?

At this time training is limited to one-on-one sessions in order to ensure that the trainee understands all of the rules and safety measures associated with each machine.

Can I reserve the makerspace for a class or club?

Groups are encouraged to visit and tour Spark. Send inquiries to or call 330-672-3679. At this time Spark is not permitting regularly scheduled class or club meetings in the space.

What is the project studio space?

The Spark project studio space is available to student teams working on projects related to making, creating and research. The project studio space is allocated to student teams based on a review of available resources, timeline needs and demand. Engagements typically last a semester, but can be shorter or longer depending upon demand. Student teams need to have a faculty member representing them either as an advisor or an instructor. the current project is the Kent State Robotics Team.

How do I request use of the project studio space?

To be considered for a future assignment in the Spark project studio space, please email Hilary Kennedy ( with a description of your project and contact information for your faculty contact.

Can faculty/staff use the project studio space?

Faculty and staff cannot use the project studio space unless they are leading a student team. The space is not meant for faculty-only research. Staff and faculty are welcome to visit and use the Spark makerspace whenever they want.

What is required be allowed to use Spark equipment?

Equipment in the makerspace requires passing a safety and training protocol before individuals are approved for use. In some cases, such as the formlabs Form 2 3D printer, Spark staff can mediate jobs sent to equipment. Visit the Makerspace Access & Equipment page for details. Machinery located in the project space may or may not belong to Spark (project teams often provide their own equipment). Use of this equipment may not be possible, but we encourage interested parties to inquire. All questions about equipment, whether in the makerspace or project space, should be directed to Spark staff - either by email at or by phone at 330-672-3679.

Can I volunteer for SPARK?

If you interested in volunteering,  please inquire with Spark at or 330-672-3679.

Additional questions

Contact Spark at 330-672-3679 or for further questions or additional information.