Resource Description

Audit Analytics
Audit Analytics provides detailed research on over 20,000 public companies and more than 1,500 accounting firms in the US. Kent State University subscribes to two Audit Analytics products: Audit & Compliance and Corporate & Legal. Audit & Compliance covers current or past auditor firms, auditor changes, fees, opinions, SOX 302 disclosure controls, SOX 404 internal controls, legal cases, director and officer changes, company history, share price details, income statement and compliance difficulties. The Corporate & Legal module is an integrated collection of databases focused on actions, disclosures and correspondence by companies, advisors, regulators and investors. The module is composed of five data sets: SEC Comment Letters, bankruptcies, litigation, shareholder activism and tax footnotes. Additional information on the modules is available here:
Audit & Compliance Datasheet and Corporate & Legal Datasheet.