About the space

Spark's project studio space is available to student teams working on projects related to making, creating and research. The project space is allocated to student teams based on a review of available resources, timeline needs and demand. Student teams need to have a faculty member representing them either as an advisor or an instructor. Engagements typically last a semester, but can be shorter or longer depending upon demand. Spark also offers small locker space where students can store their projects. For more information about the project studio space or the storage lockers, contact Spark at 330-672-3679 or kentstatespark@gmail.com

Current Projects

  • Kent State Robotics Team

New Projects

To be considered for a future assignment in the Spark project studio space, interested students should fill out the online Google form. Once submitted, an internal review committee will vet the project proposals and contact students to let them know whether their project has been approved for the space.


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